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2011-2016 F250 & F350 Crew Cab 6.7L Titan 50-Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank Without Shield (Short Bed) 7020211

11-16 F250 & F350 Crew Cab 6.7L Titan 50-Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank (Short Bed)
11-16 F250 & F350 Crew Cab 6.7L Titan 50-Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank (Short Bed)
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  • Greatly Extend Fuel Intervals
  • Military-Grade Polyethylene
  • Hangs 2" Lower than Stock

Almost Double the Capacity of the Stock Fuel Tank

If there is a weakness to the big 6.7L Powerstroke F250 and F350 trucks when out taking care of business like towing and hauling it's the small 26 gallon fuel tank. Towing and hauling aren't exactly easy on your 2011-2016 Super Duty's fuel economy and that measly 26 gallons means you'll need to stop at every station to stay topped off -- assuming they even have diesel fuel. Titan Tanks' solution to the problem was to go big and develop this bolt-on replacement 50-gallon fuel tank for your tough, 6.7L Super Duty truck. The Titan Tanks 50-gallon fuel tank gives your truck the extra range and versatility it needs to take on just about any job and keeps you from needing to stop at every diesel station while towing or while out on a long road trip.

High-Strength Plastic Composite Construction

These Titan Tank Super Duty Replacement Fuel Tanks are made out of military-grade Polyethylene that is not only extremely durable but much more lightweight than your stock metal tank, allowing it stand up to the occasional pelting while resisting damage and punctures. The tank features heavy-duty steel mounting straps that are powder coated for protection against corrosion and long life. The tank has a low-trap design, and despite having more than double the capacity, only hangs 2" lower than your factory tank. Other than a plated steel mounting strap set, cantilevered front support, extruded rubber mounting bushings and accessories, the assembly re-uses all of your OE equipment, including lines, fittings, and float.

Super Duty wheelbase fitment: 2011-2016 Super Duty 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel SuperCrew w/ Short (6-3/4 ft.) Bed

Note on Distance 'Til Empty (DTE): When you upgrade to a larger fuel tank like Titan's, you will need to calibrate your fuel gauge properly to get an accurate read on DTE (distance till empty). This can be done using a program called FORScan and will require a compatible OBDII adapter that can read and send data via cable or Bluetooth back to your FORScan software, which can be downloaded via PC, laptop, or smart phone. Once you're set up, you can access the vehicle's computer system through the FORScan software and update your tank size to the new one installed. FORScan does offer a free trial version of the software, although you can pay the subscription fee for full access to the software.

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