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Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent (6.5ft Beds) 110730

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Excellent Solution for Staying High and Dry while Camping

If camping outdoors is anything, it's certainly not clean or overly comfortable, even with the best of gear. That's one of the big reasons that Rightline Gear developed their awesome Truck Tent System that instantly transforms your truck into an all-in-one campsite. Your truck's bed is off the ground and typically dry, which makes it a perfect campsite. All you need is a roof, and Rightline Gear Supplies that and much more with their Truck Bed Tent System. The Bed Tent uses a series of easy to setup straps and pole mounts that allow you to quickly and effectively transform your truck's bed into a complete campsite in only a few minutes. Best of all, the Bed Tent does not feature a floor, allowing you to utilize interior bed storage or other bed accessories for all your camping needs. The Bed Tent also features its own storage pouches, lantern hook, and a sky view vent that can be covered with a rainfly in case the weather goes south.

Floorless Camping Tent with Loads of Handy Features

Each of the Rightline Bed Tents are a total camping solution that help keep you protected and dry no matter the conditions you find out in the wilds. The tent itself is made out of water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams that keep you dry in clean in even extremely heavy downpours. The tent features a sewn-in setup guide, color-coded poles, and heavy-duty straps and ties that make getting the tent system up and running an absolute breeze without damaging your truck's paint or finish. The tent comes standard with glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and even its own compact storage sack that allows you to keep it just about anywhere. The Rightline Bed Tent is extremely easy to setup and can transform your truck's bed into a complete campsite in only a few minutes.

For 6.5ft Beds Only: this version of the Rightline Truck Bed Tent will only fit trucks with a 6.5ft bed. Versions for 5.5ft beds and 8ft beds are also available.

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