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2011-2014 F150 5.0L Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

Part Number:BOR-140416
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  • Dual 2.5" Pipes
  • Aggressive, Throaty Growl
  • Deletes Factory Resonator
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty

Aggressive New Roar for your Truck

The Borla S-Type "Stinger" exhaust systems are some of the most famous exhaust components on the planet, and you definitely don't want to miss out on the S-Type cat-back kit for your F150 5.0L. Each of these awesome exhaust systems generate a massive, deep roar that you'll instantly recognize when you step on the throttle. The 5.0L F150 S-Type cat-back kit adds a new sound, horsepower, and torque to your truck with its high-quality, mandrel-bent tubing and high-flow mufflers to make it one of the most effective systems on the market for the Coyote-Powered F150s.

Turns up the Volume without a Ton of Drone

The Borla S-Type is Borla's most popular cat-back option, sitting somewhere between the quieter Touring cat-back system and the aggressively loud ATAK cat-back kits. The S-Type mufflers have a unique straight-through design that helps improve exhaust outflow over stock and are finely tuned to deliver a deep, loud roar that does your truck's 5.0L V8 more justice than your factory cat-back. The kit features a split-exit design with large, 4" angle-cut tips that give your truck a great look, on top of improved sound.

CNC Mandrel-Bent Stainless Steel Tubing

Borla doesn't hold back when it comes to manufacturing their exhaust kits, which is why their systems are often considered some of the best in the business. All of Borla's F150 S-Type kits are made out of 300-series austenitic stainless steel that's highly resistant to corrosion and discoloration which makes them excellent in practically any climate. All of the tubing is put into its proper shape through a computer-controlled CNC mandrel-bending process that ensures perfect fitment for every kit. Borla builds all of their exhaust systems right here in the USA and backs each of their kits with a Million Mile Limited Warranty.

This cat-back exhaust kit deletes your factory resonator for a more aggressive tone.

Wheelbase Fitment: 2011-2014 F150 5.0L V8. This Borla Cat-Back kit will bolt-on to trucks with a 145" wheelbase (Standard Cab w/ 8' Bed, SuperCab w/ 6.5' Bed, and SuperCrew w/ 5.5' Bed). All other wheelbases will require modifications to this kit for proper fitment. Call 1-877-578-2433 for more information.

Check out our install guide of this cat-back kit on our 2012 F150 5.0L Project Truck!

UPDATE 10-1-2014: Borla has recently updated these kits. The S-Type cat-back kits now come with a muffler and a Borla resonator assembly, instead of just a muffler and resonator delete. New images will be forthcoming.

Warranty Info: BORLA stands behind every system with a Million-Mile Warranty.

