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2015-2019 F150 5.0L aFe Twisted Steel Long Tube Headers & Catted Street Y-Pipe Kit (48-State Legal) 48-43015-YC

2015-2019 F150 5.0L aFe Twisted Steel Long Tube Headers & Catted Street Y-Pipe Kit (48-State Legal)
2015-2019 F150 5.0L aFe Twisted Steel Long Tube Headers & Catted Street Y-Pipe Kit (48-State Legal)
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Improves Power Output and Sound without Too Much Rasp in a 48-State Legal Package

The 2015 to 2019 F150 5.0L V8s may have a lot of grunt, but it's not without its restrictions that limit its potential power. The most restrictive part of your 5.0L is its factory exhaust manifolds and mid-pipe with their large back pressure-inducing catalytic converters. Maximize the output of your 2015-2019 F150 means replacing its manifolds and y-pipe with something far more efficient. Meet aFe's Twisted Steel Long Tube Header and "Street" Catted Y-pipe package for the 2015 to 2019 F150 5.0Ls. The system comes standard with a pair of highly efficient long tube headers that shuttle exhaust gasses out of your V8's cylinders than the stock manifolds, providing an improvement in outflow and reduction in back pressure, while a large-diameter Y-pipe further improves flow and comes fitted with 400 cell-count catalytic converters that are 48-state legal for street use (but aren't CARB approved). The end result is a system the provides a noticeable jump in horsepower and torque and doesn't and will pass emissions testing in most US states. The headers and Y-pipe install right in place of your F150's stock components and can add up to 14 horsepower an 35lb-ft of torque to your F150's output on their own, making them an excellent choice for both a performance and sound upgrade.

Larger and More Efficient Primary Tubes that Meet in a 3" Collector

aFe's Long Tube Headers were carefully designed to provide a much more efficient path for exhaust gasses while still bolting on to your F150's 5.0L V8 right in place of its stock manifolds. The headers are built around a full set of 1-3/4" diameter, mandrel-bent primary tubes that improve outflow volume and velocity over the stock manifolds. The tube lengths were fully optimized by aFe to ensure an across-the-board performance improvement over stock. The primary tubes meet at a 3" diameter formed collector that maintains velocity into the y-pipe and further reduces restrictions. The headers are made out of 304 stainless steel and are each expertly MIG welded by hand by aFe for an perfect fit and excellent finish on your 2015 to 2019 F150 5.0L.

Large-Diameter, Highly-Efficient Y-Pipe with High-Flow Catalytic Converters

aFe's catted Y-pipe included in this system had larger tubing than stock and features more efficient bends and merge than the factory mid-pipe to keep the gains made from the headers going all the way to your cat-back system of choice. The Y-pipe uses 3" diameter tubing at the the collector connections and 3-1/2" tubing after the merge which provides a huge increase in overall exhaust system volume over the factory mid-pipe. aFe's catted "Street" Y-pipe features a pair of 48-state legal catalytic converters with 400 CPSI a piece which still improve outflow over stock, but won't trip a check engine light and are 48-state legal for street use. Like the headers, the Y-pipe is made out of 304 stainless steel tubing and is precisely mandrel-bent to fit with aFe's headers and the stock or aftermarket cat-back system of your choice.

Not CARB Approved: the catalytic converters included in this package are not CARB-Approved and will not pass emissions or emissions inspection in California, New York, or any other area that has adopted CARB emissions guidelines.

Tuning: custom tuning is strongly recommended with this system.

This Product is not CARB-Approved

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