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2011-2014 Mustang GT ProCharger i-1 Variable Supercharger 1FR215-SCI

11-14 Mustang GT ProCharger i-1 Variable Supercharger
11-14 Mustang GT ProCharger i-1 Variable Supercharger
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The Variable Boost Supercharger System You've Been Waiting For

If there is a "con" to supercharging your Mustang, it's that all that brutal horsepower and torque from your blower system of choice is always waiting for you to dab the throttle, whether you really need it at that given moment or not. When just cruising around town things can be a bit interesting, and when you hand your keys off to someone else, you better keep your fingers crossed. The solution to your supercharger problems have finally been solved by our friends over at ProCharger and their innovative i-1 centrifugal supercharger. This complete supercharger system has variable boost settings that allow you to choose a boost level that's appropriate for your current application with the ability to turn the system all the up to high-performance territory for a trip to the track or drag strip. This kit can provide anywhere from 1psi to 7.5psi out of the box and comes with all the hardware and software you need to get this versatile supercharger system up and running on your 2011 to 2014 Mustang GT 5.0L.

Power, Efficient Head Unit with a CVT Transmission

The system combines one of ProCharger's legendary centrifugal supercharger head units with a specially-designed transmission that changes the supercharger's boost output with the push of a button. While the head unit closely resembles ProCharger's older centrifugal supercharger offerings, it features a completely redesigned compressor and 7075-T6 billet aluminum impeller that maximizes the system's efficiency and can produce a peak boost of 7.5psi. The head unit comes attached to a complete Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), like those found on economy cars, that can change the head unit's compressor speed in 500rpm increments. Both the head unit and transmission come as a single unit and mount on a bracket. Instead of the supercharger being spun by your engine's drive belt, the transmission comes with the required drive pulley and transfers power through its unique variable system. The head unit is self-contained and self-lubricated while the CVT features a specialized dry-hybrid belt design that is completely maintenance-free.

Easily Controlled from your Pony's Cockpit

Boost levels are controlled via a cockpit-mounted switch or through a full color touch screen display that can display up to four different parameters of your choosing. Either switch can change boost levels on they fly while driving. The lowest setting is a "Touring" mode that gives your Mustang 1psi of boost pressure and is perfect when you loan out your Mustang or when you take your Pony on a long road trip and you need to save gas. The system's "Sport" mode gives you full boost pressure in a gradual curve and is great for street and highway driving where some extra power can come in handy for passing and overtaking. The most powerful setting is the "Competition" mode that produces 7.5psi of boost pressure right off the line and gives your Mustang up to 200 more horsepower over stock for your trips to the track. The upgraded touch screen display even has a "custom" mode that allows you to build and save your own boost files for more extreme applications. To keep the valet from changing its settings, the color screen's display can be locked with a password.

Includes Air-to-Air Intercooler and Other Upgrades

This complete supercharger kit comes standard with all the other hardware and parts you need to get this kit up and running on your 5.0L Mustang. The system comes with a large air-to-air intercooler that cools down inbound charge air before your throttle body to give your Mustang a cooler, denser air charge for maximum power and supercharger efficiency. The intercooler can be upgraded to an even larger and more efficient "Race" Intercooler from our drop-down menu above. Each supercharger kit comes with a full intake system with an S&B Powerstack air filter, oversized inlet tubing, and a large MAF housing. To keep your Mustang from getting thirsty, ProCharger includes a full host of fuel system upgrades that include larger injectors and specialized PCM tuning.

Choice of Supercharger Finish

The head unit, bracket, and CVT come standard in a natural satin aluminum finish. Systems with either a polished or black finish are available from our drop-down menu above. Each system comes with a full set of installation hardware and detailed instructions.

ProCharger Return Policy: ProCharger's supercharger systems are outside of our standard return policy. ProCharger supercharger systems can be returned new in the box within 30 days with a 15% restocking fee.

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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 4-6 Weeks Free Shipping!

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