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2015-2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost S3M S&B Intake & Edge Tuner Package S3M-1516ECOSBEDGE

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Potent Performance Package that Includes an Edge Tuner and S&B Cold Air Intake

Adding a powerful performance tune to your 2015-2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost is one of the best ways to make some extra power, but what's even better is getting a powerful tuning device and a high-quality cold air intake kit together in one money-saving package. Meet our Edge CS2 Tuner and S&B Intake Performance Package. This awesome kit give you and your EcoBoost F150 powerful tuning, one of the most ergonomic tuning devices and monitors on the market today, and a high-quality and highly efficient S&B intake to help your F150 EcoBoost breathe that much easier and make some more power than with just the tuning alone. Both the intake and Edge tuner work flawlessly together to provide your truck with a significant improvement in performance, all while saving you some cash and hassles by getting them both in one place.

Awesome Edge CS2 Tuner and Monitoring Device

The Edge CS2 Tuner and Monitor is an extremely compact tuning device that features a large display, ergonomic menus, excellent vehicle monitoring capability, and powerful tunes all in one place. Each Edge CS2 device comes loaded down with several levels of performance tunes, as well as an economy and tow-specific tune so that you get a ton of different tuning options for your EcoBoost F150. The CS2 comes with an OBD-II cable for hooking into your F150's OBD-II port where it can pull, read, and display just about any information output by your truck's ECU so that you can keep tabs on your F150's running condition and catch potential problems before they become disasters. The Edge CS2 can also read and clear DTC trouble codes, datalog running information, and adjust tire size and axle ratio to correct your F150's speedometer and odometer making it an excellent tool to keep around the garage. This package also comes with the option for upgrading your device to an Edge CTS2 tuner and monitor that comes with all the same features and tuning as the Edge CS, but features a color touch screen display for even easier navigation.

High-Quality S&B Cold Air Intake Kit with Reusable Oiled Air Filter

S&B has long been one of the leaders in F150 cold air intakes, and their high-quality kits feature an excellent price point on top of their quality and efficiency. The 2015-2017 F150 EcoBoost S&B Cold Air Intake included in this package is a total replacement for your F150's inefficient factory air box and disposable paper air filter, and the S&B system includes all new components and hardware designed to make airflow into your truck much more efficient. Each S&B intake is built around a high-flow, reusable air filter with an oiled filtration media that can be cleaned, reoiled, and reused for the life of your truck. The filter is housed in a complete air box assembly to protect it from heat soak while still bringing in a larger volume of air than stock. The filter pours its air into a complete inlet tube assembly that connect with your truck's turbocharger inlet tubing to maximize air volume and velocity to your truck's turbochargers. Each S&B intake kit comes with high-quality silicone boots, clamps, and other hardware so that it doesn't let you or your truck down, no matter your application.

2015-2016 F150 Power Levels:
  • Level 1: 4 horsepower & 35lb-ft of torque
  • Level 2: 14 horsepower & 35lb-ft of torque
  • Level 3: 43 horsepower & 73lb-ft of torque

2017 F150 Power Levels:
  • Level 1: 35 horsepower & 26lb-ft of torque
  • Level 2: 58 horsepower & 32lb-ft of torque
  • Level 3: 86 horsepower & 63lb-ft of troque

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