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Posted by Jason Locke on 6/23/2017 to Just Added
We've been itching for our friends over at StopTech to take a bigger dive into the 2010-2017 F150s for a while now, and they finally jumped into the void with a whole host of kits and parts for the late-model F150s. StopTech now has stainless steel brake lines for the front and rears of 2010-2011 F150s, as well as the front and rears of 2012-2014 F150s. More importantly, StopTech now has Axle-Pack Brake Kits available for the 2010-2017 F150s, all of which come with rotors and pads so that you can give your truck a total overhaul of its wearable brake parts for awesome brake performance gains. Some of StopTech's Axle-Pack Kits even come with new brake lines for even further improvements in stopping power and feel. You can find StopTech's Axle-Pack Kits in our new 2009-2014 F150 Front Brake Kits, 2009-2014 F150 Rear Brake Kits, 2009-2014 F150 Complete Brake Kits, or 2015-2017 F150 Brake Kits sections. Check below for a full list of new StopTech brake lines and Axle-Packs now at Stage 3.

StopTech F150 Axle-Pack Brake Package

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/22/2017 to Installed Photos
Aftermarket exhaust kits go a long way in improving any Focus ST's sound, looks and performance, but finding one that walks that line between ostentatious and practical can prove a real chore. We wanted our 2016 Focus ST project car to turn heads when we stepped on it but stay quiet enough on the freeway for long drives, and Borla's Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System absolutely delivered. It also looks pretty damn sleek, if we do say so ourselves. Read on for details and pictures.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/21/2017 to Just Added
Why spend the dough on a stainless steel exhaust system when you don't need one? For Fiesta ST owners living in dry climates, MBRP's aluminized Installer Series exhaust kit offers the same benefits as their more expensive stainless steel kits, but without the stainless steel price tag. Just remember, if you're living in an area that gets a lot of rain, an aluminized kit won't last nearly as long as a stainless steel kit due to weather corrosion. But if you're a desert-dweller like the guys here at Stage 3, this MBRP Installer Series aluminized exhaust kit is a smart and safe way to save some cash and enjoy the wonders of an aftermarket exhaust kit. It's also the only aluminized exhaust kit we currently carry for the Fiesta ST, so if you think you need stainless steel check out our complete selection of Fiesta ST Exhaust Upgrades.

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/21/2017 to Just Added
While there's no shortage of upper grilles out there for the 2015-2017 F150s, Caliber9 has developed one of the toughest and most heavy duty upper grille kits on the market for the 2015-2017 F150 trucks, and it installs without any cutting, trimming or drilling. The Caliber9 Upper Grille and Caliber9 Upper Grille with OnX6 Light Bar are made out of heavy-duty steel and feature a mount through their centers for a powerful 20" off-road LED light bar. These grilles look awesome, and thanks to their all-steel construction, should hold up to whatever application you have in mind for your truck.

2015-2017 F150 Caliber9 Upper Grille with 20in Light Bar

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/20/2017 to Just Added
Corsa's awesome and high-quality exhaust systems were some of the most popular upgrades for the 2010-2014 SVT Raptors, and now they've jumped into the fray with the 2017 Ford Performance Raptors with a new lineup of exhaust upgrades and cat-back kits that will make your truck's HO 3.5L EcoBoost sing like it should've from the factory. Corsa now has an X-Pipe Resonator Delete, a Muffler Upgrade, a Cat-Back System with Polished Tips, and a Cat-Back with Gunmetal Tips available for pre-order and scheduled to start shipping out in mid-July. Any one of these upgrades will get your 2017 Raptor an awesome, new sound and turn a few heads.

2017 Raptor Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust System with Gunmetal Tips

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/20/2017 to Just Added
What pumps out 325 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque? Believe it or not, the new 2017 Fusion Sport. With its F150-borrowed 2.7L EcoBoost engine, Ford's midsize turbocharged sedan is no slouch. With that level of grunt, the Fusion Sport is an ideal platform for a sleeper performance car, practical and roomy yet shockingly powerful. Even better, the aftermarket is all over this thing. Steeda's new 2017 Fusion Sport Cold Air Intake is designed specifically to improve airflow to your 2.7L EcoBoost's twin-turbocharged engine, boosting horsepower, torque and fuel economy in the process. Check out Steeda's 2017 Fusion Sport Cold Air Intake and keep an eye out for more 2017 Fusion Sport parts, we'll be plenty busy hunting them down in the next few weeks.

