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Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST

2011-2014 F150 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

Part Number:BOR140466


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Loud, Throaty Exhaust Tone

The twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6 is a challenge for your average exhaust company, and many have failed to bring an aggressive sound and awesome performance gains to the EcoBoost F150s. Our friends over at Borla Exhaust are anything but average and have adapted their famous S-Type mufflers into a complete, powerful, and high-quality EcoBoost Cat-Back system that looks and sounds amazing. the Borla EcoBoost S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust system provides you truck with a deep, loud exhaust note with just a hint of turbo whoosh that is instantly noticeable when you step on the throttle, but won't overpower you during cruising.

Classic "Stinger" Muffler Design

The S-Type "Stinger" mufflers have a unique straight-through design with precisely tuned tubing that increases exhaust outflow over stock while generating a great exhaust note. While a good deal louder than stock or the Borla Touring EcoBoost Cat-Back System, the S-Type Cat-Back kit is one of the best ways to give your powerful EcoBoost truck a whole new sound that will catch everyone's attention without blowing out their ears.

Excellent Quality and Craftsmanship

Like all of Borla's performance exhaust systems, the EcoBoost S-Type cat-back kit is built with high-grade 300-series stainless steel. Each piece of tubing is flawlessly formed in a computer-controlled CNC mandrel-bender to give you perfect fitment every time. This complete F150 EcoBoost cat-back kit comes with new mufflers, tubing, and aggressive exhaust tips with a split exit design and will fit onto your factory mid-pipe.

This axle-back exhaust kit deletes your factory resonator for a more aggressive tone.

Wheelbase Fitment: 2011-2014 Ford F150 EcoBoost. This Borla Cat-Back kit will bolt-on to trucks with a 145" wheelbase (Standard Cab w/ 8' Bed, SuperCab w/ 6.5' Bed, and SuperCrew w/ 5.5' Bed). All other wheelbases will require modifications to this kit for proper fitment. Call 1-877-578-2433 for more information.

Warranty Info: BORLA stands behind every system with a Million-Mile Warranty.

Feature 12 available for order
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Customer Reviews

2 Stars
2014 F-150 lariat Ecoboost
At first when I bought the exhaust, it was simple to put on and sounded great for the first 1000 or so miles. Until just a couple months ago clamps started failing, for example the left exhaust pipe would constantly fall out and hit the ground, the only thing that would hold it onto my truck was the rubber mount. I would re-clamp and re-clamp, then the weld broke on one of the arms that connect the exhaust to the rubber mount. Luckily I weld so it wasn't really a problem but I was expecting a little bit better quality from a thousand dollar exhaust. Now the clamp from the pipe in front of the actual exhaust and exhaust keeps coming apart. It seems like a never ending problem.
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Reviewed by:  from La Quinta, California . on 6/1/2015
5 Stars
2014 FX4 Ecoboost
Product is great. Installation took about 2 hours and there were no hangs ups. Exhaust sounds very good. Not the V8 ROAR that I am used to but I am still very impressed with the tone of the V6
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. on 3/26/2014
5 Stars
2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost
I cannot say enough good things about this exhaust. I watched nearly every video I could for all the exhaust companies. I decided to spend the extra money for Borla. The system's quality is top notch and well built. Pictures don't do it justice. Tips look fantastic. Took me and a buddy about an hour stock to done. The sound is fantastic and much better than I expected. You wont be disappointed!
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Tampa, Fl. on 12/1/2014
Customer Question does this system require relocating spare tire?
Asked by:  - 11/3/2013
Customer AnswerBorla does not require you to remove or relocate the spare tire on any of their F150 exhaust kits.
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Customer Question Is the S-type annoying at cruising speed or is it relatively quiet? Also, which kit sells more for the ecoboost, the Touring or S-type. Thanks.
Asked by:  - 11/8/2013
Customer AnswerThe S Type for the ecoboost will be noticeable at cruising speed, but not annoying. The S type does out sell the touring system, however if you are worried about it being to loud the touring may be a safer buy. The touring is much quieter.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question OK,I understand the S-Type Cat-Back for ford ecoboost is made from 300 series ss. But is it 304, 308 or?
Asked by:  - 8/11/2013
Customer AnswerBorla uses 304 Stainless Steel on all of the S-Type systems, including this one for your Ecoboost F150.
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Customer Question I have a 2011 ford f150 ecoboost crewcab with 6.5ft box will the exhaust fit on my truck?
Asked by:  - 2/13/2014
Customer AnswerUnfortunately, this kit will only bolt-on to 145" wheelbases. Your truck with its 157" wheelbase will require an extension pipe to be added by a reputable exhaust shop that can work with 304 stainless steel.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question Lots of other single side exit exhaust systems have 4 inch diameter. This system is much smaller but dual exit, do you think it creates the same efficiency even though the diameter is smaller?
Asked by:  - 10/16/2014
Customer AnswerIt probably doesn't quite have the flow efficiency of a complete 4" kit, but in the end, you're likely not going to feel a significant difference much less measure one truck-to-truck. You really should be shopping for exhausts based on personal preference as to sound, exit-style, finish, and tips. Hunting for peak gains from a cat-back is kind of a waste, given that any gains would get lost in the mix of other performance part and tuning options out there.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question Will this fit a 2011 ford F-150 lariat?
Asked by:  - 5/13/2014
Customer AnswerAs long as your Lariat has an EcoBoost V6 engine and a 145" wheelbase.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question What size pipe and exhaust tip do they use?
Asked by:  - 9/14/2014
Customer AnswerThe kit has a 3" intermediate pipe from your mid-pipe to the muffler. After the muffler, the kit splits into two 2.25" tubes. The tips are 2.5", if I remember correctly.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question which muffler does the s-type system use on the ecoboost? is it possible to just buy the muffler?
Asked by:  - 11/17/2014
Customer AnswerThe S-Type kit uses an S-Type muffler, which is not currently available as a separate item at this time.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question is there a version+ that is a dual side exit or one side exit format for this exhaust system? due to; if you pull trailers you get all the sound to bounce back from the rear exit!
Asked by:  - 12/4/2014
Customer AnswerUnfortunately, Borla does not offer any of their F150 EcoBoost cat-back systems in a side exit variation. If you're dead-set on this kit, your only real option is to have it modified at a local exhaust shop.
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Customer Question 2013 SuperCrew, EB: Any complaints on drone? I currently have the Solo MachX Exhaust (that I bought from you guys) great exhaust note at idel but the buzz and drone is annoying Thanks!
Asked by:  - 2/25/2015
Customer AnswerThere's practically no drone with the Borla kit, especially since Borla altered the design to include both a resonator and an S-Type muffler. That being said, if you're having issues with your Mach-X system, you may want to give it a once-over and make sure all your connections are tight and that a hangar didn't possibly slip out. The Mach-X system is a bit more aggressive than the Borla Touring, but you shouldn't be getting much drone or buzz at cruising speeds. If you have a cold air intake, you may want to check and see if that's not causing some of the sound, as well.
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