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2010-2014 F150 & Raptor Whipple 675HP W175AX (2.9L) Intercooled Supercharger Kit (Polished) WHIP-2320B-POL-STG2

10-14 F150 & Raptor 6.2L Whipple 2.9L Polished Supercharger
10-14 F150 & Raptor 6.2L Whipple 2.9L Polished Supercharger
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Extremely Powerful SVT Raptor Supercharger System

Whipple's twin-screw superchargers are some of the most powerful aftermarket performance parts that you can find for your Raptor, F150, or F250 and are the crown jewels of supercharger kits for the mighty 6.2L V8 engines. The Whipple W175AX kit features a massive 2.9L head unit that's combined with a highly efficient air-to-water intercooler, massive inlet tube, high-performance Whipple throttle body, fuel system upgrades, a Whipple supercharger pulley, and Whipple PCM tuning that can give your truck's 6.2L V8 engine up to 675 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque at the crank for a massive performance gain over stock. The Whipple W175AX system's high-powered design and supporting hardware are more than enough to take your 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptor, 2011 to 2014 6.2L F150, or 2011-2012 F250 up to the next level or beyond. Smaller pulleys and more efficient heat exchangers can turn up the juice even more to help push your 6.2L V8 Ford truck of choice to its absolute limits. Topping everything off, this supercharger kit comes with a brightly polished case to "wow" everyone at your local meet or car show.

Features Immensely Powerful 2.9L Twin-Screw Head Unit

The Whipple 2011 to 2014 SVT Raptor and Ford truck supercharger kit is built around one of Whipple's legendary Lysholm Twin-Screw supercharger head units. The Lysholm design is far more efficient than Roots-style supercharger systems, flooding your engine with up to 2.9L of air per revolution for massive horsepower and torque gains. The twin-screw design features an interlocking set of rotors that force air between their grooves and forward along the casing, effectively compressing inbound charge air before it even exits the case. The compressed air passes through an oversized air-to-water intercooler mounted within Whipple's specially designed intake manifold to maximize air volume and density before dropping into your truck's cylinders to maximize efficiency to give this system its huge power potential. The supercharger's rotors are driven by a 3.500" pulley that delivers up to 9psi of boost pressure with Whipple's PCM tuning and the factory crankshaft pulley that gives the kit its impressive power without overly stressing your truck's stock internals. Despite the fairly low stock boost pressure, Whipple's supercharger can handle up to 30psi of boost for absolutely insane engine builds.

Complete High-Flow Intake System

Each of Whipple's 2.9L supercharger kits come with a whole host of supporting upgrades that give your 6.2L V8 engine a nice overhaul and help the head unit make all of its brutal power. The kit includes a full set of intake system modifications beginning with a large, open-element air filter, massive 172mm inlet tubing with integrated MAF housing, and a GT500 throttle body that all work together to mitigate restrictions and give your head unit all the air it needs to make its fearsome power gains. Whipple's intake system does not cause fitment or rubbing issues with your truck's coolant reservoir, allowing you to keep the tank in it's factory location.

Features Options for High-Capacity Heat Exchangers

The Whipple W175AX 2.9L supercharger system is extremely friendly to upgrades, and Whipple even provides a few of their very own to turn your powerful blower system up to the next level. The kit features an option for a new Whipple heat exchanger that has a large, over-sized design and dual electric fans to cool your truck's coolant before it returns to system's manifold-mounted intercooler to improve efficiency, reliability, and power potential. Along with the heat exchanger, Whipple provides a bunch of supercharger pulley options that allow you to dial in your kit's boost levels as you see fit. Check out the table below for a list of pulley sizes and their potential boost levels:


All boost levels are estimated, may vary from truck to truck, and are based on the stock crankshaft pulley size. Pulleys smaller than 3.250" in diameter will require a smaller supercharger belt for proper function. Smaller pulleys may require custom tuning depending on your truck's other modifications. Smaller pulleys are not recommended for trucks with stock internals. Larger pulleys with less boost pressure are also available.

Includes Fuel Upgrades, PCM Tuning, and Hardware

The Whipple 2.9L Supercharger kit comes complete with a full set of 47lb/hr fuel injectors, supercharger belt, and installation hardware, instructions. To get your truck properly tuned, Whipple now includes an SCT X4 tuner that allows you to easily load Whipple's tune into your truck without a ton of hassles.

  • 2010-2014 SVT Raptor 6.2L
  • 2011-2013 F150 6.2L

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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 8-10 Weeks Free Shipping!
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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!

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