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2011-2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 Borla Touring Axle-Back Exhaust System

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Deep, Aggressive Tone with Low Volume

When it comes to high-quality exhaust systems, nearly no one does it as well as our friends over at Borla. Their Touring Axle-Back Exhaust kit for the V6 Mustang is one of the best pieces of exhaust equipment you can throw on your ride, especially if you're putting together a mean, powerful track or street racer. The Touring Axle-Back kit is one of Borla's more quiet designs, but still ditches your weak factory exhaust note for something a little deeper, aggressive, and mellow while still providing improved exhaust flow and performance over stock.

Ceramic-Packed Straight-Through Mufflers

The Borla Touring Axle-Back Exhaust System kit features smooth, mandrel bent tubing and specialized mufflers that improve exhaust outflow over stock while altering its sound. Each Touring muffler has a straight-through design backed with ceramic filaments that reduces overall volume while still giving your V6 Mustang a great tone that sounds much better than your wheezy factory system. The kit has a split rear exit design and ends in large 4" exhaust tips that add a great, custom look to your Mustang.

High-Quality Mandrel-Bent Stainless Steel

Every single Borla Mustang Axle-Back system is made right here in the USA. Each kit is manufactured out of high-quality 300-series austenitic stainless steel that is almost impervious to corrosion and discoloration making them perfect for practically any climate. All the tubing is CNC mandrel-bent in an extremely precise computer-controlled process that practically guarantees perfect fitment on your powerful Mustang build.

This axle-back exhaust kit deletes your factory resonator for a more aggressive tone.

Fitment: 2011-2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6.

Warranty Info: BORLA stands behind every system with a Million-Mile Warranty.

5 Stars
2013 Mustang V6 auto
This is the second exhaust I have purchased for my '13 V6 auto. The first was the Bassani axle backs. They had a horrible drone that I could not live with. I knew I should have bought the Borlas to begin with but I was trying to save some money. After taking to time to study up on my options, I decided to go with the Borla Touring. As soon as I started the car I could hear a huge difference. They have a much deeper "grumble". The overall volume at idle is a little bit louder that stock. Normal driving is about the same, deeper and louder than stock but not overly loud. Just a perfect volume in my opinion. Once you get up to about 3k rpm they come alive with a beautiful roar. I absolutely love the sound and best of all you get this with zero drone at any speed/rpm range. It's exactly what I was looking for. There were some fitment issues as others here have mentioned. One of the hangers on the left side is bent in too narrow. I simply bent it out a bit and all is well.
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Reviewed by:  from Georgia. on 11/23/2013
5 Stars
2014 Mustang V6 w/ Performance Package
Great sale price from Stage 3 on the Borla Touring axle-backs. Installed them myself on my new V6 Mustang with the performance package in about 3 hours. Getting the old mufflers off took the most time. Don't even try to do it without unbolting the forward rubber hangers (driver's side has 3 bolts; passenger side has 2; keep the bolts separated). The pipes don't disconnect (separate) enough and the suspension components on the performance package get in the way, so it's easier to just unbolt and then reconnect the forward hangers. Borla instructions say to use a 15mm socket, but it actually required a 13mm. A second person would be helpful with the install if you have the car on a lift, but I was able to do it with the car on low jack stands under the axle and then used towels piled on my chest to push the exhaust up while I reconnected the hangers. I was amazed at how well the 4-inch exhaust tips fit within the existing bumper openings. One side hung a little lower than the other so I just had to bend the rear hanger down a bit to raise the tip up about 1/2 inch. The 4-inch tips looks awesome compared to a 2.5 inch stock tips. The Borla Touring sound is a very mellow burble, especially on start up and at idle. Inside the car you really don't notice them much except for at low RPMs taking off from a stop and then at about 3,200 RPM when you start to put your foot into it. They really come alive at about 4,500 RPM. I did not notice a drone at any RPM. If you are looking for more engine "feedback" inside the car at all RPMs, then you probably will want the Stinger style instead. Like the Borla video says, if you want something stealthy, the Touring is the way to go. Money well spent!
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Reviewed by:  from Central Texas. on 4/20/2014
5 Stars
2011 Mustang V6
Went with the Borla Touring. It is perfect!! All the sound when you need it and low to no drone when you are cruising. Highway speeds around 75-80 mph. You get some sound, but nothing that will bother most people. Just a low exhaust note. Really gave the Mustang the sound it needed. Also the sound is enhanced with a Airaid intake. Works perfect together.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Kissimmee, Florida. on 12/30/2013
5 Stars
2012 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible Daily Driver
Researched rear sections (mufflers) before buying. Bought the Borla Touring to get performance without excessive sound in the cockpit. The Borla Touring package was the right choice. The performance enhancement can be felt and the sound is rich and throaty. For a daily driver droptop, the Borlas give a great background ripple cruising down the road. Hit the gas and the ripple changes to a roar. I had the Borlas installed at a dealer. It took only an hours and the finished product looks great.
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Reviewed by:  from Bay Area California. on 1/28/2014
5 Stars
Good Low Sound
Although expensive, these give a good low note to your exhaust without being too loud or harsh, plus the benefit of less backpressure and a good warantee. Removing the drivers side exhaust is difficult and it helps to have 2 people and a pry bar. I had to bend the rods slightly for the installation to line up. I used the measurements from the old mufflers as a starting point.
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Reviewed by:  from Phoenix, AZ. on 3/31/2013
5 Stars
2014 Mustang V6 , 6 Speed manual
After much research I chose the Borla Touring Axle back system, and I am so glad I did. They are very high quality and the sound is distinctive but not offensive.....just perfect! The best part though is Stage 3 Motorsports' price. Other sites charge over $900 for this system, so this constitutes a double bonus!
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Reviewed by:  from New Jersey. on 9/1/2016
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