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2008 Mustang Performance Parts & Specs

2009 Mustang Overview:

The overall Mustang formula did not change between the 2007 and 2008 model years. The base model Mustang came with the 4.0L Cologne V6 with 210 horsepower, the GT had the 4.6L SOHC modular V8 with 300 horsepower and the GT500 kept the 5.4L DOHC V8 with its M122H supercharger and output of 500 horsepower. The most notable event for 2008 was the second revival of the special edition Bullitt Mustang designed to mimic the 1968 GT-390 fastback from the Steve McQuen movie of the same name. The Bullitt featured a cold air intake from the factory, re-tuned PCM and upgraded exhaust that pushed the standard 4.6L V8 up to 315 horsepower. The Bullitt had a 3.73:1 drive ratio as a standard option over the standard GT's 3.31:1. By 2008, the modding scene based around the S197 body style and now-standard engines had grown immensely and helped to forge one of a very active performance aftermarket. Stage 3 Motorsports alone carries thousands of parts for the 2008 V6, GT and GT500 models that includes modifications for the engine compartment, exhaust, suspension and exterior.

2008 Mustang

2009 Mustang Aftermarket Performance Parts

With a few extremely easy to install engine modifications, both the V6 and GT can see huge power gains without having to go into the realm of forced-induction systems or other expensive overhauls. Stage 3 Motorsports' most popular engine upgrades are cold air intakes that are also available for the base model. Cold air intakes (CAIs) use high-flow air filters, specialized heat shields and insulated inlet tubing to provide the engine with large volumes of cool charge air for a more balanced and combustible air/fuel mixture. The majority of our CAIs can produce up to 15 extra horsepower or more. Some aftermarket CAI systems increase airflow so much that they require custom tuning to function properly and not cause damage to the engine. Taking advantage of Stage 3 Motorsport's custom tuning will not only get the most power out of your CAI, but also qualifies your for our Loyalty Tunes program, where you will receive free custom tunes for life on qualified products purchased from Stage 3 Motorsports. Many of our customers who purchase a CAI also grab a new throttle body that is also an easy drop-in installation. Aftermarket throttle bodies have larger inlet diameters and more efficient valve functions than stock that helps produce an extra 10 horsepower by increasing airflow into the intake manifold. GT owners can also use a set of underdrive pulleys to get more power out of their 4.6L V8s. Underdrive pulleys slow down the operational speeds of the belt-driven accessories which reduces the amount of drag on the drive belt and allows the engine to use more of its power at the flywheel. In general, underdrive pulleys can give the engine back around 10 horsepower.Below is a install video of BBK Underdrive pulleys for 3V Mustang GTs.

2008 Mustang aftermarket exhaust upgrades:

The factory exhaust system leaves much to be desired for both sound and power. The S197 uses a rear muffle configuration that makes it easier and cheaper to get an old-school muscle car roar out of your Mustang than with older SN95s. Almost all exhaust modifications for 2008 Mustangs start with an axle-back kit of some type. Stage 3's axle-backs have a wide range of designs that all produce unique exhaust notes. Most axle-back systems use specialized mufflers or full muffler deletes and large tips for sound improvements. Very slight horsepower and torque gains are possible, because performance mufflers mildly reduce back pressure. Significant horsepower and torque gains really only begin by swapping out the stock h-pipe and restrictive factory catalytic converters with an aftermarket mid-pipe. Stage 3 has all sorts of h-pipes and x-pipes that come with high-flow catalytic converters or converter deletes. Our mid-pipes greatly reduce back pressure within the exhaust system and can help the engine produce 10 to 20 extra horsepower, depending on their configurations. 2008 GT owners can pull more power out of their Mustangs with a set of short tube or long tube headers. ''Shorty,'' short tube headers only replace the factory exhaust manifold and connect to the stock mid-pipe for gains of up to 10 horsepower. Long tube headers have full-length exhaust tubes that run underneath the chassis and connect to an aftermarket short mid-pipe. Long tubes provide very little back pressure and offer gains of up to 30 horsepower. Stage 3 has several header and mid-pipe combination packages that guarantee proper fitment and power gains. Some headers and mid-pipes may not meet emissions requirements in your area. Check your local emissions guidelines before ordering.

2008 Mustang handling upgrades and brake parts:

Racecar-style power requires suspension gear, brakes and tires that can handle high performance applications and track conditions. Stage 3's large supply of lowering springs are the first stop for many of our customers looking for an aggressive stance and uprated handling. Lowering springs improve cornering and reduce body shifting through turns, during acceleration and when braking by lowering the Mustang's center of gravity and by using a progressive spring rate. A full brake kit will provide your heavily-modified Mustang with all of the stopping power it will ever need on the street, track or drag strip. Stage 3 Motorsports carries brake sets from legendary manufacturers like Wilwood, ROUSH and Baer whose excellent brake packages contain powerful multi-piston calipers, high-quality rotors and performance pads all designed for high speed track applications. For tires, Stage 3 strongly prefers the Nitto NT555 series of ultra-high performance summer tires. Nitto uses advanced tread and structural designs for each NT555 to ensure flawless track performance without causing excessive noise, vibration and harshness during the daily run. Contact Stage 3 Motorsports for the latest tire pricing and size availability. We love using Steeda's Lowering springs on the 2008 Mustang GTs.

