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1985-2016 F250 & F350 ARB Differential Cover (Dana 50/60/70)

Part Number:ARB-0750001
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Heavy-Duty and Stylish

Differential covers are practically essential if you're rolling in a purpose-built, off-road Super Duty build. The question is which diff cover is right for your needs, budget and truck. This ARB Differential Cover features a computer optimized cross brace design that effectively increases the structural rigidity of your entire axle, ensuring a bulletproof driveline prepared for the most rugged and uneven off-road trails. The assembly is finished in a glossy bright red coating that adds a popping, custom look to your driveline.

High-Tensile Nodular Iron Construction

The ARB Differential Cover is designed to prevent damage to your ring & pinion gears and differential even in the roughest and most uneven terrains. The diff cover is assembled from high-tensile nodular iron to help keep the ring & pinion gears meshing on the flat faces of the teeth, ensuring maximum load strength and extending the life of your gears. The unique dipstick design allows for adjustable differential oil levels for customized high driveline angles. ARB incorporates heavy-duty neodymium magnets in both the drain plug and the dipstick to collect metallic wear particles as your truck moves.

Fitment: Dana 50/60/70 differentials

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