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Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST

2011-2014 Mustang V6 Procharger Supercharger Tuner Kit

Part Number:PC-1FT202-SCI


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Stage 3's Product Description Below

Awesome ProCharger System for a DIY Mustang Build

You can always trust ProCharger to get power out of everything great and small, and if you want your Mustang's 3.7L V6 to churn out a whole mess of horsepower and torque without breaking the bank, then ProCharger's P-1SC centrifugal supercharger tuner kit is your Pony's perfect solution. This powerful supercharger head unit comes paired up with a three-core intercooler that helps support extremely high levels of horsepower. This low-cost tuner kit skips on fuel system upgrades and tuning, allowing you to find your fuel system components and dyno tuning that can potentially get your 2011 to 2014 Mustang V6 more horsepower and torque than ProCharger's complete kit and have your six-shooter Pony stomping on all of its competition -- even if they have two extra cylinders.

Efficient and Powerful P-1SC Head Unit

The ProCharger Mustang V6 tuner kit is built around one of their reliable, powerful, and extremely quiet P-1SC head units. The P-1SC is an entirely self-contained centrifugal supercharger system with self-lubrication so that you don't need to tap your Mustang's oil pan for feed or return lines. The supercharger features an advanced impeller design that's CNC machined from aircraft grade 7075 billet aluminum. The impeller is powered by a set of precision-cut gears with an extremely high step-up ratio to provide your Mustang with instant power. The head unit comes with a full mounting bracket that makes it surprisingly easy to install on your Mustang.

Includes ProCharger's Three-Core Intercooler

Keeping the head unit cool and increasing its efficiency is ProCharger's specially-designed three-core intercooler. This air-to-air cooler is up to 70% to 80% efficient at lowering charge air temperatures and is extremely easy to install into your Mustang, saving you a ton of time and hassles over a air-to-water intercooler found with most positive-displacement superchargers. The intercooler comes with hardware and instals under your Mustang's radiator behind the lower grille opening so that it picks up as much airflow as possible to optimize its cooling potential.

Tuner Kit Only

Unlike a complete supercharger kit, this ProCharger Mustang tuner kit does not come with fuel system upgrades or tuning. New fuel injectors, fuel pump upgrades, and custom dyno tuning will all be required to maximize this system's performance and to prevent engine damage to your Mustang. The kit does come with all its necessary installation hardware and detailed instructions for both the head unit and intercooler.
This Product is not CARB-Approved

Stage 3's 0% Financing Offer

Stage 3 Motorsports offers GE financing on all of our performance parts. Pay only $number per month for 12 months for this 2011-2014 Mustang V6 Procharger Supercharger Tuner Kit. Both 6-month and 12-month financing options available! We can even finance the installation! Call now to apply! - 623-434-5277

Stage 3's 0% Financing!
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
2011, ford mustang v6
Great customer service, really fast shipping.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 1/17/2016
Customer Question Is there a complete kit for the 2014 v-6 mustang and not just a tuner kit?
Asked by:  - 11/6/2013
Customer AnswerVery soon we will have a complete kit. We are just waiting on tuning for the 2014 V6s from Procharger.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question Is there a complete ProCharger kit for the 2013 V6 Mustang?
Asked by:  - 11/13/2013
Customer AnswerNot yet, but we are really close. They are just working on tuning now.
Was this answer helpful?  14 of 19 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  
Customer Question Any new news on the 2013-2014 procharger kits? I've been asking everywhere but nobody has any information or any idea if procharger is still even trying to make the 13-14 kits
Asked by:  - 2/24/2014
Customer AnswerThe kits and all their components will fit a 2013 and 2014 Mustang V6, however, ProCharger still does not having tuning available for the newer Mustang V6s. That being said, you can call us directly at 1-877-578-2433 and we can work with ProCharger to customize you a "semi-complete" kit that includes everything except for tuning. That way, you get the fuel upgrades as part of the kit, but will need custom tuning from a dyno shop or another custom tuner of your choice. Again, gives us a call at 1-877-578-2433 and we'll see if we can help you out.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question hi, how about difference 1FT212-SCI with 1FT202-SCI?
Asked by:  - 10/23/2013
Customer AnswerProCharger's 1FT202-SCI part number is a tuner kit and only comes with the P-1SC-1 head unit, intercooler, brackets, and hardware. This is a bare-bones kit for someone doing a custom engine build and who's going to supply their own fuel injectors and tuning.

ProCharger's 1FT212-SCI part number is for a complete supercharger kit that includes the P-1SC-1 head unit, intercooler, brackets, hardware, 50lb/hr fuel injectors, and a PCM tuner pre-loaded with ProCharger tuning specific to the kit. This is the ProCharger kit for the vast majority of customers and what we almost always recommend.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question For those of us who already have late-model SCT tuners, will Procharger provide at least one tune file, as they do with the complete kit? Can Procharger add ons - helical gears, polished finish, and air intake upgrade be purchased with this kit?
Asked by:  - 10/24/2014
Customer AnswerNot with this tuner kit. This specific system does not come with tuning at all. If you already have a tuner, your best bet is to give us a call directly at 1-877-578-2433 so that we can customize a Complete Mustang V6 ProCharger Kit to come only with an email tune, instead of a tuner, which also bumps the purchase price down by around ~$250.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question (1) How many more HP can this supercharger boost up after it is installed to the 37L V6 Engine? (2) How many more accessaries and the money figure do we have to put in before the the system is operational? (3) How many man hour do we need to have this system fully installed? (4) Do you do the installation? Please acknowledge!
Asked by:  - 12/22/2015
Customer Answer1) . The standard Procharger kit can bring crankshaft horsepower up to nearly 475 horsepower, though this system is a tuner kit and requires user-provided custom tuning, so your gains will vary depending on the aggressiveness of the tune and what fuel octane you're using. 2). You'll need fuel injectors (which will be in the $300 range or so, depending on flow rate and brand) and custom tuning, most likely on a chassis dyno. You'd likely need 3-5 hours of dyno time, and you absolutely need to call around to local dyno shops for rates, quotes, and tuning time frames, as they can vary wildly between shops. 3). The ProCharger Kit is rated for 6-8 hours of install labor. 4). We do not do installations.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question can my stock internals handle this procharger?
Asked by:  - 8/14/2015
Customer AnswerAs long as you don't go with too small of a pulley or a ton of other modifications, then yes, your stock rotating assembly can handle the extra power. Keep in mind that this kit is a tuner kit and does not come with fuel system upgrades or tuning. A complete kit with tuning and fuel injectors is located right here.
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Answer provided by:  
Customer Question Is the CARB certification final or pending. will it be available soon? Thank you.
Asked by:  - 11/14/2015
Customer AnswerThis tuner kit is not eligible for CARB approval, due to the fact that it requires a custom tune and fuel system upgrades that are not standardized by ProCharger. ProCharger's Complete System is pending CARB Approval.
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