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2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost Hammerhead Low-Profile Front Off-Road Bumper 600-56-0458

11-14 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Hammerhead Low-Profile Front Bumper
11-14 F150 3.5L EcoBoost Hammerhead Low-Profile Front Bumper
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Extremely Strong and Durable Boxed Steel Bumper with Light and Shackle Mounts

The stock bumper of your 2011-2014 F150 EcoBoost isn't going to last long if you have aggressive applications in mind for your truck, and that could also be very bad news for the rest of your F150. Luckily, Hammerhead's Low-Profile Front Off-Road Bumper is here to help protect your F150's front end, no matter how hard you push your truck off-road or out at the job site. The Low-Profile Bumper features a high-strength boxed steel design that can take punishment so the rest of your F150 doesn't have to. On top of this bumper's immense strength, the Low-Profile Bumper also comes standard with shackle mounts, four LED cube light mounts, and venting so that your F150's intercooler gets adequate airflow to prevent losses in power. The combination of toughness, lighting, and accessories means that you'll be able to take your awesome F150 just about anywhere and make it home in one piece.

Built with 3/16" Thick Steel Plates with a Black Powder Coat Finish

Hammerhead builds each of the Low-Profile Bumpers to be extremely strong so that you and your truck can handle any job, obstacle, or trail without breaking a sweat. The bumper is made out of 3/16" thick steel plates that are expertly welded together and internally gusseted into a strong, boxed design. The Low-Profile Bumper's shackle mounts extend through the bumper to your F150's frame and are welded on either side of the bumper, making them capable of pulling just about whatever you need. The bumper comes standard with a pair of light cutouts on either side of the bumper that allows you to fit up to four 3" cube LED lights in total. The Low-Profile Bumper's built-in vents and openings allow proper intercooler airflow so that your tough EcoBoost F150 stays running at its very best.

Once a bumper has been ordered, it MAY NOT be cancelled at any time due to the costs and labor involved in manufacturing and fabrication. Please call Stage 3 directly at 623-434-5277 with any questions and concerns.

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