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1995 Mustang Information & Specifications

1995 Mustang Overview:

There were no significant changes made to the base model V6 or GT between the 1994 and 1995 model years, though a stripped down, race-ready version of the GT, the GTS, was made available. 1995 was also the last year for the aging 302cid Small Block V8 that had been a part of the Mustang's legacy since the mid 1970s. The 1995 variant of the 5.0L came out of the factory with a 215 horsepower rating with 285ft/lbs of torque. The V6 base model had the 3.8L Essex V6 that output 145hp and 215ft/lbs of torque. The standard SVT Cobra pushed the Windsor up to 240 horsepower, though torque remained exactly the same. The Cobra R made a return in 1995 and featured a massive 5.8L V8 with 300 horsepower and 365ft/lbs of torque in its stock form. The innate similarities between the 1994 and 1995 Mustangs allowed many of their performance accessories to interchange, leaving us here at Stage 3 Motorsports with a variety of parts for owners of 1995 Mustangs.

1995 SVT Cobra R

1995 Mustang Aftermarket Performance Parts:

Some of the easiest upgrades for the '95 Mustangs are simple bolt-on replacements for engine bay equipment. With a few installs that can take under an hour each, the 5.0L V8 can see up to a 30 horsepower bump in total output. The most common aftermarket performance accessory that our customers usually take advantage of is a new 1995 Mustang cold air intake. Cold air systems use a series of tubing and a high performance filter to draw large amounts of cold air from the outboard side of the fender well where they are safe from any engine heat. The colder charge air can add roughly 10 horsepower onto the Windsor. Another fairly common add-on is a new 1995 Mustang throttle body. All of our uprated throttle bodies at Stage 3 Motorsports are often thrown on along with a CAI and make airflow into the Mustang's intake manifold many times more efficient than stock, giving the SN95 another ten to twelve horsepower. Another ten horsepower can be found by replacing the factory cast iron pulleys with new 1995 Mustang underdrive pulleys that slow down the 5.0L's belt-driven accessories for less drag on the engine belt and more power to the flywheel.

K&N Mustang Cold Air Intake

1995 Mustang aftermarket exhaust upgrades:

If Stage 3's engine compartment enhancements aren't enough, then investing in a new 1995 Mustang exhaust system will add power and a brutal muscle car growl onto your SN95. As an appetizer, an aftermarket cat-back exhaust will give the fourth generation Mustangs a classic '60s and '70s roar by replacing the standard mid-mufflers with specially designed versions or complete muffler deletes. New kickover pipes and premium exhaust tips round out the package and are generally comprised of mandrel-bent piping that helps to free up exhaust flow for a small amount of performance gains. Getting power out of the Mustang's exhaust begins with a new 1995 Mustang x-pipe or h-pipe. These pipes replace the restrictive stock mid-pipe and catalytic converters with more efficient tubing. Off-road designs delete the catalytic converters entirely and provide the greatest horsepower gains in the range of 10hp to 20hp. The stock exhaust manifold is the cause of much of the back pressure in the entire exhaust system and replacing it with a set of 1995 Mustang shorty headers or full long tube headers, will give your Mustang its maximum horsepower potential. Shorty headers fit the engine exhaust ports and the stock mid-pipe and are simply a more efficient version of the stock manifolds. Long tube headers, on the other hand, run from the engine to an aftermarket shorty mid-pipe and allow exhaust gasses an exit with almost no back pressure and adding on about 30 extra horsepower. Some mid-pipes or headers may not meet emissions requirements in your area. Check your local smog guidelines before ordering.

1994-1995 Mustang 5.0L BBK Long Tube Headers

1995 Mustang exterior upgrades:

A Mustang that runs great and sounds ferocious is a great thing to have, but it needs to look its best in order to turn heads. Stage 3 Motorsports customers with the older SN95s tend to look into our good selection of 1995 Mustang headlights and taillights before anything else. We have headlights that have OE designs or modernized versions specifically built for SN95s that gives the front end a high-tech look. Our best headlights come standard with LEDs, CCFL halos and projector lenses that can mount the latest HID kits. To complete your exterior facelift, Stage 3 carries a huge selection of 1995 Mustang wheels from OE Wheels and Wheel Replicas that have several unique designs that have stock looks or more radical, sporty appearances. Upgrading your Mustang's tires to a set of Nitto NT555s will greatly enhance the SN95's handling performance on the street, track or drag strip without ruining your daily drive with excess noise, vibration or harshness. Contact Stage 3 for the most up-to-date tire pricing and size options for your application.
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