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Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST

1999-2004 SVT Cobra Performance Parts

The 1999 to 2004 New Edge Cobras were the absolute kings of the street during their heyday, especially the 2003 and 2004 versions with their factory-installed Eaton superchargers on top of their 4V 4.6L V8. Even as these wonderful creations from SVT age, and their performance begins to be overshadowed by newer models, Stage 3 Motorsports is here to provide your Cobra (or Mach 1, for that matter) all of the aftermarket performance parts it needs to maintain its signature bite on the street or track.

Most "Day-1" Cobra owners start with intake and pulley upgrades. You can grab a quick 40+ HP with these mods and the proper PCM tuning. Your 4V engine has lower compression for the supercharger and that does wonders for your exhaust note. Check out our line of Cobra cat-back exhaust systems to really let your snake be heard.

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1999 to 2004 SVT Cobra FAQ

The 1999 to 2004 SVT Cobras were a unique chapter in the Mustang's history. Their independent rear suspensions, 4V 4.6L V8s, and the later Supercharged "Terminator" Cobras made them the stuff of legend. The Cobras are still competitive even today, but it's very easy to turn them into utter monsters with just a few modifications. We here at Stage 3 have a special place in our hearts for the Cobras, especially the 2003 and 2004 models with their snazzy superchargers. There are still a few things you're going to need to know before going crazy on your Cobra.

What's all this about an IRS?

The 1999 to 2004 SVT Cobras came equipped with an independent rear suspension (IRS). As the name implies, an IRS allows the rear wheels to articulate completely independently of each other. Standard Mustangs come with a live axle setup where the rear wheels are linked together and causes articulation on one wheel to effect the other. An IRS generally provides for better handling, while a live axle is cheaper, lighter, and can handle more power.

How do I get a better exhaust sound

With a Cobra cat-back exhaust. Unlike newer Mustangs with their aft-mounted mufflers, the Fourth Generation Mustangs came with a mid-muffler design and require a full cat-back for any sound enhancements. Your average Cobra cat-back exhaust kit comes with new mufflers, kickover tubes, and exhaust tips and directly replace your factory components. Installation is pretty easy and all of our cat-backs clear the IRS.