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1999-2003 F250/ F350 7.3L 4R100 ATS Diesel Transmission Package - Stage 2 3099243224

1999-2003 F250 & F350 7.3L 4R100 ATS Diesel 4WD Transmission Package - Stage 2
1999-2003 F250 & F350 7.3L 4R100 ATS Diesel 4WD Transmission Package - Stage 2
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Improved Transmission Internals and Input Shaft

When your powerful 1999 to 2003 F250 or F350 starts throwing down a ton of extra horsepower thanks to all the Super Duty performance parts we have here at Stage 3, you're going to need a transmission that won't leave chunks of itself all over the road. The ATS Stage 2 4R100 automatic transmission is based on the very same 4R100 that came with your truck, but features completely overhauled internal parts and a high-quality billet steel input shaft that makes it capable of holding up to 600 WHP and insane levels of torque without breaking a sweat. The Stage 2 transmission package even comes with a high-quality ATS torque converter to replace your very weak stock converter to keep your drivetrain working at its best, despite your truck's power levels.

Completely Redesigned Internal Parts

ATS hand-assembles each of their Stage 2 4R100s at their Denver headquarters out of high-quality components that allow it to hold much higher power levels than your truck's stock automatic transmission. Every 4R100 has redesigned and upgraded internal components that can handle more power and improve reliability. ATS uses billet steel gear sets, high-quality valve bodies, completely redesigned clutch packs and clutch surfaces that all work together to improve reliability, power-handling, and torque distribution. Keeping the transmission properly lubricated and cool is a much larger oil pump that pulls transmission fluid from an ATS high-capacity, cast-aluminum pan with cooling fins. The higher capacity pump maintains a perfect level of hydraulic pressure even at high levels of power and torque.

Includes 5-Clutch Torque Converter

This ATS Stage 2 transmission comes complete with one of ATS's famous Five Star Viskus torque converters to replace your truck's fairly weak stock converter for even more reliable operation. Each ATS Super Duty torque converter features a high-quality billet housing that doubles up the amount of bolts to the flexplate for improved strength and stability. These ATS torque converters have a five-clutch design that allows them to hold more torque and helps to prevent excess wear that can send metal fragments into your Super Duty's transmission. The converter features a specially designed startor, impeller, and turbine that all work together to reduce heat buildup while holding more power to keep your truck running strong when you stack on a ton of Super Duty performance parts.

Backed by a Legendary ATS Warranty

This transmission package comes 100% complete and ready to bolt onto your truck without any modifications. Both the transmission and ATS torque converter are direct replacements for your stock components and don't require any permanent modifications to your truck for installation. ATS backs each of their transmissions with an unprecedented 5-year/500,000 mile limited warranty to give you even more confidence.

Core charge: a core charge will be applied to every transmission order. ATS sends a container and crating instructions for your factory transmission for shipment to ATS. Once ATS receives your transmission, your core charge will be refunded.

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Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!
Ships From Manufacturer. Average Time To Ship Is 5-7 Business Days Free Shipping!

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