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2009-2017 F150 4WD FOX 2.0 IFP Rear Shocks (Pair)

Part Number:FOX985-24-029-2
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Improved Rear Suspension Performance and Articulation

The F150's factory rear shocks really can't handle performance off-road applications, especially on trucks with front leveling kits or other hardware. Heavy articulation and long wheel travel push them beyond their valving and can cause problems. This pair of FOX 2.0 aluminum-body rear shocks will replace your 2009 to 2017 F150's rear shocks and make your rear suspension just as ready for the trail as your truck's front end. Each of these 2.0 FOX shocks can easily handle an extra 1" of lift on your truck's rear and were carefully designed to improve articulation, wheel travel, and heat dissipation which makes them one of the best and least-expensive off-road shocks out there.

2009-2015 F150 4WD Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks

Aluminum Shocks with Specialized Piston and Valving

Each shock features a body and mounts that are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum to dissipate heat much more efficiently than standard steel shock absorbers. This helps keep fade minimal under heavy articulation. The shocks both have a high-flow Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design built inside a chrome-plated and heat-treated steel shaft with specially tuned valving that gives them impressive performance and response. They also have high-quality redundant seals that help improve reliability in aggressive applications and off-road driving. The shock installs directly in place of your stock shock making for simple installation.

Drivetrain Fitment: this pair of FOX Shocks will only fit four wheel drive F150s. A set of shocks for two wheel drive F150s is also available.

Protect Your Investment!: Available Fox Racing shields that mount onto Fox 2.0 IFP Shocks and protect the shock shaft and seals from rocks and other road debris that might get kicked up from your tires. Fox Racing Roost Shield Kit (803-02-052)

5 Stars
2014 f150 xlt 4x4
Made a great difference on a daily drive. I have a leveling kit with 33s and there is much less bouncing around in the rear when hitting potholes etc. I would definitely recommend them.
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Reviewed by:  from San Antonio . on 11/7/2015
5 Stars
2015 FORD F150 4x4 5.0 SUPERCAB 6.5' BED W 1.5" Rear Drop Shackles
I had the notorious rear steer when encountering bumps that was magnified if in a curve. Fox 2.0's instantly resolved it. The truck is much more settled, refined, and smooth. The tires are planted without the shudder over a series of washboard bumps, and the light vibration that used to travel the truck is gone. I have yet to encounter anything negative with the Fox 2.0's and do not feel it is more harsh at all. The truck feels more solid and invokes the confidence that I am accustomed to in a Ford F150, it should have came from the factory with this shock or something very similar.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from SOUTHERN INDIANA. on 9/2/2016
5 Stars
2014 Ford F 150 xlt 4x4
What a huge improvement over the stock shocks,especially off road or rough roads.Great ride on highways,more solid,controlled ride.should have purchased sooner...
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Murfreesboro. on 5/12/2016
5 Stars
2016 F150 SCrew FX4
Cornering around turns, with un-even pavement, is downright dangerous on these new F150's. I can't believe how bad the back end wants to dance around. After reading about this dilemma, on , I decided to try these Fox 2 rear shocks out. I ordered here, and got them for $207 delivered. Not even Amazon tops that price. Once I received them, I put them on myself. I've never put shocks on before, so it was definitely a learning experience for me. The stock shocks are very easy to compress. These are NOT! I had to jack my trucks frame up, and use a crow bar, to pry them up and in. I do not have a good jack, so I had to use my trucks jack. It took me 2 hours, with absolutely no experience, or proper tools. They are a bear to compress by hand, and alone. An extra set of hands would've been nice, but the crow bar from my trucks jack worked fine. Had I known any of this before hand, I probably could've done it in a half hour to 45 min. After the install, I went for a ride, looking for the worst pavement. No matter how bad the road, the truck never side stepped again. These shocks gave my truck a very compliant ride. They really softened and smoothed everything. The only trouble I have now is, I absolutely see how bad the stock front suspension is now. The difference will astound you.
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Reviewed by:  from Md. on 10/17/2016
5 Stars
2016 F150 XLT 4x4
I could compress the stock shocks easily by hand. These Fox 2.0 shocks were much stiffer and I was unable to compress by hand and needed a friend to help pop them in. What does this mean? Basically a more planted rear end, reduced body roll around corners, and more control at high speeds over freeway bumps. Huge improvement over the F150 stock rear shocks and probably the best $200 spent. Fox 2.0s saved Fords a**, litterally!!
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from HAWAII. on 11/4/2016
4 Stars
2015 Ford F150
Great build quality, easy install, significant improvement over stock. The new F150s are under-dampened and with the light weight aluminum bed the rear end tends to bounce quite a bit and be a bit more "lively" than some people prefer. These shocks eliminate almost all of the feeling your rear end is bouncing all over the road when you hit a bump or pothole without giving you a harsh ride. 4-stars because they should have come with the shields or a boot, IMO.
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 10/11/2016
5 Stars
2016 Ford F 150 XLT Sport 4x4
My truck only had 1500 miles on it, but the rear shocks on the truck were terrible. Stiff with no initial compliance made badly maintained gravel roads almost undriveable with the rear end trying to swap ends. Not anymore. The Fox shocks cured that problem and deliver a nice Highway ride. My wife even noticed the difference in ride quality. I am very happy with this purchase and will probably end up putting the 2.0's on the front also.
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Reviewed by:  from Stockton. on 10/12/2016
5 Stars
2015 F-150 Platinum
Easy install, 2 bolts per shock. Easy DIY. Calmed down rear axle, less hop with improved ride. Very happy with results. Strongly considering front strut replacement.
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Reviewed by:  from Syracuse, NY. on 12/15/2016
5 Stars
2016 F150 Lariat Sport EB
These shocks are worth every penny. I swapped out the factory shocks at 1200 miles due to the horrible rear axle hop that is characteristic of the originals. These took it all away and the rear end is now FIRMLY planted at all times. You couldn't ask for a better shock for a street driven, daily driver. You will not be disappointed. I will say they are quite a bit firmer/stronger than the OEMs so install was a bit fun, but nothing difficult.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dayton, OH. on 2/22/2017
5 Stars
2p15 F150 4x4
What a great upgrade. Truck handles so much better. The factory death bounce is gone!
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 6/26/2017
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