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2005-2009 Mustang GT Engine

Upgrading key parts of your 2005 to 2009 Mustang GT's 3V 4.6L V8 is one of the best ways to grab vastly improved performance and the ability to stack on even more powerful modifications. Our camshafts from Comp Cams are especially potent and can change the entire way your Mustang performs and sounds. Grabbing a Ford Racing intake manifold can also help boost your performance if you're keeping with a naturally-aspirated setup. Our engine cooling components from Mishimoto, AFCO, Canton, and many more will keep your engine temps down and get you more reliable and improved engine function. We here at Stage 3 can also get your engine bay looking good with a wide variety of Mustang engine dress-up parts and hood struts so that you can show them all off. When you get through with engine components, make sure to check out our 2005-09 Mustang GT exhaust kits, or suspension components.

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