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2015-2017 Mustang GT 5.0L Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

Part Number:E35145.140
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Great Handling From Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

Just in time for the exciting release of the new 2015-2017 Mustang GT, Eibach has released their Pro-Kit Lowering Springs to give your Mustang a more aggressive stance, Eibach has the perfect solution with this set of (4) Pro-Kit Lowering Springs. In addition to the look, these springs will help you stop quicker, corner faster and even get better miles per gallon when you lower your car's center of gravity. Pro-Kit Springs drop your ride's center of gravity and feature aggressive spring rates that almost completely eliminate body roll, acceleration squat, and braking dive to help keep your wheels flat and firmly planted when things get twisty. The Pro-Kit can be used with your factory shocks and struts, but dampers tuned for lowered applications are highly recommended. If you're looking for a custom-looking stance and exceptional ride quality, the Pro-Kit Lowering Springs are your best bet.

Eibach Springs Create Custom Mustang Stance

These Pro-Kit Springs are specifically designed to give your Mustang a custom-looking drop but not so low that you experience a loss in driving comfort or experience any scraping of the bottom of your car. When combined with some high-performance wheels and tires, the result is a car that handles just as white-hot as it looks. You wouldn't have a problem upgrading to 18" wheels and proper tires, as trimming is not necessary to avoid rubbing.

Drop Rates (Mustang GT 5.0L V8):

  • Front: 1.1"
  • Rear: 1.0"

Fitment: 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8.

Front Specs:

  • OE Camber = -0.8 deg (+/-0.8 deg)
  • OE Caster = 7.2 deg (+/-0.8 deg)
  • OE Toe = 0.0 deg (+/-0.2 deg)
  • PRO-KIT Camber = -1.0 deg
  • PRO-KIT Caster = 7.5 deg
  • PRO-KIT Toe = 0.2 deg
  • OE wheel center to fender: 397 mm (15.6 in)
  • PRO-KIT wheel center to fender: 370 mm (14.5 in)
  • PRO-KIT can be aligned to OE Specs: Yes

Rear Specs:

  • OE Camber = -1.2 (+/-0.8 deg)
  • OE Toe = 0.1 deg. (+/-0.2 deg)
  • PRO-KIT Camber = -1.4 deg
  • PRO-KIT Toe = 0.2 deg
  • OE wheel center to fender: 385 mm (15.1 in)
  • PRO-KIT wheel center to fender: 360 mm (14.2 in)
  • PRO-KIT can be aligned to OE specs: Yes

Kit Includes The Following:

  • (2) Front Springs
  • (2) Rear Springs
  • Instructions

Installation Note: A 4-Wheel alignment is required after installing these springs.

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