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2013-2017 Focus ST EcoBoost SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner & Monitor 5015P-FOCST

2013-2017 Focus ST EcoBoost SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner & Monitor
2013-2017 Focus ST EcoBoost SCT Livewire TS+ Tuner & Monitor
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Tunes your Focus ST while Monitoring Critical Engine Functions

Getting a powerful performance PCM tune for your 2013 to 2017 Focus ST is all well and good, but having the ability to keep tabs on your hot-hatch's engine performance with real-time running information is even better. One of the best ways on the market to get both is with the SCT Livewire TS+. This complete tuner and dashboard monitor comes loaded down with awesome performance tunes that can get your awesome Focus ST up to 23 horsepower and 45lb-ft of torque without the need of any hard parts at all. All these awesome octane-based performance tunes come packed onto one of the most effective and ergonomic monitors on the market with the Livewire TS+. The Livewire has a large, fully functional LCD color touch screen display that can show a huge number of user-configurable gauges and information so that you can closely monitor your Focus ST's engine performance and spot problems before they become huge headaches.

Comes with Pre-Loaded PCM Tunes and can hold 10 Custom Tunes

The tuning that comes on the Livewire easily pulls much more horsepower and torque out of your Focus ST's 2.0L EcoBoost motor without the need for any other performance parts at all. The Livewire comes with performance tunes based on fuel octane and work by changing certain parameters of your Focus ST's Powertain Control Module's (PCM's) software, like fuel curves and ignition timing, so that your engine produces more power. The tunes are uploaded to your Focus ST's PCM via it's OBD-II port underneath the dashboard with the Livewire's included cable. In just a few minutes, your tune of choice can be loaded up and ready to go. The Livewire can also hold up to 10 custom tunes from authorized SCT tuners that can get even more power, as well as compensate for all of your ST's extremely powerful performance upgrades.

Full Touch Screen Display and Ability to Live-Monitor your Focus

The Livewire has a very large touch screen display that's packaged into a very compact device that isn't a huge distraction inside your Focus ST's cockpit. The Livewire comes with an OBD-II cable that hooks right into your ST's OBD-II port and displays just about any information that your ST reads on its screen in user-customizable gauges and fields so that you can keep tabs on how your performance tune of choice is performing. The Livewire TS loads your choice of pre-loaded or custom PCM performance tune in only a few minutes, and also has few other powerful features that make it one of the handiest tools you can find for your Focus ST. Each Livewire can datalog your ST's running information, read and clear DTC trouble codes, and adjust certain parameters like wheel and tire size without the need for a completely new tune. The Livewire TS+ even has built-in WiFi that allows you to download new tunes and firmware updates wirelessly. The Livewire comes with a windshield suction mount, OBD-II cable, and USB cable for downloading updates and new tunes from your home PC.

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Tuning and your Powertrain Warranty: any aftermarket PCM/ECU tuning can absolutely result in Powertrain repairs not being covered under your manufacturer's warranty, making it effectively voided. Please take a look at Stage 3's Stance on Tuning and Warranties or call us directly at 1-877-578-2433.

This Product is not CARB-Approved

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