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/19/2017 to Installed Photos
Bilstein's 5100 Series has long been one of the best bang-for-your-buck suspension modifications that you could make to your aggressive F150, and we've been itching to get a set on one of our project trucks forever now. Well, the stars have finally aligned and we installed our 2015-2017 Bilstein 5100 Series Package on our 2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Project Truck. The front 5100 Series Struts leveled out our truck's stance, while the rear shocks vastly improved rear-end handling and control. Our 2017 3.5L EcoBoost F150 got a great look and the type of handling it should've had from the factory.

2017 F150 with Bilstein 5100 Front Struts & Rear Shocks

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/15/2017 to Just Added
We were pretty pumped when Eibach released their Pro-Truck Sport Leveling Struts and Rear Shocks for the 2009-2014 F150s last year, and we put them into a complete suspension package to really overhaul your F150's handling and performance. Eibach's Pro-Truck Sport Kits are an awesome way to give your F150 a huge improvement in both front and rear suspension performance.

2015-2017 F150 4WD Eibach Pro-Truck Sport Complete Suspension Package

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/14/2017 to Just Added
Whether you're taking a long road trip or heading out to the wilderness for camping, being able to use your very own F150 or Super Duty as a sleeping quarters can go along way to saving you money, time, and hassles. Pittman is here to help with their AirBedz Series of air mattresses specifically designed for truck use. Pittman's Airbedz series includes an in-cab mattress that forms with your truck's rear bench to provide a wide in-cab sleeping platform, while their truck bed mattresses feature wheel well cutouts that allow them to drop perfectly into your truck's bed and maximize space. Pittman has an Airbedz system for multiple bed sizes, and you're bound to find one that's perfect for your truck.

F150 & Super Duty Pittman Truck Bed Air Mattress

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/14/2017 to Just Added
Upgrading your Focus ST's brake setup is easier said than done, but it's also well worth the work. Considering how easy it is to bolt on power-adders, a modified ST can quickly necessitate a stronger, more effective brake system. The good news is that we've just added a bunch of different StopTech brake kits for the Focus ST. The bad news is that if you're rolling in a 2014 Focus ST, you'll have to read this article to figure out which kit is right for your ride.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/14/2017 to Just Added
Ah, the Fiesta ST - the feisty younger brother to the Focus ST and a capable hot hatch itself. Although the Fiesta can certainly hold its own, the exterior styling could use some help if your goal is to intimidate. Luckily, 3dCarbon's high-quality polyurethane body kits add aggressive, track-inspired styling to any Fiesta ST. Head on over to our selection of Fiesta ST Exterior Upgrades to see for yourself!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/12/2017 to Tidbits
Stage 3 has finally jumped aboard the hot hatch train with our latest project car and very first Focus ST build. Our Oxford White 2016 Focus ST project is still in its infancy, so now's the time to sit back and watch this near-stock ST transform into a vicious track-ready hot hatch right before your eyes. Follow the official 2016 Focus ST Project Page for the full details on our latest build and perhaps you'll uncover an upgrade or two for your own ST build!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/12/2017 to New Products
We here at Stage 3 haven't been standing idly by while everyone else has been romping around off-road in their 2017 Raptors. In the last few weeks alone, we added over a dozen 2017 Raptor parts and accessories to the site, all of them ready and waiting to improve your 2017 Raptor in some form or fashion. We have everything from tuning to power adders to suspension to exhaust upgrades for your 2017 Raptor so that you can turn your off-road rig into the truck of your dreams.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/12/2017 to Just Added
Looking to set your hot hatch apart from the crowd? Look no further. A set of Niche wheels brings an aggressive custom aesthetic to any ST build in need of a track-inspired makeover. These 18x8" wheels are all new to Stage 3 and ready to ship, so head on over to our Focus ST Wheel & Tire section to see what's in store for your ST build!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/12/2017 to Sales
Our friends over at Rancho have been running a pretty expansive rebate since March 1st, but it's set to end June 30th, 2017. Rancho is giving up to $300 back on their complete lift kits, $120 back on Rancho QuickLifts and rear shocks or complete shock/strut packages, and up to $50 back on pairs of shocks. The next couple of weeks are do-or-die for these killer deals, so don't delay!

