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About Stage 3 Motorsports

Stage 3 Motorsports is one of the leading Ford performance parts online retailers in the U.S. We're ready to answer your questions, give advice, and get you the parts you need to get your vehicle performing at its best. We work hard to bring you the best prices on Mustang and Ford truck performance parts with great customer service and an enormous knowledge base that comes from years of owning and caring for cars and trucks just like yours. Feel free to contact us directly by going to our Contact Page.

Back in the ancient times of 2004, there started a little speed shop in Muscatine, Iowa, called Stage 3 Motorsports that sold a few Mustang parts on a pretty basic website back before online retail was a weaponized juggernaut. The business moved to Arizona, and it grew and grew and grew until you have what you see in front of you today. We here at Stage 3 have always been a bit different than the rest of those performance parts sellers out there. We're an online retailer first and foremost. At one point, we were the #1 retailer of Roush and Saleen parts in the country. We tried to have an install shop and front-end retail establishment, but in the end, those things were distractions from providing the best customer service we possibly could to our online customers. In the end, we here at Stage 3 are only about one thing - making you happy with your F150, Super Duty, or Mustang. While we can definitely help you make your vehicle of choice into one of the most powerful and aggressive-looking things on the planet, we're also well aware that it isn't for everybody, and we want to help you build your car or truck just how you want it. We help out our Military Veterans with a 5% discount, and we keep our prices competitive to get everyone else the best deals we can.

We've been on the online retail game a long time, and we aren't planning on going anywhere any time soon. We have over a dozen full-time employees at our Phoenix headquarters that handle sales, customer service, tuning, tracking, and web design/content so that you get the best shopping and buying experience that we can manage. Our website sees millions of page views a month from customers all over the world, all looking to make their Ford vehicle of choice the best that it can be and meet just about any application that they have in mind. We have 15,000 parts listed on our site, covering everything from high-priced superchargers and lift kits to basic accessories like LED replacement bulbs and grab handles. With our huge selection, you're bound to find a thing or two that you can use on your very own vehicle build, and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you the guidance you need to make the right buying decision for your needs.

We here at Stage 3 get your parts out as fast as possible and use multiple warehouses located all over the country to keep parts in stock and get them to your door quickly. In this era of global Ford vehicles, we've partnered up with international shipping providers and freight forwarders to supply Ford owners the world over with the parts they need to get their vehicles looking and performing just how they want, no matter where they are. We test out a ton of the parts we carry on our very own Project Vehicles, and we build each and every one of our aggressive projects to function out in the real world. We all drive to work, go camping, hit trails, and go down to the track on the regular, so all of our projects need to be able to do it all. You won't see crazy SEMA builds that come out for a single auto show before getting sold off to a collector. The testing of the products we have on the site means we have intimate knowledge of how they affect performance, ride, and aesthetics so that we can give you an honest opinion on whether you should get these same parts for your own vehicle. We even own our own sorta-secret testing area up in Northern Arizona so that we get great apples-to-apples comparisons on a variety of truck parts.

Sales Team

  • Bill L. - Owner

    Here's the guy who started it all in 2004 with nothing but a degree from WyoTech and a passion for aftermarket Mustang parts. Many moons and a couple of kids later, Bill's love for the blue oval has evolved along with Stage 3 Motorsports. Today his garage includes F150s, Super Duties, Mustangs and most recently, a white Focus ST - all of which have or are soon to get the full Stage 3 treatment. Bill loves to take the trucks off-road out in the many open landscapes of Northern Arizona, and as much as we dread being subjected to four hours of country music for the drive up, we generally don't mind joining him. As much as we give him grief for his incessant love of country music and the Iowa Hawkeyes, Bill has kept Stage 3 chugging along all these years and deserves some credit for that.

  • John B. - Sales Manager

    John has been with Stage 3 since prehistoric 2007 and has amassed a huge amount of knowledge of Ford cars and trucks in his time here. Born in Chicago and partially raised in Wisconsin, John loves to spend time racing and fishing on the ice, which is unfortunate considering he moved to the scorched desert of Phoenix, Arizona in 2007. The good news is that he's since developed quite an affection for kicking up dirt in his 2015 XLT 3.5L EcoBoost F150 Project Truck. Before the 3.5L EcoBoost, John owned and abused a good deal of F150s, Super Duties and Mustangs, including a pro-charged 2013 F150 5.0L with a 7" lift and a 2006 F350 with exhaust stacks and an 8" lift. However, John's most interesting piece of machinery is arguably our 2006 Mustang Dark Horse clone that rocked not only the first aftermarket Saleen Supershaker Supercharger kit, but also more than a few genuine Saleen Dark Horse pieces that were meant for the aborted #10 Saleen "Dark Horse" Mustang. If you aren't sure what to get John for Christmas, just get him some weird, crazy lights for his truck. He likes that sorta thing.

  • Lou M. - Sales Team

    Born and raised in Arizona, Lou developed a love for sports cars and off-road trucks at an early age and has owned and worked on a ridiculous amount of fox body Mustangs over the years. The only time Lou isn't outdoors is when he's in the office or at the gym, otherwise he's out fishing, camping or playing softball with his son, Michael. Lou is constantly working on his summer bod, and we're all cheering him on hoping he gets there one of these summers. Lou was the proud owner of our 2012 Mustang GT Project Car until he decided to go with "the 4-Runner which must not be named." While Lou's Toyota is a bit of a taboo subject around Stage 3, he's been with Stage 3 since August of 2010 and the place just wouldn't be the same without him.

