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1993 Mustang Information & Specifications

1993 Mustang Overview:

The 1993 model year marked the final iteration of the third generation Fox Body much to the woe of many enthusiasts who fell in love with the light frame. Ford continued with the LX and GT trim options who kept both their options for a 2.3L inline four-cylinder or a 5.0L Windsor V8. Ford used new cast hypereutectic pistons on the V8 and gave the big 5.0L a lower power rating of 205 horsepower that may just be the result of revised rating methods. The 2.3L kept its power output steady at 105hp. 1993 marked the beginning of Ford's Special Vehicle Team with it's legendary Cobra and Cobra R. The Cobra's used an extensively-modified Windsor from the GT that created a total power output of 235hp with 280ft/lbs of torque. Despite largely fading from the eyes of the greater public, the Fox Bodies have a devoted following and a large inventory of performance parts still exist that keep the 1993 Mustangs competitive even today.

1993 SVT Cobra

1993 Mustang Aftermarket Performance Parts:

The 302cid Small Block V8 under the hood of 1993 Mustangs is one of the most flexible engines that Ford ever developed. The large engine compartment of the Fox platform leaves plenty of room to work and throw on tons of aftermarket parts. A few simple bolt-on products can give the motor huge power gains with installation taking only a handful of minutes. The most common performance upgrade for the Fox Bodies is a new cold air intake. All of our CAIs provide the engine with a higher volume of air than the stock air box at much lower temperatures and give the engine up to 15 extra horsepower. Adding an aftermarket throttle body and EGR spacer is another easy upgrade that can be installed while already working on the CAI. A throttle body can add up to 10 horsepower by making airflow into the intake manifold more efficient. For naturally-aspirated and some turbocharged applications, a set of underdrive pulleys can give your Small Block 302 another ten to twelve horsepower by slowing down the speed of belt-driven accessories like the alternator and water pump. The slower speeds decreases the drag on the belt and creates more power.

1993 Mustang aftermarket exhaust upgrades:

Exhaust enhancements for 1993 Mustangs can give the Fox Body an old-school sound while eliminating enough back pressure to produce power gains in the range of 30 horsepower. To gain a muscle car growl you'd expect from a Mustang, adding on a performance cat-back system is a great way to go. Cat-backs can either come with specially designed mufflers or delete the mufflers entirely for even louder exhaust notes. Real horsepower gains can only be accomplished by getting a new x-pipe or h-pipe in place of the stock mid-pipe and the overly-restrictive catalytic converters. Both x- and h-pipes can come with high-flow catalytic converters or delete the converters from the tubing in an effort to generate as much horsepower as possible. Forward of the mid-pipes, the Mustang's stock exhaust manifold can be substituted for either short tube or long tube headers. Shorty headers, as short tubes are commonly called, are direct bolt-on replacements for the factory manifold and generally use optimized mandrel-bent tubing to direct exhaust gasses into the stock mid-pipe or other long h- or x-pipe for gains of up to five or ten horsepower. Full-sized long tube headers run from the engine's exhaust ports to underneath the Mustang and require the use of a short mid-pipe of the same brand. Up to 30 horsepower can be added to the Windsor's total output when using long tubes that generally makes the overall investment worth it.

1993 Mustang exterior upgrades:

By far the most common upgrades for the exterior of the 1993 Fox Bodies are for the lights and wheels. The third generation lights are starting to show their age and often become cloudy or yellowed. Stage 3 has a variety of Fox Body lights that range in design from pure stock configurations to the most modern lighting systems with LEDs, CCFL halos and projector lenses that can mount top of the line HID kits. A new set of wheels and tires are the perfect solution for the '93 Mustang owner. We have a wide selection of wheel designs that use the older 4-108mm lug pattern of the Fox Bodies and give the Mustang a stock or unique appearance. Our favorite wheel for the Ford Mustangs is the Nitto NT555 series or ultra-high performance summer tires. The NT555 is almost perfect for any street or track application and provides Mustangs with an excellent balance of handling and ride quality. Contact Stage 3 for the most up to date tire pricing and size options for your particular needs.

1993 Mustang Specs:

If you're looking for info and specs on the 1993 Mustang GT, you have come to the right place. We list Horsepower numbers, specs, colors, engine options, and much more. also offers 1993 Mustang GT Performance parts and accessories. We have all the 5.0 Mustang Parts you need to make your fox body mustang look and sound great.

Engine Horsepower & Torque:

  • 2.4L EFI Inline 4 = 88 hp @ 3800 RPM & 130 lb-ft @ 2800 RPM
  • 5.0L EFI V-8 = 225 hp @ 4200 RPM & 300 lb-ft @ 3200 RPM

Exterior Colors:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Teal
  • Bright Red
  • Vibrant Red
  • Electric Red
  • Bright Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Reef Blue
  • Calypso Green
  • Vibrant White

1993 Mustang Retail Prices:

  • Standard Coupe $10,860
  • Convertible $21,000
  • Hatchback $15,900
  • Cobra Coupe $18,555

1993 Mustang VIN Decoder:

  • A 2.3L EFI Inline 4 88hp
  • E 5.0L EFI V-8 225hp
  • D 5.0L EFI V-8 235hp
  • 40 2dr
  • 42 2dr GT
  • 44 2dr Convertible
  • 45 GT Convertible
  • 6 Check Digit (varies)
  • P Year (P - 1993)
  • F Plant (F - Dearborn)
  • 000001 Consecutive Unit Number
  • 1FA Ford Motor Co.
  • C Restraint System (C-air bags & active belts)
  • P Passenger Car

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