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2015-2018 F150 Stage 3 BOSS Trail Suspension Pack 2

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  • One-stop suspension package for trail trucks
  • Includes 2.0 coilovers, 2.0 shocks, uniball UCAs, and rear blocks
  • Coilovers add up to 3" of leveling and improve handling
  • Rear shocks improve rear stability and control
  • Uniball UCAs add front travel and are stronger than stock
  • Rear blocks add rear ride height for tough stance
  • All components come with hardware and instructions
  • Drop-in replacements for stock

Total Trail-Ready Suspension Overhaul that won't Break the Bank

The stock suspension of your 2015 to 2018 F150 doesn't really cut it in even the most basic of off-road applications, much less real trail riding out and about in the wilderness. That being said, you don't need to go overboard with pricey suspension hardware for your average trail-riding truck build. That's where Stage 3's money-saving BOSS Trail Suspension Package comes in. This total suspension overhaul comes with all the basics you need to get started on your trail running F150 build, all at bargain pricing. Our BOSS Trail Package 2 comes with Halo Lifts BOSS front coilovers, ICON's uniball upper control arms, a ReadyLift 3" Rear Block, and a pair of Halo Lifts BOSS Rear Shocks. Our BOSS Trail package gives your truck improved off-road performance, increased travel, and greater durability than stock all while keeping your F150's street ride quality extremely smooth. The end result is a truck that can do it all while you save some serious time, hassles, and cash.

Greatly Enhance Off-Road Performance and Durability without Hurting Ride Quality

Halo Lifts BOSS Front Coilover Kit Halo Lifts BOSS Coilovers have been one of the go-to choices for anyone looking to dramatically improve their truck's front suspension performance while keeping a smooth on-road ride. These awesome coilovers even add up to 3" of front lift to your truck and are easy, drop-in replacements for your F150's stock struts and coil springs. Each coilover features a 2" diameter shock body with a gas-charged monotube design that's then paired up with a 700lb-in Eibach coil spring that both work together to provide excellent levels of response and performance over stock. Halo Lifts finely tuned the valving of their coilovers to keep up with aggressive off-road applications, while at the same time providing your truck with an extremely comfortable street ride with less body roll and wander than stock. The coilovers feature heavy-duty mounts and easily install into your truck in place of your F150's factory coilover assemblies.

Improved Travel, Articulation, and Strength over the Stock UCAs

2015-2018 F150 ICON Uniball Upper Control Arms Helping to improve travel and eliminate bind are ICON's excellent uniball upper control arms. ICON's uniball UCAs were designed from the ground up to provide a greater range in travel and articulation over the factory UCAs, all while being far more durable and strong. The ICON UCA's are built around a strong uniball joint that allows for more travel than the stock UCA and won't bind or tear during extreme or violent articulation like the factory control arm's ball joint. The arms themselves are made out of tubular steel that's much stronger than the stamped steel stock control arms, which can flex, warp, or break during aggressive off-roading. ICON rounds out their UCAs with new polyurethane bushings and a one-piece adapter pin for fitting into your truck's factory spindle. ICON's UCA's drop on right in place of your truck's stock upper control arms without any permanent modifications.

Powerful Rear Shocks with a Great Street Ride

Halo Lifts BOSS Rear Shocks Getting the rear of your F150 under control and performing at its best off-road is a pair of Halo Lifts BOSS Rear Shocks. Halo Lifts BOSS Rear Shocks are built with the same idea in mind as their BOSS Front Coilovers -- awesome performance improvement, with a smooth street ride. The BOSS rear shocks are drop-in replacements for your F150's factory rear shocks and provide improved performance, response, travel, and fade resistance all without compromising your F150's on-road ride quality. The shocks have 2" diameter bodies with a monotube gas-charged internal design that greatly improves their performance over stock and allows them to hold more oil for improved fade resistance. The shocks' valving was carefully tuned to provide greatly improved off-road performance and control over the stock shocks, while at the same time maintaining excellent street ride quality for basically any application.

