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1992 Mustang Information & Specifications

The 1992 Mustang came with almost no changes from the 1991 model year. Ford continued with the same Fox Body chassis that had been in use with the Mustang for the last 13 years. The two standard trim levels present since 1987 returned with the LX coming equipped with Ford's 2.3L inline four-cylinder engine that had a total power output of 105 horsepower after receiving a new cylinder head in 1991. The GT version came standard with Ford's trusty and dependable 302cid Windsor V8 that hadn't seen any upgrades since 1987 and kept its 225 horsepower rating. Both sales and production continued to fall and almost all of Ford's attention was being placed on the eventual launch of the fourth generation SN95 Mustang platform. The 1992 doesn't go unloved, and following in the tradition of the rest of Ford's Fox Bodies, is extremely easy to modify and maintains a huge body of enthusiasts and parts manufacturers that push the '92 Mustang to its limits.

1992 Mustang Aftermarket Performance Parts:

The 5.0L Small Block V8 is a favorite among performance junkies and is still sold as a complete crate motor even today. Utilizing a few bolt-on engine enhancements can easily add up to 35 horsepower in hassle-free installs. The factory air box does its job, but in order really push your 302, you'll need an aftermarket cold air intake. All CAI systems are functionally similar and provide the engine with a larger amount of cooler charge air than the stock air box. Most cold air intakes can add a noticeable increase in horsepower. A common practice if you're adding a cold air intake is to also go ahead and install a new throttle body and EGR spacer while the air system is already partly disassembled during the CAI install. Throttle bodies make airflow into the intake manifold more efficient and allow the engine to gain more horsepower and an increase in torque. If you're really trying to squeeze out some extra performance, replacing the factory cast iron pulleys with a full set of premium underdrive pulleys can be a nice improvement as well. Underdrive pulleys reduce drag on the drive belt by slowing down the speeds of the alternator, water pump and crank allowing the engine to have more available power for the wheels.

1992 Mustang Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrades:

More horsepower can be squeezed out of the Windsor and the 1992 Mustang by upgrading the exhaust system. Your best bet for a serious muscle car growl is a cat-back system. They replace the factory mufflers, kickover pipes and tips with more efficient components designed specifically for great sound and performance gains. Most of these kits include either new mufflers or delete pipes for even more powerful sounds. For horsepower gains that you can actually feel, it's necessary to ditch the stock mid-pipe and catalytic converters for a more efficient X or H-pipe that eliminate as much back pressure as possible from the exhaust system to let the engine breathe easier. Completing your exhaust makeover involves using either short tube or long tube headers in place of the factory exhaust manifold. Short tube headers can increase horsepower by routing exhaust gasses from the engine to free up back pressure. Not all of our mid-pipes and headers meet emissions standards in some areas unless the Mustang is insured with classic or collector's car insurance or has some other smog exemption. Check your local emissions guidelines before ordering.

1992 Mustang Exterior Upgrades:

A 1992 Mustang that runs great and sounds great also needs to look great, and many exterior parts on the Fox Bodies are prone to wear and fail over time. Both the taillights and headlights of the '92 Mustang tend to get cloudy, yellow or quit working over time. We can help you with replacement designs that mimic the original stock lights or fully modernized headlamps that include projector lenses capable of mounting HID kits, LEDs or CCFL halos. Several designs are available that can return the Mustang to a stock appearance or something totally original. We use Nitto Tires as our preferred vendor, whose NT555 series of ultra-high performance summer tires offer the perfect balance of handling and NVH characteristics to give a perfect ride on the street or track. Contact Stage 3 for the latest tire pricing and sizing for your application.

1992 Mustang Specs:

If you're looking for info and specs on the 1992 Mustang GT, you have come to the right place. We list Horsepower numbers, specs, colors, engine options, and much more. also offers 1992 Mustang GT Performance parts and accessories. We have all the 5.0 Mustang Parts you need to make your fox body mustang look and sound great.

Engine Horsepower & Torque:

  • 2.4L EFI Inline 4 = 105 hp @ 4600 RPM & 135 lb-ft @ 2600 RPM
  • 5.0L EFI V-8 = 205 hp @ 4200 RPM & 275 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM

Exterior Colors:

  • Black
  • Medium Titanium
  • Titanium Frost
  • Medium Red
  • Performance Red
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Bimini Blue
  • Twilight Blue
  • Ultra Blue
  • Jewel Green
  • Calypso Green
  • Vermillion
  • Oxford White

1992 Mustang Retail Prices:

  • Standard Coupe $10,215
  • Convertible $20,199
  • Hatchback $15,243

1992 Mustang VIN Decoder:

  • A 2.3L EFI Inline 4 88hp
  • E 5.0L EFI V-8 225hp
  • 40 2dr
  • 42 2dr GT
  • 44 2dr Convertible
  • 45 GT Convertible
  • 6 Check Digit (varies)
  • N Year (N - 1992)
  • F Plant (F - Dearborn)
  • 000001 Consecutive Unit Number
  • 1FA Ford Motor Co.
  • C Restraint System (C-air bags & active belts)
  • P Passenger Car

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