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2005-2010 Mustang Steeda G/Trac Suspension Kit - Stage 3 555-2350

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G-Trac Suspension Kit - Stage 3

Steeda's Stage 3 G-Trac suspension kit builds onto the Stage 1 and Stage 2 kits to replace nearly every stock suspension piece with Steeda's uprated designs. The Stage 3 kit stiffens both chassis and suspension elements while adjusting suspension geometry to avoid some of the common issues that can occur with sports-oriented suspension systems. Each Stage 3 kit is the final stop to create an entire Steeda suspension that will allow your Mustang to handle nearly any track application or road course. Steeda's Stage 3 kit includes a Steeda Adjustable Front Sway Bar, a pair of Steeda Adjustable Endlinks, a Steeda Billet Sway Bar Mount, a Steeda Bump Steer Kit, a Steeda Upper Third Link, and a set of Steeda 3-point Frame Braces.

High-Quality Steeda Adjustable Front Sway Bar

Steeda uses 35mm (1-3/8") tubular steel for their Adjustable Front Sway Bar, designed to give your Mustang superior handling, flatter cornering and better stability. The sway bar comes with a blue powder coat finish to maximize corrosion resistance for a long lifespan. Steeda's own testing showed that their bars make a huge reduction in body roll for GTs. Steeda includes installation hardware and detailed instructions with every kit.

Steeda Adjustable Endlinks

When dialing in your perfect suspension setup, it's important to get down to all the small details to really perfect your Mustang's handling abilities. Steeda's high-performance Sway Bar Endlinks do just that and help eliminate sway bar preload and deflection to get you tighter control, better responsiveness, and flatter cornering. Each endlink in this set has an adjustable design that lets you find the perfect suspension geometry for your ride height.

Steeda Billet Sway Bar Mount

To guarantee the most efficient sway bar performance possible, Steeda includes a set of their billet sway bar mounts in every Stage 3 kit. Both mounts are CNC machined billet aluminum and come with built-in polyurethane bushings that snugly fit onto the sway bar.

Steeda Bump Steer Kit

Every bump steer kit is designed to eliminate unwanted wheel movement when going over rough roads and in performance driving where tight suspension tuning may cause wheels to momentarily come off the pavement. This kit corrects the toeing in and out of the wheels during heavy driving, putting more control back at the steering wheel.

Steeda Upper Third Link

Steeda's Upper 3rd Control Arm is a direct replacement for the stamped steel stock control arm and is able to be adjusted for a proper pinion angle that gives the rear suspension more efficient geometry. Each arm has a three-piece polyurethane bushing that decreases axle windup and wheel hop while maintaining low sound levels.

Steeda 3pt Frame Braces

Every set of three-point chassis braces are easy bolt-on accessories that fit between the Mustang's frame rails and control arm mount. This pair of braces were designed by Steeda to reduce the amount of chassis flex and eliminate some of the creaks and rattling caused by high-g turns. Each brace is built from 4130 chromoly steel tubing that's both extremely lightweight and strong. Steeda recommends welding their braces into place for added security.

Fitment: 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT V8.

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