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Flowmaster 50 HD Series Universal Muffler with 3.5" Offset Inlet/Outlet (Aluminized Steel) 953558

Flowmaster 50 HD Series Universal Muffler with 3.5' Offset Inlet/Outlet (Aluminized Steel)
Flowmaster 50 HD Series Universal Muffler with 3.5' Offset Inlet/Outlet (Aluminized Steel)
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California Prop. 65 Warning
  • Has an moderate exterior and interior sound
  • Uses three chambered design
  • 16 gauge aluminized steel construction
  • Compatible with gas/diesel, or late-model trucks
  • Some adaption required in order to fit

Offers a Moderate Interior & Exterior Experience

Have you ever wanted a muffler that quiets your large displacement engine on your truck without sacrificing performance? Look no further than the three chambered Flowmaster 50 HD Series Universal Muffler! With 4" internal components and a large case, this muffler is intended for customers who are looking to improve their truck's gas mileage, torque, horsepower, towing power acceleration. While specifically designed for Dodge trucks with Hemi engines, this muffler is compatible with all gas and diesel applications, including late-model trucks used in extreme work conditions.

12 Gauge Aluminized Steel Construction for Longevity

Flowmaster's 50 HD Series Muffler is designed to replace your factory muffler and provide a quieter experience. The muffler is built from 16-gauge aluminized steel and MIG-welded for superior strength, corrosion resistance, and long-term dependability. The muffler's 3.5" offset inlet and 3.5" offset outlet use a pipe connection. The FlowFX Muffler measures 23" long with a 18" body.

*Not a direct fit. Some adaption required.*

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