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Rigid Industries Dually Pro LED Flush Mount Lights 211113

Rigid Dually Pro LED Flush Mount Lights
Rigid Dually Pro LED Flush Mount Lights
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  • Ample Off-Road Lighting Power
  • Rated for 50,000 Hours
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Available Light Style, Color Options

Awesome Lighting Performance in a Small Package

While Rigid Industries' Dually Off-Road LED lights may be small, they pack a massive punch and can instantly brighten up the darkest nights to get you and your off-road rig home safely. Rigid's Flush Mont Duallys are a continuation of these lights' excellent design with and feature a housing that perfect for mounting with a bumper, grille, or any other part of your vehicle that you're comfortable with cutting. Each of these systems consist of four, powerful LED bulbs that generate an intense amount of light while using less power than traditional halogens with less headaches than HID systems. The Rigid Industries' Dually Flush Mounts come in several different beam styles and are also available with white or amber colored bulbs.

Dually "Spot" LED Light

The "Spot" style lights are Rigid's most popular form of their Dually series and are designed from the ground up to project an extremely powerful, intense beam of light over a very narrow area. Rigid's Dually Spot Lights are are an excellent choice for fast, high-performance off-road driving where distance matters much more than over breadth. The spot series can project its light out to a massive 400+ meters using its specially-designed "Hybrid" optics system. While effective for fast trail runs, the narrow beam of this light doesn't really lend itself to low-speed applications, rock crawling or job site use.

Dually "Flood" LED Light

The "Flood" style Dually is one of Rigid's best multipurpose off-road lights and is very effective in a variety of applications, if slightly less specialized than Rigid's other lighting style options. The "Flood" Duallys shoot light in a fairly broad 20 arc out to an impressive 200+ meters and are great for general-purpose off-road applications, rock crawling, and job site use. The "Flood" Duallys are a great compliment to previously-purchased "Spot" systems and give you the best of both worlds.

Dually "Diffusion" LED Light

The "Diffusion" series of Dually lights have by far the greatest lighting width, but definitely lack the amazing range of the "Flood" or "Spot" Dually off-road lights. However, the "Diffusion" Duallys are a perfect choice for area lighting and cast a 60 cone of light out to 80+ meters that's less intense and easier to work under than either the "Flood" or "Spot" systems. The "Diffusion" lights are an excellent choice for off-road work, as reverse lights, setting up camp sites or low-speed rock crawling where lighting area matters more than distance. These lights are generally not recommended for high-speed off-road or performance use.

Rigid Industries Classic Toughness and Durability

Rigid designs, assembles, and tests all of their Dually off-road LED lights at their Arizona headquarters and makes sure that each kit or system can stand up to the harshest punishment that you find. Each of these lights features a cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and heavy-duty circuitry that allow them to take any and all challenges when you head off the pavement. Each light is rated for over 50,000 hours and come with a full wiring harness for a fairly easy installation. These lights are also available in pairs. For even better protection and a unique look, check out our Dually lens covers.

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Rigid Light Patterns!

Rigid Beam Patterns!

Rigid D-Series Flush Mount Light Measurements:

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