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Hours of Operation | Monday thru Friday | 8:30am - 5:00pm MST

Just Added: 2015 F150 Fiberwerx 2017 Raptor-Style Body Pieces!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/19/2015 to Just Added
You want to know how good our friends over at Fiberwerx are? they took one look at some of the preliminary 2017 Raptor media and releases and said, "Yep, we can do that," and then, well, they went out and did it with gusto. Just added to Stage 3 is Fiberwerx's lineup of 2017 Raptor-style fiberglass body pieces for the 2015 F150s. All of these exterior parts are inspired by the wicked looks of the 2017 Raptors and allow you to practically build your own using your current 2015 F150 as a baseline. Fiberwerx has 2015 F150 Raptor-Style Fenders, 2015 F150 Raptor-Style Hood, 2015 F150 Raptor-Style Bedsides, and a set of headlight fender valances that are highly recommended for installing Fiberwerx's Raptor-Style fenders. Together, all of these parts make for an almost total exterior conversion for your 2015 F150 into something that's extraordinarily close to a 2017 SVT Raptor, all while giving you more tire coverage and clearance thanks to the bedsides and fenders. The end results pretty much speak for themselves.

2015 F150 Fiberwerx 2017 Raptor Conversion

2015 F150 with 2.5" Rough Country Leveling Kit and 33"x12.50"R20s!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/19/2015 to Installed Photos
While the 2015 F150s certainly look good, they look a whole heck of lot better leveled out and equipped with big wheel and tire combinations, just like most trucks. F150 Forums member 11PlatinumEco put a 2015 F150 Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit on his 2015 F150 and paired it up with a set of 20x10 Fuel Maverick wheels with a -12mm offset wrapped in 33" x 12.50" Toyo Open Country MTs. Now, to fit the 33" x 12.50" tires on a wheel with a pretty large negative offset without rubbing, 11PlatinumEco did have to use a hydraulic spreader on the crash bars of the truck, which is not something we really recommend. Still, you can't argue with results:

2015 F150 Rough Country 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit

Just Added: Massive Titan Replacement & In-Bed Auxiliary F250 Super Duty Fuel Tanks!

Posted by Erik Nep on 6/17/2015 to New Products

If you're like us here at Stage 3 Motorsports, when you're on the road with your Super Duty, towing some quads or jet skis in a trailer or a camper with a fifth wheel hitch, the last thing you want is to have to pull off at every other gas station to refuel because Ford only equipped you with a measly 26-gallon tank. Squeezing in between a bunch of cars and trucks in order to pull your heavy load in to a tight spot to refuel when the gas station is busy gets stressful. Now, however, it can be completely avoidable. With one of Titan's Short Bed Replacement Fuel Tanks, 8 ft. bed Replacement Tanks or In-Bed units (or a combination of both), you can now breeze by all those gas stations with out stressing, knowing that you now have more than enough fuel to make the trip.

2011-2015 F250 & F350 Titan Tanks

BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover Installed On Our 2014 6.7L Super Duty Project Truck!

Posted by Erik Nep on 6/15/2015 to Installed Photos

Just Added: Complete Q-Series LED Fog Light Kit For Your 2011-2015 F250/F350 Super Duty!

Posted by Erik Nep on 6/12/2015 to New Products

One of the best additions you can make to your 2011-2015 F250 or F350 Super Duty is to throw on a set of Rigid Industries' massive Q-Series LED Fog Lights. But getting them mounted and installed can be a hassle. Stress no more, however, as we now have an awesome solution that takes away that headache with our new Rigid Q-Series Complete Fog Light Kit that includes everything you need to get the job done right the first time. The best part about this kit is that no drilling or other permanent modifications are necessary as this kit is fully "plug-and-play". We recently tried this kit out on our own "Project Ice Box" 2014 F250 6.7L Build in order to test it out and we were all blown away by how much light these bad boys give off.

Super Duty Rigid Industries Q-Series LED Lights

Just Added: 2004-2008 F150 ADD Lite Series Front Off-Road Bumpers

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/12/2015 to Just Added
The sad truth of the 2004 to 2008 F150s these days is that most builds are done on a pretty tight budget. That means that most aggressive off-road front bumpers are out of the price range of most folks. Well, our friends and cross-town neighbors over at ADD may have found a sleek and awesome solution to the woes of older F150s with their new Lite Series Bumpers for the 2004 to 2008 F150s. ADD is offering two versions: a Lite Series with a Top Hoop and a Lite Series without a Top hoop. Both bumpers are reasonably priced, look aggressive, and fit with just about any suspension lift kit on the market, allowing you to build up one heck of a truck. The bumpers are both capable of mounting a Rigid Industries 40" RDS Curved Light Bar to get you improved night visibility off-road.