Rancho 2017 Summer Rebate!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/12/2017 to Sales
Father's Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 18th for the uninformed), and Stage 3 is buzzing with all sorts of manufacturer sales. Whether your old man's truck needs a fresh set of Bushwacker fender flares or a Corsa exhaust kit, you'll only find the best of the best here at Stage 3. Read on to get the full details on everything happening here at Stage 3 for Father's Day 2017!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/9/2017 to Manufacturer News
As we sit waiting for full SCT tuning support for the 2017 model year F150s, the first inklings of hope have just arrived from our friends over at Bully Dog and their Platinum GT Tuner and Monitor. Bully Dog now supports tuning for the 2017 F150 5.0L V8 and 3.5L Naturally-Aspirated V6 Models, letting you get more out of your naturally-aspirated 2017 F150 of choice. According to Bully Dog, they got gains of 17 horsepower and 21lb-ft of torque on the 2017 5.0Ls and 14 horsepower and 16lb-ft of torque on the 3.5L V6 trucks. Not too shabby for pre-loaded tunes.

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/9/2017 to Customer Rides
Focus ST modders and enthusiasts, this is how it's done. We got word of this wicked ST from a couple of Stage 3 customers who did all of the modifications themselves with the occasional helping hand from a mechanic friend. The first thing that caught our eyes about this particular ST was its dazzling Mystic coat that throws it back to some of our favorite Cobras of yesteryear. We found this 2014 Focus ST and its backstory to be more than worthy of a Stage 3 feature, so hit the jump for full details on this beastly ST hot hatch build!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/9/2017 to Sales
Our friends over at Corsa make some of the finest axle-backs and cat-backs on the market, and now they're giving you cash back on any axle-back or cat-back purchase from Monday, June 12th, through June 30th, 2017. Corsa is offering a $50 Mail-In Rebate for their aggressive axle-back and cat-back systems for F150s, Super Dutys, Mustangs, and more. Now is your chance to grab a Corsa system for your aggressive build while getting cash back!

Corsa 2017 Summer Rebate!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/8/2017 to Website Updates / Changes
We like to think we have three types of customers here at Stage 3: the off-roader, the street racer, and of course those who dabble in both. While our primary Instagram page, @stage3motorsports, caters primarily to the off-road enthusiasts with big trucks, our Street page will serve our Mustang, Focus and Fiesta shoppers. Because our Focus and Fiesta sections have expanded so rapidly within the past few months, we figured it'd be a good idea to throw out some suggestions for new ST and RS owners looking to make the most out of their build. Hit the jump to read about some of the most popular upgrades for the Focus and Fiesta ST!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/6/2017
What's not surprising is that the most restrictive part of the 2011-2017 F150 and Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost V6s is their exhaust system. What is surprising is how little of a change is needed to make for some big gains in performance. SPD Performance's 2011-2017 F150 and 2017 Raptor Turbo Adapters replace your F150's stock downpipe-to-turbine housing adapters with a larger and more efficiently-shaped design that frees up restrictions and gets your truck some extra oomph. On SPD's 2017 Raptor test truck, their adapters added 24 horsepower and 43lb-ft of torque without a tune or any other hard parts at all!

2011-2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost SPD Turbo Adapters

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/5/2017 to Just Added
While it seems that everyone and their mother, uncle, second cousin's-roomate's-sister's-boyfriend is getting in on the Raptor off-road light bracket action, our old friends over at Diode Dynamics may have come up with one of the most versatile and cost effective kits yet. The 2017 Raptor Diode Dynamics Fog Light Bucket Bracket Kit drops right into the large side openings of your 2017 Raptor's front bumper and can fit everything from a single 3" cube light to a massive 12" LED light bar on each side, giving Raptor huge off-road lighting and a ton of different options. Diode even gives you options for adding their own Stage Series Light Bars, U-cradles, and wiring kits so that you get the perfect package for your Raptor's needs.

