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2018-2020 F150 3.0L Powerstroke 5-Star Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ 3 Custom Tunes 5S-40470-5S30LPS

2018-2020 F150 3.0L Powerstroke 5-Star Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ 3 Custom Tunes
2018-2020 F150 3.0L Powerstroke 5-Star Bully Dog BDX Tuner w/ 3 Custom Tunes
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  • Powerful 5-Star Custom Tunes for 2018-2020 3.0L Powerstroke F150s
  • Includes three 5-Star Tunes and Bully Dog Canned Tunes
  • Application and octane-based custom tuning
  • Stores stock file for troubleshooting

Complete Bully Dog BDX Tuner and Custom Tune Package

5-Star's custom tuning provides your 2018 F150's 3.0L Powerstroke V6 with some of the best bang-for-your-buck power gains on the market in a simple package that can have your truck churning out massive levels of power and improve its shifting. 5-Star's custom tuning adjusts key parameters and tables within your F150's engine computer so that it squeezes out impressive levels of horsepower and torque without the need for any "hard" bolt-on performance parts. The increased power output is combined with altered transmission tuning that's carefully designed to fill in some of the gaps in the 2018-2020 F150's own driving modes while giving you and your F150 more across-the-board power and torque. You get three 5-Star Custom Tunes, as well as Bully Dog's canned performance tunes on your BDX device.

Select Tunes by Octane and Performance

5-Star's tunes turn up your 2018-2020 3.0L Powerstroke F150's power by adjusting its fuel curves, boost pressure, fan control, and a ton of other variables so that your truck makes huge amounts of horsepower and torque. 5-Star's custom tuning even takes into account tire size, drivetrain, and axle ratio so that your F150 operates perfectly no matter your modifications. 5-Star includes a Daily Tow Tune, Performance Tune, and a Transmission Only Tune that removes the factory digital limiters without a power increase.

5-Star 2018 F150 3.0L Powerstroke Dyno Run

Like most diesel engines on the market today, Ford left a lot on the table when it came to both horsepower and torque in the 3.0L Powerstrokes. 5-Star's 2018 3.0L test truck made 209 horsepower and 407lb-ft of torque to the tires using the factory tune. When equipped with a 5-Star Performance Tune, that same truck threw down 259 horsepower and 505lb-ft of torque at the wheels. That's a gain of 50 horsepower and 98lb-ft of torque with just a tune alone. 5-Star's tune also managed to keep peak torque right at 2700rpm, which is perfect for giving the 3.0L Powerstroke 2018-2020 F150s the extra low-end grunt they need for towing and hauling all your gear and toys.

SCT devices and software are only compatible with Microsoft Windows computers

Step by Step Tuning

Stage 3 Tuning Info Form SCT Device Updater Download Stage 3 Lifetime Tunes

DPF and EGR Systems: 5-Star's tuning is only compatible on F150s that have both a functional Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. 5-Star's tunes are not compatible on DPF delete or EGR delete applications.

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We can ship this tuner with 5-Star Custom Tunes to Canada for the low rate of $35! Just call us at 1-877-578-2433 to take advantage of this deal!

This Product is not CARB-Approved

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