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2010-2014 F150 Raptor 6.2L AFE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake w/ Custom Tunes 54-11902-T

10-14 SVT Raptor 6.2L AFE Intake & X4 Custom Tuner
10-14 SVT Raptor 6.2L AFE Intake & X4 Custom Tuner
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6.2L Raptor Intake and Tuner Package Highlights:
  • Intake and Tuner Combo
  • Huge Power Gains
  • Bolt-On Intake Replacement
  • Oiled Filter Design
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes
  • Compact, Ergonomic Design

Perfect Entry-Level Performance Package for your Raptor

Two of the most common mods for the 2010 to 2014 SVT Raptor 6.2Ls are a cold air intake and powerful custom tuning, so why not get them both in one place? This awesome SVT Raptor performance package comes with an aFe Stage 2 Cold Air Intake Kit and an SCT X4 handheld tuner that's preloaded with your choice of up to five custom tunes to go along with the three preloaded SCT tunes already on the device. The custom tunes are all designed to take advantage of the intake's improved airflow capabilities and give your Raptor more horsepower and more torque than either of those parts alone.

Improved Airflow for Increased Power and Fuel Economy

The aFe Stage 2 Cold Air Intake Kit is a bolt-on replacement for your Raptor's stock air box and paper air filter that brings in a larger volume of charge air at cooler temperatures and higher velocity than the factory intake system.

Awesome SCT X4 Tuner with Custom Tunes

5-Star's custom tuning provides your 2010 to 2014 Raptor's 6.2L V8 with some of the best bang-for-your-buck power gains on the market in a simple package that can have your truck churning out massive levels of power and improve its shifting by adjusting key parameters and tables within your Raptor's engine computer. The increased power output is combined with 5-Star's revamped transmission shift points and shift pressures to get rid of the noticeable hesitation in the 6.2L's stock tuning while holding gears longer to maximize power for just about any application. You get your choice of up to five 5-Star Custom Tunes in your choice of style and fuel octane, as well as SCT's canned performance tunes on your X4 device.

Select Tunes by Octane and Performance

5-Star's tunes turn up your 2010 to 2014 6.2L Raptor's power by adjusting its fuel curves, ignition timing, fan control, and a ton of other variables so that your truck makes huge amounts of horsepower and torque. 5-Star's custom tuning even takes into account tire size, drivetrain, and axle ratio so that your F150 operates perfectly with your choice of tune. 5-Star's custom tunes are available in several variations for 87, 89, 91, or 93 octane gasoline to give you a wide range of tuning options.

5-Star's 2010-2014 SVT Raptor 6.2L Dyno Results

5-Star's 2010-2014 SVT Raptor 6.2L 93 octane Performance Tune vs. Stock 5-Star's 2010-2014 SVT Raptor 93 octane Performance Tune with Headers

The 6.2L SVT Raptors may come packing more than decent firepower from the factory, but the factory tuning can still make the truck feel a bit sluggish at times, especially on the street in lower RPMs. 5-Star's custom tuning for the 6.2L Raptors helps change that by not only improving peak gains, but providing increased torque all throughout the rev range, especially in the low end where the stock tuning tends to lunk around until 3500rpm. The improved low-end power carries all the way through your Raptor's rev range, giving you more power on tap whenever you need it. 5-Star's test truck put down about a peak 280 horsepower and 300lb-ft of torque to the wheels on its factory tune. With a 5-Star's custom 93 octane Performance Tune, the truck hit a peak 295 horsepower and 320lb-ft of torque. While the peak gains of 15horsepower and 320lb-ft of torque are nice, the low end gains below 3500 rpm spiked up to a whopping 40 to 45lb-ft of torque over stock, which greatly improves the off-the-line performance of your Raptor. For those Raptor owners looking to add long tube headers to your truck, 5-Star's custom tuning has you covered and can add even further gains in both horsepower and torque all throughout the rev range of your monstrous Raptor build.

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Step by Step Tuning

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