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Rigid Industries 4 A-Series LED Rock Lights Kit - Blue 400233

Rigid Industries 4 A-Series LED Rock Lights Kit - Blue
Rigid Industries 4 A-Series LED Rock Lights Kit - Blue
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Maximum Power Off-Road LED Rock Lights

The setting sun shouldn't hold you back from safely conquering a rock trail in your Jeep or mastering the sand dunes in your ATV. Now you can safely extend your off-road adventures long into the night with an LED Rock Light Kit from Rigid Industries. High-powered, low-draw and extremely durable, these lights are not only intense but reliable as well.

Intensely Bright Blue Lights

If you're customizing your truck or boat and want to add some lighting to match your theme, this kit comes with 4 LED Rock Lights, each packing some intensely bright Blue light. Use caution when illuminating your mood lighting however, as the lights are only intended for off-road use. Reaching far distances and illuminating the area around you with such intensity could potentially be dangerous for other drivers if used in traffic or normal driving conditions. While the "Cool White" light kit will give you the most light output for off-road use, the Blue option is a popular choice for those who are going for an aggressive look to match a color theme and light up the night when used in safe situations.

Multiple Mounting Possibilities

This set of 4 lights can be mounted to a number of locations on your Ford F-150, Raptor, Jeep, or trailer to fit your needs. Whether attached to the front bumper or back, you can rest assured knowing that Rigid's technology in these LEDs won't let you down while you're out conquering your next off-road adventure. Along with the amps, the Rigid Rock Crawler Lighting Kit includes all the trimmings for a simple "Plug and Play" install. You get 15 leads for each light, wiring distribution block, in-cab switch and the mounting hardware which holds everything in place. This rock kit also comes in a 6-Light version and several different colors.

Designed And Built To Last

Expecting water on the trail? That's not a problem for the A-Series lights as they are fully submersible and shielded by a tough anti-scratch polycarbonate lens -- strong enough to handle any hazards that come their way. Rigid Industries doesn't hold back on quality or toughness, and they made sure that their Rock Lights can handle the toughest off-road hazards without letting you down. The LEDs themselves have extremely durable circuitry that is resistant to impacts and vibrations. Every Rock Light is individually assembled and tested at Rigid's Arizona headquarters and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • 4 A-Series LED Lights (with 15' leads)
  • Color: Blue
  • Includes: Wire Harness (Customizable for use on Jeep/Truck or Trailer)

  • Watts: 16W
  • Amp Draw: 1.2A
  • LEDs: 12
  • Raw Lumens: 1600

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