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2011-2014 F150 5.0L V8 5 Star Tuning F150 Custom Tune

11-14 F150 5.0L 5-Star Custom Tune
11-14 F150 5.0L 5-Star Custom Tune
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Custom Tunes Only: This package does not include a tuning device. You must already own a compatible SCT or Bully Dog device to run 5-Star custom tunes on your vehicle.

Powerful Custom Tuning From 5-Star

5-Star's custom tuning provides your 2011-2014 F150's 5.0L V8 with some of the best bang-for-your-buck power gains on the market. Their custom tuning adjusts key parameters and tables within your F150's engine computer to crank out impressive levels of horsepower and torque without the need for any "hard" bolt-on performance parts. The increased power output is combined with 5-Star's carefully revamped transmission shift points and shift pressures to get rid of the noticeable hesitation of the 5.0L's stock tuning while holding gears longer to maximize power for just about any application. You get your choice of a single 5-Star Custom Tune that will be emailed to you for upload onto your SCT or Bully Dog device.

Select Tunes by Octane and Performance

5-Star's tunes turn up your 2011 to 2014 F150 5.0L's power by adjusting its fuel curves, ignition timing, fan control, and a ton of other variables so that your truck makes huge amounts of horsepower and torque. 5-Star's custom tuning even takes into account tire size, drivetrain, and axle ratio so that your F150 operates perfectly with your choice of tune. 5-Star's custom tunes are available in several variations for 87, 89, 91, or 93 octane gasoline to give you a wide range of tuning options.

5-Star Custom Tune Options

2011-2014 F150 5.0L Dyno Results from 5-Star Tuning

2011-2014 F150 5.0L 5-Star Dyno Run 2011-2014 F150 5.0L 5-Star Dyno Run

The 5.0L F150s are a little sluggish from factory, thanks to less than ideal mid-range torque and transmission shifting that's designed for fuel economy over responsiveness. 5-Star's tuning helps immensely by increasing low-end torque over stock, while adjusting your truck's shift points, pressures, and throttle sensitivity for much more responsive driving. More importantly, 5-Star's tuning provides increased power throughout the entire rev range so that you always have extra performance on tap. 5-Star's 5.0L test truck made 270 horsepower and around 285lb-ft of torque at the wheels. With 5-Star's 93 octane Performance/Tow tune, their test vehicle threw down 290 peak horsepower and 315lb-ft of peak torque, which makes for an instantly noticeable gain in power. Their truck even picked up gains of up to 25lb-ft of torque below 2750rpm, which is right where the 5.0L F150s are sorely lacking. Even 5-Star's 87 octane Performance/Tow tune was able to put down 275 peak horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque, meaning you can make your truck feel and drive much better than stock, even on low-octane fuel.

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Off-Road Exhaust Systems: 5-Star can no longer provide custom tuning for off-road exhaust systems that delete catalytic converters. 5-Star can only tune for catted exhaust systems. However, 5-Star WILL NOT disable your rear oxygen sensors, which may result in a check engine light.

NON-REFUNDABLE: Once custom tunes have been ordered, they cannot be refunded.

This Product is not CARB-Approved

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