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2011-2017 Taurus SHO 3.5L EcoBoost DeatschWerks HDEV 1700cc GDI Fuel Injectors (Set of 6) 19s-00-1700-6-SHO

**DISCONTINUED**2011-2017 Taurus 3.5L EcoBoost DeatschWerks HDEV 1700cc GDI Fuel Injectors (Set of 6)
**DISCONTINUED**2011-2017 Taurus 3.5L EcoBoost DeatschWerks HDEV 1700cc GDI Fuel Injectors (Set of 6)
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Allows for Higher Power Levels than the Stock Direct Injectors

The 2011 to 2017 Taurus SHO rocking the 3.5L EcoBoost makes impressive power out of the gate, especially for a sedan, but just a few modifications and custom tuning can easily push these aggressive cars into crazy new levels of horsepower and torque. However, you will eventually reach a bottleneck when it comes to producing more, and the first of which is your 3.5L EcoBoost's factory direct fuel injectors. The stock GDI injectors can handle most bolt-ons and tuning, but once you have an aggressively-built SHO EcoBoost with full bolt-ons, turbo upgrades, and/or water-methanol, the factory injectors run out of steam. To help take your muscle sedan to the next level with all its modifications, you'll need this full set of six (6) HDEV 1700cc Direct Fuel Injectors from DeatschWerks. These injectors drop right into place of stock and offer up a 30% increase in fuel over stock, allowing you to squeeze some more power out of your SHO once it's been properly retuned, which is required for these injectors. When paired with an upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) and upgraded in-tank fuel pump, these injectors can take your Taurus SHO build even further with huge power gains over stock.

Maintains OE-Like Function with a Drop-in Fitment

DeatschWerks carefully designed these injectors and put them through relentless testing to ensure that their HDEV 1700cc 3.5L EcoBoost injectors functioned just like the factory direct fuel injectors while being able to support much more horsepower and torque. Each injector has a max flow rate of 1700cc and utilizes the stock injectors' spray patterns which helps retain factory fuel economy and drivability. DeatschWerks patented designs even allows for a clean, stock start-up and and turnover so you lose none of your stock convenience while you shoot for more horsepower and torque. DeatschWerks worked closely with SCT to ensure that their network of custom tuners has access to injectors' flow data, allowing you to get tuning for your aggressive SHO build from just about anywhere.

Notes: these injectors are drop-in replacements for stock, but require custom tuning for proper function. The injectors are capable of supporting slightly higher power levels than stock, but an upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump will be required for more dramatic gains. Please call Stage 3 directly with any questions.

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