2004-2008 F150 ADD Lite Series Off-Road Front Bumper with Hoop

Enjoy 10% off Select Tonneau Covers and Bed Accessories for Father's Day!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/11/2015 to Sales
Getting your F150 or Ford Super Duty's bed in order can get expensive in one heck of a hurry, so with Father's Day coming up, some of the mos popular tonneau cover and bed accessory manufacturers in the business are offering 10% off all of their high-quality bed upgrade products! For a limited time, you can save some serious cash on tonneau covers, storage boxes, bed liners, and what every else you need to better manage your cargo and transform your aggressive truck build into a much more capable hauler and mover. The following tonneau cover and bed accessory brands are part of the sale: Extang Tonneau Covers, TruXedo Tonneau Covers, Undercover, Retrax, and BAK Industries. This sale only lasts until June 15th, 2015, so don't delay!

10% Off Select Tonneau Covers and Bed Accessories!

Diablosport Now Offering Tuning for the 2015 F150 2.7L & 3.5L EcoBoost F150s!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/11/2015 to Manufacturer News
Our old friends over at Diablosport have been busy trying to unlock the hidden potential in the 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost F150s ever since these powerful trucks hit the market, and they now have tuning support for both 2015 EcoBoost F150 engines on their awesome inTune and Trinity Tuning Devices. Diablosport's tuning can add as much as 70 horsepower and 100lb-ft of torque to the output of the 3.5L EcoBoost and as much as 40 horsepower and 70lb-ft of torque to the output of the 2.7L EcoBoost of the 2015 F150s, making a massive difference in how your truck performs all while improving shifting and fuel economy. Diablosport's tuning is shaping up to be a potent upgrade for your 2015 F150 EcoBoost, and it comes jam-packed on their excellent inTune and Trinity devices for an even more powerful package!

Diablosport Tuning now available for 2015 F150s!

Just Added: 2015 F150 5.0L 5-Star Boss 302 Intake Manifold Packages!

Posted by Jason Locke on 6/10/2015 to Just Added
The Ford Racing Boss 302 Intake Manifold made for one heck of a performance upgrade on the 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0Ls, and our friends over at 5-Star have been working on putting a package together for the 2015 F150 5.0Ls for a while now. The fruits of their efforts have paid off, and now we here at Stage 3 are able to offer three 5-Star Boss 302 Intake Manifold Packages for the 2015 F150 5.0Ls. Each one of these kits comes with everything you need to finagle a Ford Racing Boss 302 intake manifold onto your 2015 F150's 5.0L Coyote V8 and includes two 5-Star custom tunes to take full advantage of the increased airflow and higher RPM range of the Boss Manifold. 5-Star's test truck picked up nearly 50 peak horsepower and 25lb-ft of peak torque with the intake installed and running a 5-Star 93 octane custom tune. 5-Star's Boss 302 Manifold Package is a great way to stack power onto your truck and can open the door for even more power down the road.


Wheels, Tires & ICON's Stage 1 Lift Kit Installed On Our 2014 6.7L Project Truck!

Posted by Erik Nep on 6/9/2015 to Installed Photos

We've recently made great strides on reigning in the frustrating original handling of our 2014 F250 6.7L "Project Ice Box" buildup and are happy to announce there is hope for this big boat yet. We were desperate to throw on a set of off-road tires and custom wheels to get more of an off-road ready feel but, in order to do so, there's always that issue of clearance. Throw a set of 35" tires and oversized wheels on a stock Super Duty and, unless you don't plan on making any turns, you're probably not going to make it out of the parking lot. We're really excited about ICON's new lift systems for the 2011-2015 6.7L Super Duty so this week we took the plunge and gave our refrigerator-on-wheels their Stage 1 package. This afforded us enough clearance to throw on a set of rugged 35" Mickey Thompson off-road tires and an aggressive set of Fuel Maverick Wheels to go along with the "blacked-out" exterior parts we're planning on adding for this build.

Stage 3's 2014 F250 6.7L Project Ice Box Project Truck