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2017-2019 F250 & F350 S3M Keep Your Daydream Complete Air Spring System 1719KYDS3MASK

2017-2019 F250 & F350 S3M Keep Your Daydream Complete Air Spring System
2017-2019 F250 & F350 S3M Keep Your Daydream Complete Air Spring System
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California Prop. 65 Warning
  • Complete Air Spring and Compressor System with Gauge
  • Quality Parts From Air Lift and ARB
  • Levels Up To 5,000lbs of Load
  • Includes One Gallon Air Tank That Puts Out 150 PSI
  • Easy To Read Air Lift Single Needle Air Gauge
  • Minor Drilling Required For Installation

Gain More Control Over Your Load

Straight off the factory line, the Super Duty is a great vehicle for towing, though it can start to show some of its limitations when pulling heavy travel trailers or other gear. Our friends over at Keep Your Daydream know better than anyone, which is why they helped us put together this complete air spring and compressor system that's loaded down with high-quality hardware to make your Super Duty towing experience as pleasant as possible. Our "Keep Your Dream" Complete Air Spring System comes with an ARB Dual High-Output Air Compressor Kit, an Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate PLUS Load Leveling Kit w/ Internal Jounce Bumper, an extra aluminum air tank from ARB, and an Air Lift Single Needle Air Gauge. The ARB air components work perfectly with the Air Lift Air Spring System to help keep your truck leveled out when loaded down, winning you back handling and stability while you roll down the highways toward adventure.

Durable And Dependable Air Compressor

The first piece of this kit is the dual high-output air compressor. ARB created this product to be able to output over 6 cfm of airflow, giving you more than enough air to handle your ARB Air Lockers, tire inflation duties, air springs, or even power your air tools. On top of its big-time airflow, the ARB Dual Air Compressor Kit is waterproof and built tough enough to survive practically any off-road challenge, making it the perfect choice for the avid off-road adventurer that needs and air compressor system that can handle the most brutal terrain on the planet. For its output, the ARB Dual Compressor System is surprisingly compact and can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle of choice. This version of the Dual Compressor Kit is powered off a 12V source and comes with an activation rocker switch. Each compressor features a pressure cutoff switch, its own air filter, a current load protection loom, and thermal load protection to help make it one of the most reliable air compressor systems. The Dual Compressor Kit comes with mounting hardware for installation.

Strong And Reliable Air Spring Kit

Secondly, the strength of this kit comes from the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate PLUS Load Leveling Kit w/ Internal Jounce Bumper. Unfortunately sometimes when you are towing heavier loads your truck can sag which could lead to worse breaking and an eventual loss of control. Not to mention the strain it puts on your rear end. This particular kit includes an Internal Jounce Bumper that prevents damage to the system when driving your Super Duty with an empty airbag. The Jounce Bumper is capable of supporting up to 5000 lbs. of load-leveling capacity and keeps your F250 or F350 riding stable, level and comfortable whether hauling or towing a heavy load or cruising around unloaded. The closed-cell urethane foam Jounce Bumper inside the air spring provides a cushion of air that absorbs shock, eliminates harsh jarring on rough roads and protects your truck without bottoming out. Also included in this kit are the air springs that sit between your truck's frame and leaf springs. When inflated, the springs take the pressure off your truck's suspension and cause your truck to sit much more level and give your truck a much more even distribution of weight between its front and rear. The more even stance and weight gives your truck back a much more proper center of gravity and keeps all four of your tires in better contact with the road, giving you back all of the control you need when towing or hauling heavy loads. Air Lift's LoadLifter Ultimate Air Springs are fully adjustable for whatever load you're carrying and can hold anywhere from 5psi to 100psi of air pressure to compensate for a huge weight range. The kit also includes heavy-duty hardware including stainless steel roll plates which protect the air springs and help increase the load capacity of the springs by up to 10%. The kit also includes stainless steel braided air lines for added protection against sharp edges and road debris and stainless steel air spring mounting hardware to keep everything securely in place.

Extra Air And Easy To Read Gauge

Lastly, the final two components of this particular kit are the one-gallon aluminum air tank and the single needle air gauge from Air Lift. The air tank is the perfect companion to the dual compressor kit from ARB in this kit. It holds a gallon of air and allows for 150 PSI air pressure. That high level of air pressure gives it more than enough ability to re pump up the air springs in this kit, or if you need it to run a power tool you can do that too. It's aluminum construction makes it 50 percent lighter than the competitor's tanks. The tank also incorporates two 1/4 NPT ports with JIC-4 male fittings and comes with mounting hardware for easy installation with minimal drilling. Also included in this kit is an easy to read, single-needle air gauge. This gauge is easy to mount and could fit perfectly in your trucks glove box for a close to stock feel without taking over the look of your cab. Air Lift promotes that this gauge is accurate to within 1% tolerance across the measurement.

Compressor Specs (combined):
  • Current Draw: 50.4 amps
  • [email protected]: 6.16cfm
  • [email protected]: 4.68cfm
  • Maximum PSI: 150psi
  • Dimensions: 4.1x10.9x7.5" 17.4lbs

  • 2017-2019 F250 & F350 Super Duty
  • 2017-2019 F450 Super Duty

Warranty Information: Air Lift's kit comes backed by a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you the confidence to haul all of your gear.

Ride Quality Note: this air spring kit may adversely effect on-road ride quality when not aired up and/or loaded. Contact Stage 3 directly at 623-434-5277, if you have further questions.

Lifted Truck Note: If you're hauling heavy loads or pulling a trailer and have a lift kit installed, the rear of your truck can compress when dragged down by the extra weight which can affect your lift and cause issues with your suspension. Air Lift created a 4" Lock-N-Lift kit as well as a 6" Lock-N-Lift version that you can purchase separately. You must purchase the correct version to match up with your exact lift in order to avoid further suspension issues.

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