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1994-2003 Super Duty Performance Parts & Accessories

The ever-reliable 1994 to 2003 7.3L Super Duty proved that sometimes there really is no replacement for displacement, a point made even more clear by its troubled successor, the 6.0L Powerstroke. While your truck's 7.3L V8 is just about bulletproof, let's not deny the fact that it's starting to show its age all these years later. Thankfully, the aftermarket for these older F250 and F350 trucks is still surprisingly active, giving you plenty of opportunity to get the most out of your truck. Like practically all of Ford's Powerstroke engines, the 7.3L in your Super Duty responds remarkably well to even the most basic performance upgrades. 7.3L F250 cold air intakes, exhaust kits, and 7.3L F250 performance tuners go a long way to get your big diesel motor churning out more horsepower and torque. If your engine is already throwing down some big power, then check out our F250 lighting upgrades, Super Duty wheels and tires, or our 99-04 Super Duty off-road bumpers to help prep your truck for any challenge you'll run into off the beaten path.

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