  • Mike A. - Sales Team

    Mike drives a Kia Soul, otherwise known as the hamster car. Need we say much else? Actually yes, because he's also the loving owner of our 2005 F150 Project Truck, which is still chugging along just fine when Mike isn't thrashing it around the desert. Before becoming a valued member of Stage 3's Sales Team, Mike worked for a small Ford dealership in Buckeye, Arizona where he gained most of his knowledge of Fords. Originally from Southern California, Mike has a thing for water and beaches and spends much of his free time these days by the pool or at the beach in Mexico. Mike is a husband and father of an Olde English Bulldog who thinks he's human.

  • Chris M. - Sales Team

    With seven years of experience as a parts adviser for Mini Cooper and BMW, Chris knows his stuff when it comes to the automotive industry. He mostly credits his grandparents for his automotive passion, having spent time with their considerable collection of muscle cars when he was younger. Like most of us here at Stage 3, Chris is happiest behind the wheel. Preferably the wheel of a fast car or an off-road capable truck. He's built a couple of Hondas for show and street purposes, and he used to own a 2003 Mustang GT. Chris was born in El Paso, Texas, has spent two years in Alaska working as a chef, and now resides here in Phoenix where he gets to spend more time around cars and trucks. Sounds like he's had it pretty good.

Customer Service Team

  • Shawn W. - Customer Service Team

    Shawn knows his way around a fox body like nobody's business, having owned, built and drag raced six different Mustangs over the years (an '85 GT, '93 LX, '88 LX Notch, '87 LX Hatch, '88 GT, and a '91 LX Notch). He also attended AAI, performed engine failure analysis for an engine builder and worked as a mechanic for the family business before joining our team. Needless to say, he's a knowledgeable dude. Shawn does a great job keeping customers updated on orders, tracking down out of stock items and following up on back orders, however he also enjoys mountain biking, dirt biking and fishing in his spare time. The only car Shawn's ever built that wasn't a Ford Mustang was a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger that ran a nine-second quarter mile on 8" slicks. Believe it or not, it was street legal.

  • Lindsey H. - Customer Service Team

    Born and raised right here in the Valley of the Sun, Lindsey has spent most of her life surrounded by trucks, muscle cars and dragsters. With a lifted F250 as her training wheels, she learned how to drive, tow and off-road the Stage 3 way. Lindsey's first car was also a Ford, so that's extra points for her. Given, it was a Ford Aspire, but a Ford nonetheless. When she isn't working on one of her Mustangs, which include a 2012 V6, a 2001 GT and a couple of fox bodies, she's volunteering and coordinating at her local animal shelters. Lindsey owns five pit bull mixes - everything in excess, right?

Web Team

  • Jason L. - Content Manager

    Jason watches over the web team and manages content for the F150 sections as well as blogs, newsletters and general web design. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in snowy Flagstaff with a BA in English, Jason decided to migrate south for warmer weather and the rest is history. He owns the Stage 3 2011 F150 XL 5.0 Project Truck, which he's done an admirable job turning into a decently capable trail-crawler. He's also the not-so-proud owner of a leaky maroon Saab. If you need to tell Jason something, well, he probably won’t hear you over the thrash metal blaring from his headphones.

  • Jordan G. - Content Manager

    Jordan serves as Content Manager for our Super Duty categories and also writes blogs, newsletters and other website content. Originally from Southern California, he’s lived most of his life in Phoenix where his dad worked as a diesel mechanic and taught him everything he knows about cars and trucks. He graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in English which we can only assume means he likes to read. Jordan's still recovering from a near-death experience in which he found himself in a Baja buggy with Bill going 84MPH through the Mexican desert. Even though he knows he doesn’t need one, Jordan really wants a 2017 F250 with the diesel engine, just because it’s big and loud.

  • Noah S. - Photographer / Graphic Designer

    Noah is the very definition of the American success story, beginning with Stage 3 as the guy who pushed boxes around the warehouse and progressing to become the Web Team Graphic Designer in just a few short years. Noah studied Photography at Glendale Community College where he cut his teeth in the super competitive industry that is automotive photography. In his off time, Noah likes to work on cars, go off-roading, travel, hike and of course take pictures of everything. He's owned a 2000 Mustang GT Convertible, '97 Mustang V6 and a '96 Lincoln Town Car Limo featuring a home-made American flag paint job.

  • Dylan R. - Video Production

    Dylan is our go-to guy for all things video-related, including install videos, off-road reviews and shop tours. Fun little Stage 3 trivia fact: Dylan is the voice behind all of our Stage 3 videos, so be sure to tell him what a great job he does at every possible chance! Dylan loves working on cars and motorcycles, which he does mostly himself in his garage with occasional help from his family. The Jason-dubbed "Fauxbra" Mustang Project Car is Dylan's pride and joy - he just doesn't much care for the name, which came about because of its combination of all the new Edge Mustang variants.

  • Nick D. - Marketing Manager

    Nick is the newest member of the Stage 3 Web Team and is responsible for managing our social media accounts and marketing plan, the latter of which he studied in college. He grew up around muscle cars and farm trucks in central Pennsylvania, which means he's fitting in just fine here at Stage 3. If he isn't sharing the latest and greatest in the Ford aftermarket on our social media accounts, Nick can be found hiking, traveling, eating and looking at his phone. While the only Ford car he's owned was a 2001 Focus, Nick's still pretty new and we have faith that he'll come to the dark side sooner or later.

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