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Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
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2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 Headers / Mid-Pipes

For V8 power and a tough muscle car sound, adding a new set of high-quality long tube headers combined with a matching mid-pipe will give your base model 3.7L V6 Mustang a huge increase in power, performance and sound. Our Mustang V6 3.7L headers and mid-pipes are made by top-quality manufacturers like Bassani, BBK Performance, Borla, MRT and more. These powerful exhaust parts keep your Mustang's exhaust system almost entirely free of back pressure, allowing your engine to breathe easier and let exhaust gasses escape its cylinders more easily. The result is an impressive gain in horsepower and torque, especially when paired with a powerful custom tune. Once you have a set of headers and a mid-pipe selected, take a look at our Mustang V6 3.7L Mustang Axle Back exhaust kits.

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Bassani just released their version of the 3.7L headers, mid pipe and axle back. If you are looking for more info or a clarification of the Bassani part number, check out our Blog Post.