Our friends over at Stainless Works are known for making some premium aftermarket performance parts and accessories for a variety of trucks, so their complete lineup of 2009-2023 Ram 1500 Cat-Back Kits isn't something you want to miss. On sale for a limited time, you can choose between the the Redline, Legend, and Chambered series exhaust to give your tough truck a more powerful sound and improved performance in practically no time at all. Aside from the premium sound and performance gains, each one of Stainless Works' kits feature high-quality construction and a perfect fitment so you can acheive the ideal upgrade for your truck's custom build. Keep scrolling to find out what makes each of these systems unique, and why you may want one option over the other.

2009-2019 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Chambered Series Cat-Back Exhaust

Stainless Works is known for their no-holds-barred, gasoline-drenched attitude when it comes to performance exhaust systems, designing and manufacturing some of the most sought-after upgrades on the aftermarket. They've always loved that classic, old-school, muscle car growl – and the Chambered Series Exhaust is here to prove it. Designed specifically for the fourth generation Ram 1500, the Chambered Series makes the perfect addition to any truck that needs an extra boost of confidence for every adventure. For the newer 2019-2023 Rams, you'll have to settle with either the Redline or Legend Series Exhausts featured down below. Starting out, we'll be covering the 2009-2019 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Chambered Cat-Back Exhaust (Factory Connect) as it offers an easy and effective way to get the most out of your engine. This particular system connects directly to the factory catalytic converter to help take away any of the hassles associated with installation. If you want to take advantage of performance gains that are not possible with the standard factory connection point, you'll need the 2009-2019 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Chambered Cat-Back Exhaust (Performance Connect) as it allows you to maintain a full 3" diameter and X-Pipe which creates the ultimate horsepower experience. Aside from the connection point and potential performance gains, these two systems are identical in every other way. The Chambered Series was specifically engineered to give your tough truck a whole new feel each time you hop on the accelerator. Using smooth mandrel bends and dual turbo chambered mufflers in the construction of these exhausts, your truck will be able to breathe easier from the reduced back pressure provided by the system. By improving the overall airflow to your truck's engine, your truck will experience a deep and aggressive growl that will be sure to turn some heads when you're out and about. You'll also benefit from the horsepower, torque and acceleration gains provided by this exhaust that improves your overall driving experience whether you're tackling a tough trail or simply passing someone on the highway. Better yet, each one of these exhausts is crafted from 3-Inch, 304 stainless steel that has been completely TIG welded, making it plenty tough enough for anything you throw its way. By exiting in the stock location, your truck won't suffer from ground clearance issues, allowing you to easily navigate uneven terrain without compromise. Dual 3" tailpipes paired with double-walled conical tips gives your Ram 1500 a sleek rear-end appearance, but you can always add your choice of Exhaust Tip from our massive catalog here at Stage 3. Built and tested at their state-of-the-art facility here in the United States, this exhaust offers a perfect fit and form on your ride. By nature of its design, the Stainless Works Chambered Cat-Back Exhaust is street-legal for sale and use in all 50 states.

2019-2023 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Legend Series Cat-Back Exhaust

