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2009-2013 F150 4WD FOX 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers w/ DSC Adjuster

Part Number:FOX-880-06-634
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Powerful FOX Coilovers with Compression Adjustable Remote Reservoirs

Powerful off-road coilovers are all the rage when it comes to aggressive off-road F150 builds, and coilovers with remote reservoirs are even better. But the absolute top dogs of even the mightiest of coilovers are systems that feature reservoirs with adjustable compression, and this kit from FOX gives your 2009 to 2013 4WD F150 just that. The FOX 2.5 Remote Reservoir Front Coilovers feature reservoirs with built-in Dual Speed Compression Adjusters that allow you to dial in the coilover's compression rates by adjusting oil flow coming in and out of the reservoir. These coilovers give your tough F150 truck a huge boost in off-road capability and improve rebound and response all while giving your front suspension a huge reduction in fade. The coilovers even feature an adjustable ride height ad can give your F150 up to 2" of front lift to help you fit on larger wheel and tire combinations. This kit gives your truck the impressive off-road performance it needs while giving you the ability to adjust for any condition or application.

High-Performance 2.5" Diameter Coilovers with an Advanced Design

This set of front coilovers have been carefully designed and crafted to provide your truck with some of the best trail riding and off-road performance that it can muster. The coilovers are each built around a 2.5" diameter shock body that allows a large volume of oil to be present in the shock assembly during heavy and sustained articulation. The shock body is built out of seamless and honed smooth-bore aluminum alloy with zinc plating a double clear-coat finish. The shock body is wrapped with a specially-designed 3" Eibach coilover spring that has billet 6061 aluminum mounts. Inside each coilover is a 7/8" NitroSteel rod and a 6061-T6 billet aluminum piston that have valving specifically tuned for the 2009 to 2013 F150s to provide perfect levels of response, compression, and performance. The coilovers come standard with a spherical bearing for the lower mount that minimizes deflection during even the most intense driving. The coilovers drop right into place of your stock shock and spring assembly, making it easy to get the performance you need.

Billet Reservoirs with Adjustable Compression Levels

The remote mounted reservoir that comes with these FOX F150 coilovers is almost as impressive as the coilovers themselves and features a unique adjuster for dialing in compression to your liking. The reservoir is made out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum and has an aggressive hard-anodized black finish. The reservoir measures 2.5" in diameter which gives it an impressive oil capacity while its aluminum body allows for extremely efficient heat dissipation for reduced fade. The reservoirs each feature FOX's Dual Speed Compression (DSC) Adjusters that adjust the coilover's compression by tuning the the flow of oil coming in and out of the reservoirs. Each reservoir comes with a hose, bracket, and hardware for installation.

Wheel Fitment: these coilovers will only fit with wheels that have at least 5.5" of backspace in order to clear the remote reservoirs.

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