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2010-2014 Mustang GT500 BMC "Black Mamba" Hood

Part Number:BMC-GT500MAMBA


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BMC "Black Mamba" Hood (Unpainted)

Add style and performance to your 2010-2014 Mustang GT500 with the "Black Mamba" Hood from BMC Extreme Customs. This aftermarket GT500 hood can also be used to give your Mustang GT or V6 the look of a GT500 when purchased as part of the BMC GT500 Front Conversion Kit. BMC Extreme Customs auto accessories give you best-in-show styling and quality. As seen at the MBRP Booth during the 2010 SEMA Show, this hood is continuing to rise in popularity among Mustang enthusiasts.

Installs with OEM Hardware

Each hood contains a variety of features that give your Mustang a true advantage when facing any competitor - both in the show or on the street. The GT500 BMC "Black Mamba" Hood was designed for perfect fitment to your model and body style by year and installs easily and securely using OEM hardware and manufacturer accessories. For safety purposes hood pins (sold separately) are recommended whenever you add an aftermarket hood as they are typically much lighter than the factory stock hood. To purchase a set of hood pins, use the drop-down menu above.

Fully Functional Air Scoops

This hood has a built-in Ram Air Kit which is fully functional. As cool air enters through the open front air scoops, it is immediately is directed to your air box. The top 45 degree vents are fully functional and also work as heat extractors. The Heat Extractor Vent Grilles are removable and can be painted separately from the hood to add a unique look. These vents are available in Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, and Stainless Steel. Please select the material of your choice from the drop-down menu above.


  • 2010-2014 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby
  • 2012-2014 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8
  • 2012-2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6

Installation Notes: The hood is hand-laid fiberglass with smooth gel-coat that is finished on both the top and bottom and ready to be fitted and painted. There are reinforced metal latch & hinge plates for additional safety. The integrated stainless mesh grille gives it a complete look. This hood is made to be a direct bolt-on product using OEM Hardware.

Feature 12 available for order
Customer Question I ordered the Mamba Hood for my 2013 GT500 and I have yet to have the time to put it on. But After reading I should have purchased the hood pins. Do you feel they are neccessary and if so, what is the part# and price?
Asked by:  - 8/11/2013
Customer AnswerOn all aftermarket hoods, hood pins are recommended by all manufactures. I have had plenty of customers run aftermarket hoods from Tru-Fiber, Cervinis, BMC Extreme Customs and others without pins and have had no issues. We do offer them in the drop down for $99.99 with the hood but if you would like to order them still they will run $109.99 since it is shipping separate the hood purchase.
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Customer Question Hi. I had a few questions regarding the black mamba hood, I am thinking of getting this hood for my 2014 Shelby GT500, I was wondering if the ram air duct that is part of the hood mates up to the seal around the air filter or do I have to have something fabricated to have the duct sealed off to the filter. secondly I will be upgrading the factory supercharger to either a Kenne Bell 4.7L blower or the 4.5L Whipple supercharger, does this hood provide adequate clearance for these larger superchargers? Thirdly, how necessary is using a hood pin kit with this hood? my first preference would not to have to use one unless it is necessary to keep the hood from breaking free from the latch. Also does this hood come with windshield washer squirters? Thanks. Sincerely, Ron Sircar
Asked by:  - 12/2/2014
Customer AnswerThe ductwork for the ram air system was designed for the factory airbox, and won't provide a perfect seal on GT500s with aftermarket intakes or superchargers with their own open-element filter. This hood will not fit with larger 4.0L+ twin-screw systems. You'd need an engine lowering kit paired with a full cowl to fit the superchargers you have in mind. Hood pins are recommended, through the latch isn't the primary concern. The width of the S197s front end can cause fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods to wobble at their edges at high speeds and warp over time. The chances of the hood flying up are fairly low, though not totally out of the question.
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Customer Question Is this Black Mamba Hood for the 2010-13 Mustang available for the 2014 yet?
Asked by:  - 1/15/2014
Customer AnswerThis hood does fit the 2014 Shelby GT500s, and both the description and title have updated to reflect the change.

However, if you have a 2014 Mustang GT, you'll need the BMC Customs 2013-2014 Mustang GT / V6 Black Mamba Hood.
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Customer Question Hello, how well is the fitment of this black mamba hood, is it easy to install or I will I have to do fender adjustment and other types of adjustments? I just don't want to have to move my fenders for proper fitment, I understand I will have your normal pre-adjustments. Please let me know your feed back and thanks for your time. Jon
Asked by:  - 5/4/2014
Customer AnswerThe hood should drop into place of your factory hood without adjustments. However, due to variations in construction and shipping, BMC does say that some fender shimming may be required. They also recommend "oversizing" the holes in the hinges to give the hood some play for proper alignment.
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