2008 Mustang exterior upgrades:

The 2008 Mustang's S197 body style responds extremely well to a variety of exterior body pieces that can give Ford's Pony Car a unique look and feel. Some of our most popular items are side window scoops and quarter window louvers from DG Custom Auto. Both the scoops and louvers come pre-painted to match your Mustang's factory colors give the S197 an even more aggressive and retro look. For a more extreme appearance, Stage 3's top-selling ROUSH front fascia instantly gives the Mustang's front chassis a mean, race-ready look. ROUSH's fascia has multiple lower grille openings, small side ducts and adds an extra pair of fog lamps to create one of the most aggressive fascia designs on the market. Even more extensive styling upgrades can be found with one of our many full body kits that can be combined with our selection of over 60 wheels for nearly limitless exterior options. Street Scene Gen 2 Body Kit featured below.

2008 Mustang supercharger kits:

If you're still craving for more horsepower and torque for your 2008 GT Mustang, then it may be time to drop in a powerful ROUSH Supercharger system. The Mustang owner that only uses their S197 for the street and light track events should give the M90 ROUSHcharger a look. The M90 can push total engine output up to 435 horsepower with 400ft/lbs of torque for wheel-scorching runs that are well within engine tolerances. For those looking to turn their Mustang into a a real track and drag racing star, then the ROUSH R2300 series, namely the single-belt phase 2 version, is for you. This variant of ROUSH's TVS 2300 supercharger is able to push the 4.6L V8 up to 550 horsepower with 500ft/lbs of torque. Upgrading the Mustang's engine with a new short block and other internals is generally recommended for applications with over 500 rwhp, that the R2300 will happily give you out of the box. Roush TVS Supercharger pictured below.

2008 Shelby GT500 performance parts:

Most of the upgrades for GT and V6 Mustangs are equally relevant for the powerful GT500s. Cold air intakes in combination with Stage 3's Custom tuning can add up 35 horsepower onto the already massive 5.4L V8's output and qualify you for our Loyalty Tunes program for most other GT500 bolt-on parts. Steeda's supercharger pulley is a popular item with Stage 3's GT500 crowd. The pulley helps the M122 generate an extra 3psi of boost pressure or instant horsepower and torque gains. Pushing the GT500's engine to its absolute limit requires long tube headers to eliminate the stock system's large amount of back pressure. The massive GT500 makes a near-perfect drag strip car right out of the production line, but even its finely-tuned suspension could use some work in order to have it flying through track corners. Steeda's coilovers provide all of the uprated handling performance that GT500 needs for track use in one, fully-adjustable package that allows you to tune the coilovers for your specific application. Street-driven Shelbys benefit from the lower stance and improved performance that standard lowering springs can provide.

2008 Mustang Specs:

2008 Mustang Engine Horsepower & Torque:

  • 4.0L V6 = 210 hp @ 5250 RPM & 240 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
  • 4.6L SOHC V-8 = 300 hp @ 5750 RPM & 320 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM
  • 5.4L DOHC Supercharged V-8 = 500 hp @ 6000 RPM & 480 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM

2008 Mustang Exterior Colors:

  • Black
  • Vista Blue
  • Windveil Blue
  • Performance White
  • Alloy
  • Dark Candy Apple Red
  • Torch Red
  • Silver
  • Grabber Orange
  • Vapor

2008 Mustang Retail Prices:

  • Standard Coupe $19,250
  • Standard Convertible $24,075
  • GT Coupe $25,840
  • GT Convertible $30,665

2008 Mustang VIN Decoder:

  • N 4.0L SOHC V6 210hp
  • H 4.6L SOHC V8 300hp
  • S 5.4L DOHC V8 Supercharged 500hp
  • T80 Coupe
  • T82 Coupe GT
  • T84 Convertible
  • T85 Convertible GT
  • T88 Coupe Shelby GT500
  • 6 Check Digit (varies)
  • 8 Year (8 - 2008)
  • 5 Plant (5 - AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan)
  • 000001 Consecutive Unit Number
  • 1ZV Automitive Allance International Ford Motor Co. passenger car
  • F Restraint System (F-Driver/Passenger Air Bags)
  • H Restraint System (H-Front and Side Air Bags)
Mustang Performance Parts
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