5 Stars
2014 F150 5.0 XLT 2 WD
This is the exact system I had been looking for. A nice sound that lets you know there's 'something' under the hood. No highway drone. You can have a normal conversation. I turn the radio off just to listen. Makes you feel good. The instructions were pretty good but this is a more 'hands on, study the system' type of installation. You should do this on a lift. The stock system came off in 1 piece. Make sure you lube all the rubber mounts. The right side goes on nicely and lines up perfect with a 'fingers' worth of space below the bumper. The left side is tricky as there are two pieces to twist and turn in order to line up exactly with the right side. Take the time and it will come out perfect. The quality and manufacture of a BORLA system is impeccable. Well worth the money and the money was well spent @ STAGE 3. Best price anywhere and excellent shipping. If you have a vehicle you're going to keep a few years, invest in a BORLA system and do it @ STAGE 3. Thanks to all.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Massachusetts. on 5/4/2014
5 Stars
'12 F150 XLT Coyote
First rate fit, and quality.Fit and finish is impeccable. Wish this had been the first system I put on this truck, instead of the Roush drone factory this system replaced. An additional feature, if the S type isn't quite the sound you're after, just replace the resonator with a replacement pipe. I suspect the sound level will increase a bit once the system has been in use for a couple thousand miles, and that's fine, my biggest complaint was drone with the Roush. I have ZERO drone with the Borla, just a nice gurgle at around 1750 rpms steady speed. The only two things I'd like to mention, just my own taste though. The crossover from the right to left tailpipe seems to hang just a bit low, and is visible from the rear of the truck, not a big deal, some hitemp black paint took care of that, my truck is lifted slightly, so that may be the reason there. The second thing, again my taste, would be to have the tips extend under the truck a little further. I always liked the look of the old Fox body Mustang with the 5.0. And that would have added to the look. I'd recommend this system to any other olde gearhead, nice sound at idle, somewhat quiet, but still audible, but get on it, and you WILL hear it!!!
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from barton city. on 12/30/2014
5 Stars
2012 5.0 f150 fx
The sound I was looking for,everything about borla is first rate { it should be } u get what u pay for.I was afraid the s type might be to aggressive, a deep rich , throaty sound , a nice head turner. The people at stage 3 motorsports r first rate also they stand by what they sell big help thx
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 12/19/2013
5 Stars
2012 Ford F150 Supercrew 5.0L
I chose this exhaust with the help of the Stage 3 exhaust testing videos. Great fit and finish, protection from rust/corrosion and provides that nice, low rumble that I was after. No annoying drone while cruising but will make some noise when you get on it. A great addition to my truck and something I can enjoy everyday. Stage 3 provided excellent customer service, a great price and very fast shipping. A very satisfied customer...
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Vancouver, BC. on 2/8/2014
4 Stars
Borla S-Type Cat-back Exhaust System, fit my truck like a glove. The material is of very good quality, one thing I was surprise at was this model comes with the resonator whish is not picture on this web site. The resonator mellows the sound quit a bit almost to the point of stock, unless you get hard on the throttle. I could order the striate pipe but then that be the Borla ATAK Cat-back Exhaust System which is cheaper. But in the end I'm satisfied with the over all system.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from OKLAHOMA. on 4/7/2014
5 Stars
Well made system
System is nicely made, fits perfectly and looks great. System is a bit too quiet for my liking when at idle or cruising along. However, it does sound great when you get on it.
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Reviewed by:  from New Jersey. on 6/29/2014
5 Stars
2014 F150 5.0 SCREW
Stage 3 is a terrific vendor. I received a great deal on my exhaust and it arrived at my house in two days. I wanted to award Stage 3 my business due to their effort in putting up all the F150 exhaust clips on YouTube, it was extremely helpful in my decision to by the 140416 kit. The good: I didn't expect any power gains, but I really feel like my truck is quicker and has better throttle response. I used to get a slight surge whenever the RPM's climbed through ~1,500-1,800, but with the Borla, it is gone. The truck is way more fun to drive. The fit and finish of the kit is great, and the tone is unbelievable. I found the ATAK to sound too raspy on YouTube, but the s-type is perfect. The bad: I expected more volume. The s-type on my F150 is much quieter than the s-type on my friends 5.3 Silverado. Inside the cabin, it might be 10% louder than stock. Outside, I'd say it's 20-30%. But the tone is perfect. Also, I was disappointed to find that Borla included the wrong hangers for the tailpipes. I had to run to the hardware store and fabricate my own adapters to get the kit installed. Borla did ship out the correct hangers priority overnight, however, and they were swapped in without issue. Overall, I have to give the kit 5 stars. It's a different truck now, gets me excited to commute in the morning.
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Reviewed by:  from Boston. on 9/14/2016
3 Stars
2011 Ford F-150 FX4
I initally bought this exhaust because I wanted an agressive sounding growl when I stepped on the gas. Needless to say I am severely disappointed. Not Only is the exhaust too quiet for my liking, but the cheap none brand exhaust I took off my truck sounded 3 times better even with it falling apart. Its really quiet. Unfortunetly, I cant return it either because I applied a protective coating over the whole exhaust due to where I live. I don't have a garage, I live in NEPA, and my property is prone to a lot of moisture. Hence the coating; regardless if it was SS or not. As far as quality, the exhaust is made well and is pretty sturdy. However, when I went to bolt the resonator pipe to the cat pipe; both threaded nuts were cocked off center and i had to drill out the holes on the flange to make it work. And even after tightening everything as specified, it still leaked. Wasn't happy about that one. Lastly, there are 2 additional hangers. One on the mid pipe between the muffler and resonator and another on the muffler. No hanger hardware was provided with those and I had to improvise because they werent originally on my truck. Would have been nice to know that before I took the exhaust off. Overall, I wouldn't buy this again. Considering the price and brand, I expected more of an aggressive tone. Very disappointed!!! Now im stuck with an exhaust that I dont like.......
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Saylorsburg, PA. on 11/13/2017
5 Stars
2012 FX4 F150
Took about two hours to install with two people. did not have access to a lift, but backed the truck up on ramps and used a jack on the right side to gain enough clearance to remove the factory exhaust in one piece. Instructions are fairly straight forward. Sound is what I would call the ultimate "adult system" sounds good at start up and when pulling out from a stop, but quiet at cruising speed. Could whisper a conversation with windows up at 75 mph.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Va. on 7/18/2017
5 Stars
2013 F150 - 4x4
Looks and sounds great, gives that nice deep tone you want when accerlating, but nice and quiet at 80 mph on the highway. Really really happy.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Pueblo Co.. on 11/18/2015
5 Stars
2014, Ford, F-150
I am so impressed with the speed and efficiency of my order from Stage 3 Motorsports for a Borla Type S cat back dual exhaust kit for my 2014 Ford F-150, I just had to write to let you know how impressed I was. I ordered the Borla Exhaust Sunday evening and received it Wednesday afternoon - kodo's to your shipping department. From the time I put my truck on the hoist, removed the old system and installed the new system by myself was about an hour and 15 minutes. I was also impressed with the fit and finish kodo's to the Borla people too. I love the tone, not too loud just enough to give my V8 a nice deep throaty tone. I keep tying to find a way to get out of the office so I can drive it. You guys rock. I can't thank you enough - have a great day. Doug Britz - Brighton MI
Did you find this helpful?  0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Brighton MI. on 6/13/2016
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