We've been having a great time getting creative with our first ever 2018 F150 build, which also happens to be our first build where we set defined spending limits. We have to admit, we were surprised with what we were able to do with $2000 for the first budget tier, and we're excited to show you what can happen when you have a little more to work with.

In case you're new to the project, what we're doing with the budget build is essentially to show you what can be done within different pre-set budgets. We started out with a $2000 budget, now we're working with $4500, and after this round of upgrades we'll complete the build with a final budget of $6000.

Be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel so that you can keep tabs on the 2018 Budget Build. We're about to kick things into second gear with a Rancho QuickLIFT kit, an S&B intake kit, and a ton more before we reach the limit of our second budget tier!

The higher $4500 budget tier will allow us to make more substantial upgrades to our build's suspension setup, power, and overall look. But before we get too crazy, we're kicking off round 2 with some essential accessories like a new tonneau cover, tailgate assist kit, and underseat gear box.

2018 Budget Build Accessories Overview

These handy, inexpensive upgrades go along way making our 2018 Budget Build better looking, easier to work with, and more useful. While our accessories aren't quite as noticeable as a lift and new tires, they're essential upgrades to any cost-conscious budget build. Check out our video overview of all the great accessories we threw at our 2018 F150!

2018 Budget Build Lighting Upgrades Overview

After we took care our of 2018 F150's headlights and fog lights with LED upgrades from Diode Dynamics and CrystaLux, it was time to head to the rear of our build and upgrade our taillights, reverse lights and license plate lights! Check out the video below to see the parts we used and stay tuned for installs and reviews

2018 Budget Build Suspension, Wheels & Tires Overview

The second tier of our 2018 Budget Build gave us $4500 to work with, so we decided to invest more into suspension and upgrade to a complete coilover system. Ridding our build of the existing 2.25 ReadyLIFT spacers in favor of ReadyLIFT's QuickLift leveling kit dramatically improved performance and allows us to adjust compression settings for different applications. You'll also notice we swapped out the factory wheels for a set of Fuel's 18x9" Sledge wheels and upgraded to 33" Falken WildPeak All-Terrain A/T3W Off-Road Tires.

Stay tuned and keep tabs on this page for engine and power upgrades, coming next!