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Rigid Industries D2 Pro LED Flush Mount Lights 51

Rigid Industries D2 Pro LED Flush Mount Lights
Rigid Industries D2 Pro LED Flush Mount Lights
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Powerful Off-Road LED Lights

Rigid Industries is one of the best-known names in the off-road lighting world, and their D2 Dually series are one of the things that helped put them on the map. Rigid has taken the D2 series even further with these flush mount designs that pack the same amount of punch as their more standard kits, but feature unique housings that are perfect for custom mountings in your vehicles bumpers, grille, body, or anywhere else you're willing to do a little cutting. The D2 Dually Flush Mount off-road lights come packed with six powerful LED bulbs in two rows and are available with three different beam patterns and either white or amber colors to fit your truck or off-road vehicle's particular styling or lighting needs.

D2 Dually "Driving" LED Light

Rigid's "Driving" D2 Dually is their most powerful option for their flush mount kits and project an extremely bright beam of light out to a whopping 250+ meters. Despite their name, these "Driving" lights are definitely meant for off-road use and are a perfect way to see way ahead of you while moving down those off-road trails at a speed. While it has a narrower beam than Rigid's other options, the "Driving" D2 Duallys can still act as medium powered spot light at shorter range.

D2 Dually "Wide" LED Light

As their name implies, the "Wide" series of Rigid D2 Dually lights have more of a flood-style beam pattern that lacks the sheer distance of Rigid's "Driving" lights, but make up for it with a much wider beam pattern. "Wide" lights are perfect for lower speed driving and more general purpose off-road applications or use at job sites.

D2 Dually "Diffusion" LED Light

The "Diffuse" or "Diffusion" D2 Dually LED lights are some Rigid's most unique offerings. While they lack both the range and brightness of the "Wide" and "Driving" light D2s, they are able to cast an extremely wide beam over a large area that's not too overpowering to work under or look at. The "Diffusion" D2s have a unique lens that tones down the LEDs power by scattering light over a huge space and are perfect flood lights for the job site, camp site, or if you need to make some trail-side repairs. While good for low speeds and rock crawling, high-speed off-road applications should grab a "Wide" or "Driving" lights.

Legendary Rigid Industries Quality

Just like the rest of Rigid's off-road LED light systems, the D2 Dually flush mounts are some of the toughest things that you can find for your truck, sand rail, quad, or other off-road machine with their cast aluminum housings and thick polycarbonate lenses. Each light is individually assembled and tested at Rigid's Arizona headquarters and are rated for up to 50,000 hour lifespans. These lights come with a full wiring harness and switch that make installation that much easier. Pairs of lights are available.

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Rigid Light Patterns!

Rigid Beam Patterns!

Rigid D-Series Flush Mount Light Measurements:

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