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2010-2014 SVT Raptor 6.2L ProCharger i-1 Variable Supercharger 1FS215-SCI

10-14 SVT Raptor 6.2L ProCharger i-1 Supercharger
10-14 SVT Raptor 6.2L ProCharger i-1 Supercharger
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Extremely Powerful Supercharger with Customizable Boost

Throwing a supercharger on the powerful 6.2L V8s of the SVT Raptors is all the rage, but losing street and highway fuel economy due to the extra power of supercharger is one of the big cons of throwing a blower on these awesome off-road trucks. ProCharger provides the perfect solution with one of the most advanced and innovative supercharger systems on the market today. Meet the ProCharger i-1 variable boost supercharger system for the SVT Raptors. This powerful supercharger kit allows you to adjust boost levels on the fly, giving your truck anywhere from 1psi to 8.5psi of boost pressure for an extra 20 to 200 crankshaft horsepower to meet any application that you have in mind for your powerful off-road Raptor. The i-1 system combines a specially-designed ProCharger centrifugal head unit with a unique transmission design and specialized software that allows you to switch between several preset driving modes on the fly. This kit allows you to use max boost and power while out on the trail and then let you drive home with practically no boost to get near-OE fuel economy. The i-1 kit can do it all and is setting a new standard for SVT Raptor supercharger systems.

Features Powerful Head Unit Hooked into a CVT Transmission

Just like all of ProCharger's awesome supercharger systems, the SVT Raptor i-1 supercharger kit is built around one of ProCharger's immensely powerful centrifugal head units. The head unit features a 7075-T6 billet aluminum impeller that was specifically designed for the i-1. Unlike ProCharger's other systems, the impeller is designed for maximum efficiency rather than being a compromise of overall efficiency and generating a nice power curve, allowing it to make more power per psi than any other centrifugal unit on the market. The head unit is integrated into a complete Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that changes impeller speeds in 500rpm increments and can adjust total boost and boost curves based on the current software profile currently selected. The transmission has a pulley that fits into your Raptor's accessory belt system and drives the supercharger using a dry-hybrid belt system that is 100% maintenance free for up to 10 years. The ProCharger head unit is entirely self-contained and self-lubricated and does not require tapping your truck's oil pan for feed or return lines.

Several Preset Boost Profiles in a Cab-Mounted Switch

The entire i-1 system is controlled by an in-cab switch which can be upgraded to a complete color touch screen monitor that can display up to four customizable gauges of your choosing at additional cost. The i-1 system comes with several preset run profiles built for meeting practically any application. The lowest tier is the i-1's "Touring" mode that allows the supercharger to produce up to 1psi of boost that gives your truck about 20 extra horsepower, but is more for preserving fuel economy on long road trips or during city driving. The middle tier is "Sport" mode which provides the system's full 8.5psi of boost over a gradual curve for improved drivability and is perfect for freeway passing and more sporty driving. The final tier is "Competition" mode that gives you maximum boost as soon as you put hit your accelerator for massive performance right off the line for track or off-road driving. The optional touch screen also has a "custom" mode that allows you to build your own boost profile to meet your specific style of driving or to fine-tune for other variables.

Includes Efficient Intercooler and New Intake System

While the supercharger and CVT are certainly impressive, this complete supercharger kit comes loaded down with a ton of other hardware to maximize your 6.2L Raptor's power outputs and keep your ProCharger i-1 supercharger running at its best. The system comes with one of ProCharger's highly efficient three-core intercoolers that greatly reduces charge air volume and increases its density. The intercooler can be upgraded to an even higher performance "Race" version from our drop-down menu above. The i-1 system comes with high-performance intake upgrades that include an S&B "Powerstack" air filter, oversized inlet tubing, and a large MAF housing to give the supercharger all the air it needs to function at its best. The system comes with a full set of eight 63lb/hr fuel injectors and PCM tuning to keep your truck's powerful motor from getting thirsty at its new horsepower levels.

Choice of Finish

The head unit, bracket, and CVT come standard in a natural satin aluminum finish. Systems with either a polished or black finish are available from our drop-down menu above. Each system comes with a full set of installation hardware and detailed instructions.

ProCharger Return Policy: ProCharger's supercharger systems are outside of our standard return policy. ProCharger supercharger systems can be returned new in the box within 30 days with a 15% restocking fee.

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Ships From Manufacturer. Extended lead times. Call for Availability Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 10-15 Business Days Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!

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