2017 Raptor Diode Dynamics Fog Light Bucket Bracket Kit

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/5/2017 to Just Added
Upper control arms with a uniball joint have long been the standard UCA upgrade for the 2004-2017 F150s, but our friends over at ICON Vehicle Dynamics are changing the game with their new Delta Joint Tubular Upper Control Arm for the 2004-2017 F150s. The ICON Delta Joint is a high-angle and heavy-duty balljoint that provides your truck with the performance and travel of a uniball but also features the reliability, longevity, and weather-resistance of a balljoint. ICON even has a Delta Joint Replacement Kit that drops into place of most 1" uniballs, letting you upgrade the uniball UCAs that are already on your aggressive F150 build!

2004-2017 F150 ICON Delta Joint Tubular Upper Control Arm

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/5/2017 to Just Added
With a variety of drop-in turbochargers, supporting upgrades, and aggressive tuning at your disposal, it can be all-too-easy to push your Focus ST's 2.0L EcoBoost beyond what the factory intake can handle. That's where Velossa Tech's BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Snorkel comes in. If you feel like you're working your ST a little too hard, simply snap on this aggressively-styled intake system and let it roar! The kit comes in a huge variety of colors, including glow-in-the-dark. Yes, glow-in-the-dark. How rad is that? Check out the Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH Intake Snorkel and head on over to our Focus ST Tuner & Monitor section to start stacking on some power!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/5/2017 to Sales
Our friends over at Husky Liners are helping you celebrate Father's Day from now until June 16th, by knocking 10% off the price of all their high-quality floor liners. Get Dad the floor and interior protection that he deserves at a great price for the next 11 days!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/5/2017 to Just Added
Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest difference, and COBB's Shift Knob for the Focus ST, RS and Fiesta ST is the perfect example. The COBB Shift Knob's base is anodized in your choice of red or black and is internally threaded to provide a tight fit with the shifter shaft, allowing you to shift to your heart's content without concern. The Cobb Knob even maintains your factory reverse lockout! Check out the COBB Shift Knob and add a touch of premium style to your interior!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/5/2017 to Informative Articles
The best upgrades are those that improve both performance and styling in one package, which is exactly what a set of high-quality lowering springs can do for your 2013+ Focus ST. And if you're on the hunt for a set of premium aftermarket lowering springs, you've come to the right place. We carry lowering spring kits from the biggest names in the industry like H&R Springs, Eibach, Steeda and COBB, so feel free to take your pick! Check out our selection of Focus ST Suspension Lowering Springs to get a head start on your hot hatch build!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/2/2017 to Just Added
If you dig the Kelderman Alpha Series bumpers but you're looking for something a little less... ostentatious, you'll want to take a look at our newest selection of off-road Super Duty bumpers, the Bravo Series by Kelderman. Designed to appeal to Super Duty owners looking for a low-profile look that doesn't compromise utility or strength, the Bravo Series Front and Rear Bumpers strike the perfect balance between minimalist style and utility. These highly-customizable bumpers can be outfitted with a variety of lighting setups and accommodations, allowing you to personalize your 2017 F250 or F350 to your heart's content.

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/1/2017 to Just Added
While Roll-Up tonneau covers may be an affordable and convenient option for your truck, one of the big gripes folks have is that they don't lay flush like many folding or retractable tonneaus. Our friends over at TruXedo aim to fix that little problem with their Pro X15 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers! The Pro X15 features everything you know and love about TruXedo's other roll-up tonneaus, but features a low-profile design that stays clean and flush with your F150's bed. The Pro X15 installs without drilling, and can be totally removed without tools for large items, making it a perfect way to give your truck a slick look without breaking the bank. Check below for a full list of F150 Pro X15 options!

2004-2017 F150 TruXedo Pro X15 Tonneau Covers!

Posted by Jordan Gerblick on 6/1/2017 to Just Added
Air Lift's LoadLifter load leveling kits have turned out to be some of the most popular upgrades for F150 and Super Duty owners looking to level out heavy loads and minimize suspension wear. Now we have one more reason to hook your truck up with an Air Lift LoadLifter kit: the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate PLUS. Air Lift's newest kit includes everything we love about the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate plus exclusive benefits like stainless steel roll plates, air lines, and military-grade AN fittings for a metal-to-metal seal. Click here to check out the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate PLUS for the 2011+ Super Duty (2017 models included)!

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