High-Quality 3" Blocks with New U-Bolts and Nuts

ReadyLift 3-Inch Rear Block Kit Halo Lifts' front coilovers are capable of adding up to 3" of ride height to your truck, and come pre-set at about 2-3/4" out of the box, which results in some rear rake. To correct that issue and give your truck some extra rear lift for a more aggressive look is ReadyLift's 3" Rear Block Kit. The kit comes with a heavy-duty cast iron 3" block with a corrosion-resistant e-coat finish, longer U-bolts, and new nuts. The ReadyLift rear block kit completely replaces the stock rear block on 4WD F150s, and results in a net gain of 1.5" of lift. ReadyLift's rear block is perfect for getting back some rear ride height and getting your truck's stance exactly where you want it.

UCA Wheel Fitment: ICON's UCAs will require wheels with a maximum of 5" of backspace in order to clear 12.50" wide tires. Stock wheels can be used, but you'll be limited to a maximum of a 11.5" wide tire.

Four-Wheel Drive Only: this package will only F150s equipped with 4WD, and will not properly fit 2WD F150s.

Signature Required: this kit requires a signature for delivery. Please ensure someone is available at your specified shipping address to sign for any and all packages.
5 Stars
2015 F150 2wd
Awesome upgrade to factory suspension. Ride is comfortable, slightly firmer than stock but feels great when you hit those dips and bumps at highway speeds. Truck stays planted and is so much more predictable. Definately recommend stage 3 and the guys at f150 lifts.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 7 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Austin Tx. on 7/27/2016
5 Stars
2016 F150
Excellent upgrade to the truck. Kept Coilovers at 2.75" Ride is so much better over stock. Added 275/70R18's (33") to the mix. Beautiful ride height and articulation. Dust caps for the UCA's will not fit unless coilovers are at max height. Will replace with the Delta upgrade when the uniballs wear out. Gas mileage went down around 1mpg on the 3.5L Ecoboost.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from VA. on 2/28/2018
5 Stars
2012 F150
Great shocks and coilovers for off road. My commute is 4 miles of whooped out sand. I live on a 4wd beach. Hand down better than fox 2.0 I had on the truck before. They really got the valving right for dealing with this type of terrain. A lot stiffer than stock, but that's a good thing. On the road no rolling in corners etc. Great product so far and well worth the investment if you go off road or just want to beef up the truck.
Did you find this helpful?  5 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Corolla. on 7/10/2017
5 Stars
2015 F150 Ecoboost
I don't know about doing the install as I had on point performance do it for me out of Arizona the same guys that do the videos for stage III. As far as performance I agree with a lot of the other reviewer's in saying that it is a little firmer but It's a lot more planted and more control, i.e. rough railroad tracks bumps or holes on dirt roads handles it a lot better and still is a great street ride. I was on the fence about this for quite a while Trying to decide if I wanted a different type of lift. Tried the spacers and they didn't work out as it still Road like an old Cadillac with worn out shocks as I put heavy bumpers on front and back. Yes it is kind of expensive but you always have to pay for quality definitely worth the investment and glad I did it.
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Arizona . on 6/30/2017
5 Stars
Installed recently. Everything arrived as expected. No missing parts or pieces needed. The concern I have is that I expected them to be actual coilovers. My previous coilovers, and the coilovers on my track cars adjustable for both height and spring rate separately. These seem to combine both into one. This means that as you raise or lower for height you are also increasing or decreasing spring rate because you compress or relax the spring. I'm accustomed to one being independent of the other. These are more of an adjustable spring set up. Had I known that I would have at least looked for an option that was adjustable for height as well as spring rate so I don't have to sacrifice ride for height. It wasn't specified in the description and I didn't think to ask/look because I thought it would be what I expected so I partly blame myself and also realize wording can be made to appear one way without being completely incorrect. The parts seem solid and well put together and this is not a review of the overall quality as I haven't put enough miles on the kit to give an honest review. If it allows I will edit after 1k miles with review of package after use. If youre looking for an adjustable height without change in spring rate these are not for you. If you don't mind then youre all set.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CT. on 12/5/2017
5 Stars
Took 3 hrs I'm fast 25 yrs exp mechanic
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Md . on 1/13/2017
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