In-Depth Review: 2018+ F150 OLM Lighting Upgrades
It's an unfortunate fact that the factory lighting components equipped on your 2018+ Ford F150 are anything but special, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of overall style and performance. If you've ever found yourself underwhelmed by the lack of illumination produced by your lights, or if you've ever wanted to update the front-end appearance of your ride, these OLM Lighting Upgrades offer the perfect solution to elevating your driving experience to new heights. In this in-depth review, we'll discuss the various lighting upgrades OLM offers for the 2018-2023 F150, exploring the enhanced appeal, functionality, and performance that could redefine your F150's presence both on and off the road. Prepare to see your truck in a new light - quite literally.

2018-2023 F150 OLM Infinite Series Headlights

One of the easiest and most effective upgrades you can add to completely change the way your truck looks and performs is the addition of some premium F150 Headlights. While there's a ton of brands that flood the market with upgraded LED Headlights, not all offer the visual appeal and lighting performance that comes with the OLM Infinite Series. The 2018-2023 F150 OLM Infinite Series Headlights seamlessly blend enhanced aesthetics with cutting-edge lighting technology, delivering an upgrade that you'll be delighted to show off to all of your friends and family. At their core, these headlights feature powerful LED projectors, boasting OLM's Bi-LED optics for both low and high beam functionality. The result is clear and bright illumination that allows you to better command the night sky on any adventure you have in mind. What's more, the Infinite Series Headlights come standard with a distinctive LED outline strip that features either an amber or white Daytime Running Light (DRL) Function, depending on your specific preference. The outline strip also serves as a scanning amber turn signal light which adds a dynamic touch to your ride every time you change lanes or make a turn. Furthermore, the construction of these lights is not to be overlooked. Each headlights is built around a durable black housing and paired with a polycarbonate lens which works to keep the LEDs and internals better protected from rough driving conditions, harsh vibrations, and flying debris when you head well off the beaten path. The black housings also add a stylish flair that complements a range of F150 colorways and styling themes. Best of all, the inclusion of all of the necessary wiring and hardware makes installation a hassle-free process you can complete right at home. As an F150 owner, you can upgrade with peace of mind knowing these headlights are built to withstand just about anything you throw their way.

2018-2023 F150 OLM Infinite Series LED Grille

The perfect companion for your upgraded OLM Headlights is the addition of the 2018-2020 F150 OLM Infinite Series LED Grille or 2021-2023 F150 OLM Infinite Series LED Grille. While you might not associate a front grille upgrade with LED illumination, OLM's Infinite Series Grille takes a unique approach by incorporating two LED strips on the top and bottom of their assembly. When paired with the Infinite Series Headlights, the LED outline strips line-up with one another to create an integrated appearance that will be sure to turn heads each time you get behind the wheel. The top and bottom DRLs featured on this grille also feature full-time functionality, meaning they will be consistently illuminated whenever your truck is on. This not only contributes to a better appeal but also serves as a practical purpose by improving visibility during daylight hours. What's more, the grille is crafted with an OE-style honeycomb design which helps deliver a more clean, factory-like look that will pair well with various other Exterior Accessories you plan on adding. You'll also benefit from the sleek black powder-coating finish which adds to the stylish appeal of the grille while helping combat the damaging effects of both rust and corrosion. Engineered as a drop-in replacement for the stock grille, the installation process is simplified with no extensive modifications required, utilizing stock hardware along with the front emblem. With a focus on both form and fucntion, the OLM Infinite Series Grille offers a visually appealing design, powerful LEDs, and robust construction to ensure you'll be ready for any adventure that crosses your plate.

Final Thoughts

In summary, if you've ever felt let down by the factory lighting equipped on your 2018+ Ford F150, these OLM lighting upgrades offer a delightful solution. Our in-depth review covered the game-changing potential of the OLM Infinite Series Headlights and LED Grille, emphasizing their blend of style and advanced technology. Both upgrades promise not only a new look for your F150 but also enhanced functionality, giving you more confidence to tackle any job head-on.

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