Having a good set of brakes on your Ram 1500 is paramount to drivability and safety. With the plethora of options and components that make up a quality brake system, it can be challenging to narrow down which brand is best suited to your needs. Fortunately, Power Stop has all of your bases covered by offering best-in-class Z17, Z23, and Z36 series brake pads, precision-drilled rotors, and even full kits. Whether you're looking to overhaul your Ram 1500's brakes or replace a few worn parts, all Z-Series components are designed to make even the slightest tap against your brake pedal a smooth and performance-driven experience. Here is Stage 3 Motorsports' deep dive into Power Stop's Z-Series brakes and their defining features!

2019-2022 Ram 1500 Power Stop Brakes: The Z17 Series

The Z17 Series is what you would come to expect when you're looking good quality stock brakes. The Z17 series is well-suited for those who rely on their Ram 1500 as their day-to-day vehicle and are looking for an affordable option for brake replacement. While its composition and design mimic that of your factory-issued brakes, the real game changers are found in its use of durable materials, low-dust ceramic formulas, and overall construction process. As an example, we can look to the Z17 Evolution Front Brake Pads. There are a lot of things going for the Z17 that Ram 1500's owners will love. This includes its chamfered/slotted design and dual-layered rubberized shims for noise-free breaking along with a ceramic low-dust formula that keeps your wheels free of unsightly brake dust. The Z17 series parts also come with premium stainless steel hardware for a hassle-free installation. Similarly, the Z17 Evolution Rear Brake Pads, utilize the same materials and features, making these stock replacement parts more capable than your run-of-the-mill brake parts. Those who regularly use their Ram 1500s for general commutes and require an affordable replacement option can look to the Z17 series stands as great stock replacement brakes.

Product Features:
  • Affordable and great for daily-driving
  • Chamfered and Slotted
  • Fade-free performance
  • Better noise insulator for silent braking

2019-2022 Ram 1500 Power Stop Brakes: The Z23 Series

The Z23 series is a noticeable step up from its predecessor, the Z17 series. Fitted with advanced features, the Z23 also acts as a great upgrade or replacement to your factory brakes in every way. From overall stopping power to noise-free breaking, the Z23 takes all the best qualities of the Z17 and upgrades all fronts. The Z23 series brakes are best utilized for Ram 1500 owners who strive for long lasting brakes and sport-like performance on the road. This is evidenced in the Full Set Z23 Evolution Brake Upgrade Kit which uses upgraded components and precision detail to deliver a new level of braking power. With all of the same general features as the Z17 such as the noise free braking and improved stopping power, The Z23 series takes everything another step further with its improved carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic brake pads, silver zinc-plating, rounded slots and beveled drill holes. In return, Ram 1500s with the Z23 get fade-free braking, cleaner wheels, impenetrable corrosion resistance, optimized rotor cooling and smoother braking. Whether you're looking to swap out your front-end, rear-end, or completely overhaul your brakes, the Z23 series stands as a great option for Ram 1500 owners looking to add a layer of performance and durability to their stopping power.

Product Features:
  • Virtually silent braking and greater noise insulation
  • Enhanced braking with reinforced carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Cleaner wheels and maximum rotor cooling from rounded slots

2019-2022 Ram 1500 Power Stop Brakes: The Z36 Series

For Ram 1500s that work and play hard, there is no better choice than the severe-duty brakes found in the Z36 series. Designed to handle everything from towing heavy payloads to serious off-roading excursions, the Z36 is the upgrade that brings your Ram 1500's overall braking power to its maximum potential. Fitted with all of the best in class features such as the aforementioned carbon-fiber brake pads, rounded slots, and corrosion resistance found in the Z23, The Z36 takes it all to a greater level of braking performance. This series further improves all elements of the Z23 and replaces its dual-layered rubberized shims with stainless steel, giving it severe-duty heat dissipation and virtually vibration/noise free braking. Doing some serious off-road treks and towing heavy cargo requires brakes that are also good at dissipating heat. The drilled and slotted hole design allows for maximum heat dissipation, a critical feature when driving up a mountain or coming to a stop with a heavy payload in tow. Whether you've been looking to upgrade your front-end brakes, rear-end brakes, or overhaul your brakes entirely with the Z36 has your heavy-duty braking needs covered.

Product Features:
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Corrosion resistance and maximum rotor cooling
  • Perfect for heavy payloads and towing
  • Designed to handle extreme off-roading adventures

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, making sure your Ram 1500 brakes are performing optimally is imperative to driving performance. As you dive deeper into brakes, rotors, and kits, it is important to note if the brakes are well suited to your needs. If you're sticking with Power Stop, the Z17, Z23, and Z36 options are all dependent on how you utilize your Ram 1500. If you're looking for a nice middle ground between upgraded stock performance that can handle its weight in the occasional camping trip, we recommend the Z23. From its stylish silver corrosion resistant sheen to its improved braking power, the Z23 acts as a great performance replacement or upgrade that can handle your everyday needs.

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