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2005-2006 Motorhome Class-C 6.8L V10 E-350 Banks Torque Tube Manifold Assembly w/ AutoMind Programmer 49178

2005-2006 Motorhome Class-C 6.8L V10 E-350 Banks Torque Tube Manifold Assembly w/ AutoMind Programmer
2005-2006 Motorhome Class-C 6.8L V10 E-350 Banks Torque Tube Manifold Assembly w/ AutoMind Programmer
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Massive Exhaust Outflow From High-Performance Headers

If you're looking to increase your RV's power for hauling a trailer, quickly getting up to speed to safely merge onto the freeway or easily make it up a steep grade, this combination of high-performance headers and AutoMind Handheld Programmer will do the trick. The Torque Tube Manifold Assembly from Banks Power is incredibly popular among Motorhome owners as a high-quality and carefully-designed modification that produces massive amounts torque compared to your factory stock manifolds. Custom engineered for your exact 6.8L V10 engine, Banks Torque Tube Headers are tuned to literally suck the fumes out of your cylinders...and at a high rate. Not only does this improvement unlock serious torque, it also allows your engine to draw in more oxygen for greater efficiency. Banks' Torque Tubes Headers offer a nice reduction in back pressure and restrictions over your RV's factory manifolds and definitely help for towing and gaining speed up steep inclines.

Incredibly Powerful Handheld AutoMind Programmer

The popular AutoMind Programmer is a complete PCM tuning device that ties directly into your RV's OBD-II port and gives you the ability to instantly upload one of its (3) performance tunes to your engine's PCM, giving you improved horsepower, excellent torque gains, increased fuel economy, and improved driveability thanks to finely-tuned transmission programming. Each tune is broken down into different performance levels (Towing, Sport, Fuel Economy) to maximize their power outputs for each application and you can always return back to stock settings if necessary. You'll also have the ability to view/clear DTC codes, remove your speed limiter, adjust your rev limiter, change your shift points, and several other settings to get your RV running just how you like it.

409 Stainless Steel Headers with Large Primaries

Banks Power is known for its innovative design in all of their high-performance automotive components and these headers are no exception. Banks' streamlined, stainless steel Torque Tubes are the industry's only parallel 5-tube exhaust manifolds for RVs. Unlike competitors who add a separate tube length to a 4-tube formation, Banks integrates five tuned-length tubes into a design that allows rotational firing of the cylinders through the exhaust, minimizing back-pressure and maximizing torque. The thick, 1/2-inch flanges are milled flat for perfect fitment and are guaranteed to never warp or leak.

Fitment: 2005-2006 Class-C Motorhomes running a Ford E-350 w/ a 6.8L V10 engine.

Warranty Info: This pair of Banks Torque Tube Headers are built right here in the USA and come backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

CARB Approved: These shorty headers are street legal and CARB Approved (CARB EO ID #: D-161-78).

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