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1979-2004 Mustang GT 4.6L Mcleod Hydraulic Bearing & Master Cylinder Kit

Part Number:M-14-325
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Mcleod's Mustang Hydraulic Bearing & Master Cylinder Kit

Mcleod's Hydraulic Bearing & Master Cylinder Kit is perfect if you're looking to convert your late model Mustang from its current cable clutch system to that of the new era. This kit comes in handy if your Mustang has aging mechanical linkage that is need of being replaced but it can also benefit you if you need extra space in your engine bay due to a motor swap or other changes because McLeod uses only the very best space-saving components available for easy installation and long service life. McLeod constructed these parts using high quality billet aluminum and then finished them off using their signature red color to enhance the looks, so not only do they function well but they look great as well.

McLeod Makes Shifting Your Mustang A Breeze

McLeod hydraulic assemblies will provide an easy pedal effort when shifting through the gears and makes cruising a dream. An additional benefit when installing the McLeod hydraulic components is the self-adjusting bearing. No more adjusting the clutch every 4-6 months. The hydraulic kit enables the bearing to self-adjust when the disc wears throughout its life cycle.

Fits The Following Models: 1979-2004 Mustang GT 4.6L

Features And Benefits:

  • Softer Pedal Effort for more manageable and smoother clutch operation
  • Cleaner clutch disengagement
  • Self adjusting so no more pedal adjustments as the clutch wears
  • Steel braided lines can be routed around exhaust
  • Uses stock pedal, mounts through firewall in stock cable location
  • Direct bolt-in... no modification necessary!

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