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2004-2023 F150 4WD G2 Front 8.8" IFS Master Install Kit G/235-2088

04-23 F150 4WD 8.8' IFS G2 Master Install Kit
04-23 F150 4WD 8.8' IFS G2 Master Install Kit
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Complete Install Kit for a Total Front End Maintenance

Changing out your truck's front end ring and pinion gears doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but opening up the front 8.8" Reverse IFS front end on the 2004 to 2022 F150s is a job that you only want to do once in a very long while. So, when you do install those gears, make sure to give your truck's entire differential a full overhaul while you have everything in front of you with this G2 Master Installation Kit. Designed to work perfectly with G2's large selection of aftermarket ring and pinion gear sets, this complete install kit gives you everything you need to fully maintenance your truck's front end and replace all its wearable parts with high-quality replacements that will give you peace of mind and flawless function for thousands and thousands of miles.

Includes Bearings, Shims, and Hardware

The G2 Axle and Gear Master Install kit comes with new bearings, shims, and bolts so that you don't need to reopen your front end any time soon after a gear installation. The kit includes a new pinion nut, pinion seal, outer pinion bearing and race, crush sleeve, inner pinion bearing and race, pinion shims, carrier shims, carrier bearings and races, ring gear bolts, thread locker, gear marker, and silicone sealant. This kit ensures a complete installation of your ring and pinion gear set and it's components are tough enough to stand up to even the most extreme applications. This kit is especially recommended when installing new gears in high-mileage F150s or trucks that do very aggressive driving.

For Ford 8.8" Reverse IFS only: this Master Install Kit will only fit Ford 8.8" Reverse-Cut IFS front ends made from 2004 to 2022. The kit is only recommended for use with G2 ring and pinion gears.

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