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About Stage 3 Motorsports

Stage 3 Motorsports is one of the leading Ford performance parts online retailers in the U.S. We're ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and get you the parts you need to get your vehicle performing at its very best. We work hard to bring you the best prices on Mustang and Ford truck performance parts with great customer service and an enormous knowledge base that comes from years of owning and caring for cars and trucks just like yours. Feel free to contact us directly by going to our Contact Page.
Back in the ancient times of 2004, there started a little speed shop in Muscatine, Iowa, called Stage 3 Motorsports that sold a few Mustang parts on a pretty basic website back before online retail was a weaponized juggernaut. The business moved to Arizona, and it grew and grew and grew until you have what you see in front of you today. We here at Stage 3 have always been a bit different than the rest of those performance parts sellers out there. We're an online retailer first and foremost. At one point, we were the #1 retailer of Roush and Saleen parts in the country. We tried to have an install shop and front-end retail establishment, but in the end, those things were distractions from providing the best customer service we possibly could to our online customers. In the end, we here at Stage 3 are only about one thing - making you happy with your F150, Super Duty, or Mustang. While we can definitely help you make your vehicle of choice into one of the most powerful and aggressive-looking things on the planet, we're also well aware that it isn't for everybody, and we want to help you build your car or truck just how you want it. We help out our Military Veterans with a 5% discount, and we keep our prices competitive to get everyone else the best deals we can.

We've been on the online retail game a long time, and we aren't planning on going anywhere any time soon. We have over a dozen full-time employees at our Phoenix headquarters that handle sales, customer service, tuning, tracking, and web design/content so that you get the best shopping and buying experience that we can manage. Our website sees millions of page views a month from customers all over the world, all looking to make their Ford vehicle of choice the best that it can be and meet just about any application that they have in mind. We have 15,000 parts listed on our site, covering everything from high-priced superchargers and lift kits to basic accessories like LED replacement bulbs and grab handles. With our huge selection, you're bound to find a thing or two that you can use on your very own vehicle build, and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you the guidance you need to make the right buying decision for your needs.

We here at Stage 3 get your parts out as fast as possible and use multiple warehouses located all over the country to keep parts in stock and get them to your door quickly. In this era of global Ford vehicles, we've partnered up with international shipping providers and freight forwarders to supply Ford owners the world over with the parts they need to get their vehicles looking and performance just how they need, no matter where they are. We test out a ton of the parts we carry on our very own Project Vehicles, and we build each and every one of our aggressive projects to function out in the real world. We all drive to work, go camping, hit trails, and go down to the track on the regular, so all of our projects need to be able to do it all. You won't see crazy SEMA builds that come out for a single auto show before getting sold off to a collector. The testing of the products we have on the site means we have intimate knowledge of how they affect performance, ride, and aesthetics so that we can give you an honest opinion on whether you should get these same parts for your own vehicle. We even own our own sorta-secret testing area up in Northern Arizona so that we get great apples-to-apples comparisons on a variety of truck parts.

Lou McBee - Sales Team
Lou McBee Sales Team Lou has been with Stage 3 since August of 2010, and is our resident Fox Body expert. His current project is a 1989 Saleen hatchback that's had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at it, including a Vortech V-1 supercharger kit. Granted, the car's not actually running, nor will it be anytime soon, which is becoming a running joke around the hallowed halls of Stage 3 Motorsports. Still, it's a very rare and very unique car and it's going to make for one hell of a vehicle if it ever gets moving under its own power. In any case, Lou has expert-level knowledge on Mustangs, engine building, and Ford trucks that he's more than happy to bring to bear. His email address is

Vehicles Past & Present:
  • 1987 4cyl Hatch LX T-tops
  • 1988 GT Vert
  • 1987 5.0 LX Hatch
  • 1988 Saleen Hatch #45
  • 1989 Saleen Hatch #201
  • 2012 Mustang GT 5.0L

John Borrero - Sales Team
John Borrero Sales TeamJohn is the Sales Manager here at Stage 3 and has been with the company since 2008. John has had an eccletic mix of vehicles over the years, with everything from a 2006 Mustang GT with a 550 horsepower Saleen Super Shaker to a 6.0L Powerstroke F350 with enough lift to squeeze on 37" tires to a 2007 F150 with a custom 8" lift. John's done just about everything from track road racing to serious off-roading and is the perfect person to talk about suspension setups for both Mustangs and Ford trucks. Around Stage 3, John is known for being one of the loudest human beings on the planet. The guy's just got a loud, booming voice, but at least you can always hear him clearly. You can reach him at

Vehicles Past & Present:

Jason Locke - Web Team
Jason Locke WebI'm by far the least important person here at Stage 3. I write product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters, and nearly everything else that you currently read or have read on Stage 3 Motorsports. I drive a leaky Saab, of all things. I'm entirely uninteresting. If you do see a problem with a product description, blog, category, or the website in general, shoot an email to

Vehicles Past & Present:

Dylan Reibert - Web Team
Dylan Reibert Video-WebDylan does all of Stage 3's video shooting and editing for both our products and our official YouTube Page at large. Dylan is the proud owner of the Stage 3 2000 Mustang GT "FauxBra" Project Car, and while he hates the name that we made up for it, this 2001 Cobra 4V 4.6L Mustang GT is one bad Pony with a vicious roar. Dylan is a huge asset to Stage 3 and helps make the site look awesome when he's not hunting for take-off Cobra parts. His email is

Vehicles Past & Present:

Noah Silk - Photography
Noah Silk PhotographyNoah joined our team back in 2013, though he was part-time employee of Stage 3 for a while before that. He knows a great deal about both F150s and Mustangs, being the proud owner of a SN95 V8 Convertible. Noah's best known for some of his odder vehicle purchases, the most bizarre of which was a 1996 Lincoln Town Car Limo with broken air conditioning. Whatever floats your boat. You can reach Noah by email at

Vehicles Past & Present:
  • 2000 Mustang GT Convertible
  • 1996 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Debra Berend - Customer Service

Debra probably works harder than anyone else in the office and deals with customer issues, vendor problems, order tracking, and general customer service. Needless to say, she stays plenty busy around here. Before Stage 3, Debra worked as a manager with FedEx. Basically, Debra's the person you want to talk to if you need a problem solved with your order and she does a hell of a good job finding a solution, even if something terrible does happen that's beyond your control. Her email is

Rudy Lopez - Customer Service

Rudy takes care of our customers by handling returns, warranties and any other general mishaps that come about. If you have a return or an issue with your order you can contact him at

Rey Ramirez - Shipping

Rey handles our shipping and tracking here at Stage 3. He does an excellent job of getting products to our customers doorsteps and makes sure they know when their parts are on the way. Rey is also the proud owner of our 2013 F150 EcoBoost project truck, Scarlet. While Rey doesn't really own anything else we care about, he does have an Eagle Talon lurking somewhere that we'd like to see. You can reach Rey at

Vehicles Past & Present:

Bill Lindsay - Owner

This guy owns the place. That's all you really need to know. Bill has been the owner and reckless driver of nearly all of our project cars and trucks, and he knows them inside and out. While we do make fun him (behind his back and very quietly) about his love for country music and the Iowa Hawkeyes, he is our fearless leader and has kept Stage 3 chugging all these years. He graduated from WyoTech and has done everything from road racing to off-roading to towing and can help get your car or truck ready for just about any application. You can reach him at

Vehicles Past & Present:
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