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2015-2020 Mustang Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Air Suspension System 98021

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Complete Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit that can do Anything

There's almost nothing in the world better than a 2015-2020 Mustang dumped to the ground at a show, but driving in or out of the lot is a different story. What you really need is a complete 2015-2020 Mustang suspension system that can do it all, and that system is the Air Lift Air Ride Digital Air Suspension Package. This complete air suspension kit gives your Mustang adjustable air springs on all four of its corners along with high-quality shocks and struts, a complete air compressor, and a high-tech digital controller that all work together to give your Mustang unprecedented control over its ride height, ride quality, and performance. The 2015-2020 Mustang Air Lift Air Ride Suspension System allows you dump your Pony way down low for car shows or meetups, get a lowered stance and center of gravity for days at the track, or get your Mustang back up to factory ride height to get over curbs or for driving on the street. The Air Lift Digital Air Ride Kit is the last suspension system that your Mustang is ever going to need, and is a perfect choice for Ponies that need to do it all.

Features Durable Air Bellow Springs and Monotube Dampers

The Air Lift kit's main key components are its high-quality air springs that can be filled independently to give you the perfect handling setup for your application. Each of the air bellow springs are made out of a high-quality rubber that's similar to the material used in tires. Air Lifts air springs totally replace your Mustang's factory coil springs and are what allow you to instantly change the ride height and stance of your 2015-2020 Mustang. The air springs are each paired up with a full set of performance-oriented shocks and struts that are 30-way adjustable and feature a monotube internal design that gives them excellent levels of response and reduced fade over factory dampers. The shocks' and struts' adjustability, combined with the ride height adjustments of the air springs allow you to control just about every aspect of your 2015-2020 Mustang's handling so that you can dial in the perfect suspension setup for your chosen application. Both the struts and springs are tough enough to handle extreme applications so that you can use the Air Ride kit to its fullest on the street or the track.

Includes Digital Controller that can Save Eight Air Settings

While the Air Lift Air Springs, shocks, and struts make up the soul of this powerful 2015-2020 Mustang suspension system, it's beating heart is it's AutoPilot V2 Digital Controller and its Viair 444 compressor. The AutoPilot V2 allows you to adjust the air pressure in all four springs totally independent of each other using its ergonomic interface. More importantly, the AutoPilot V2 is able to save up to eight preset air spring settings in its memory, allowing you to easily get your Pony to the desired ride height for just about any occasion. For instance, you can have a preset that keeps your 2015-2020 Mustang at stock ride height for daily driving, another that dumps it down low for days at car shows, and another that lowers your Pony's ride height for track days. All you would need to do is press the button for what you want to do, and the AutoPilot V2 does the rest. You can even fine-tune settings for how many passengers you have in your Mustang, and for just about anything else you need. The controller is paired up with a high-quality Viair 444 air compressor and a four-gallon air tank that provide excellent levels of response for your on-the-fly ride adjustments.

Comes with All Necessary Lines, Fittings, and Hardware

Each of the Air Lift Air Ride Suspension Systems come with everything you need to get the system installed on your aggressive 2015-2020 Mustang build. The system comes with all the necessary lines and fittings for the air springs and compressor, mounting brackets for the tank and compressor, and high-quality hardware for all of its components. Air Lift's kit only requires minor amounts of drilling for installation and comes with extremely detailed install instructions to make the process that much easier.

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