The Legend Series Exhaust is one of the newest additions in Stainless Works' catalog of exhaust systems, and now you can slap on on to your 5th Gen Ram 1500 5.7L or Ram TRX without a ton of additional hassles. Manufactured with the the daily driver in mind, the 2019-2023 Ram 1500 5.7L Stainless Works Cat-Back Legend Exhaust (Polished Tip) is just one of the three variations the Stainless Works has to offer. Similar to the previously-mentioned Chambered Series, the Legend Exhaust features a more modern design and appeal that helps squeeze out every ounce of power and performance from your ride. Stainless Works manufactures their Legend Series to create their signature growl, allowing you to increase the exhaust volume over stock, yet maintain a comfortable can environment when you're on the go. The exhaust features an improved tone with restrained loudness, resulting in a system that will still get the blood flowing without drowning out the radio when it's at full blast. What's more, this system replaces your factory exhaust with a free-flowing design that helps reduce overall backpressure to bring newfound power to your Ram 1500. This means you'll experience a slight boost in both horsepower and torque when you're pushing things to the limit, giving an extra boost of confidence when driving conditions become extreme. Built from 304 stainless steel and crafted using mandrel-bends, this exhaust helps deliver unmatched strength and reliability even during aggressive driving applications such as towing or off-roading. The mandrel bends even help maximize flow to help promote improved fuel economy, one of the many benefits that come with equipping this kit on your ride. This particular system even comes equipped with dual 5-Inch, slash-cut polished tips for the ultimate rear-end style on your Ram 1500. If you want to add even more aggression to the back of your truck, you can choose the 2019-2023 Ram 1500 5.7L Stainless Works Cat-Back Legend Exhaust (Black Tip) to help compliment any dark or murdered-out styling themes. Included in either of these kits, you'll receive all of the necessary clamps, hangers, and adapters to ensures a quick and easy installation process you can complete right in your garage. Stainless Works proudly backs all of their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the materials and craftsmanship to help give you complete purchase protection over your investment. Don't forget, this system is also offered as the 2021-2023 Ram TRX Stainless Works Cat-Back Legend Exhaust, ensuring no ride goes unnoticed.

2019-2023 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Redline Series Cat-Back Exhaust

For those who want to truly make a statement when they're out on the road, their truck will need one of two things: an aggressive sounding exhaust or an impressive exterior appeal. Luckily for you, the 2019-2023 Ram 1500 5.7L Stainless Works Redline Series Cat-Back Exhaust (Polished Tip) offers the best of both worlds in terms of both style and performance. Stainless Works' Redline series is designed to get the most aggressive sound out of your ride in a simple yet effective package. Designed to maximize the volume and tone of your engine, this system will produce impressive exterior sound levels while still eliminating any drone inside the cabin. Aside from it's superior noise production, the Redline Series features the same mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel construction seen on the Legend Series that helps provide maximum strength and consistent operation for many years to come. The TIG welding used in the construction of this system adds another layer of durability to the system, helping combat any accidental bumps and bruises that occur when you head well off the beaten path. You'll also benefit from the free-flowing design that helps promote increased levels of both horsepower and torque, making you and your Ram 1500 ready for any job that comes your way. This exhaust even comes equipped with a corrsoion and rust-resistant finish that helps add a lasting appeal to the exterior of your ride that you'll be sure to appreciate. If you're not a fan of the dual 5-inch, slash-cut polished tips included in this kit, you can always select the 2019-2023 Ram 1500 5.7L Stainless Works Cat-Back Redline Exhaust System (Black Tip) to help compliment any other exterior accessories you've already installed. The black tips make for a great choice on just about any Ram 1500 colorway or styling theme, so it's up to you to decide how you want to customize your ride. Once again, this system is even offered as the 2021-2023 Ram TRX Stainless Works Cat-Back Redline Exhaust System so you Ram TRX owners don't have to feel left out. With sound and performance as its top priorities, the Redline Exhaust will give you a feeling that will make your want to high-five your friends in the face.

Final Thoughts

After covering everything Stainless Works has to offer for your 2009-2023 Ram 1500/TRX, you might have some hesitation on which system might be best for your particular applications. If you've got a fourth generation Ram, the decision is made for you as the Redline and Legend series aren't suitable for your specific application. On the other hand, if you're riding around in a fifth gen Ram, it all comes down to how loud you want your truck to be. If you desire a more classic sounding ride each time you set off for adventure, elect for the Legend Series exhaust as it still provides a comfortable cab environment. If you want to blow your competition out of the water, go for the Redline Series as it holds nothing back when you put your foot on the accelerator. Whether you're planning to pick up an exhaust today or simply doing a little window shopping, please feel free to let us know any of your questions and concerns in the comment section down below!

2009-2019 Ram 1500 Stainless Works Exhaust Kits:

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