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1997-2005 Class-C Motorhome E-350 6.8L V10 Banks Power Pack System - Headers/Exhaust/Tuner/Air Intake 49473

1997-2005 Class-C Motorhome E-350 6.8L V10 Banks Power Pack System - Headers/Exhaust/Tuner/Air Intake
1997-2005 Class-C Motorhome E-350 6.8L V10 Banks Power Pack System - Headers/Exhaust/Tuner/Air Intake
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Improved Fuel Economy & Power For Your RV

Do you love your 1997-2005 Class C Motorhome, but wish it performed like back when it was new? The Power Pack System from Banks Power not only brings back life to your 6.8L V10 engine but fine tunes it to levels even greater than when it was new. Whether you need improved performance for towing a heavy trailer loaded with a boat, cruising up steep grades without downshifting, getting up enough speed to safely merge onto the freeway or if you just need improved fuel economy for those long journeys, the Banks Power Pack System adds gains of up to +56 hp/+70 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels of your RV. This complete package of high-quality components includes a more efficient Banks Air Intake, Torque Tubes Manifold System, SCT X4 Programmer, Dynaflow Muffler, and a 3.5" Monster® Exhaust with a polished stainless steel 4" tip that all work together to deliver you a 7% increase in fuel economy.

Banks Power Monster® Exhaust System

How does a 60% improvement in intake flow to your engine sound? That's what Banks Power has been able to achieve with its popular Monster Exhaust System. With its free-flowing Dynaflow Muffler and mandrel-bent 3.5" tubing that dramatically reduces back-pressure, your Class-C Motorhome will instantly gain an overall improvement in horsepower, torque, throttle response and fuel economy. Engineered out of 409 Stainless Steel, the exhaust features a beautiful polished stainless steel tip that exits on the left side. Each exhaust system kit comes with all the necessary installation hardware and detailed instructions and is 50-State-Legal (CARB EO ID#: D-161-89).

More Efficient Air Intake Design

The key to getting your 6.8L V10 engine to perform at its peak is to feed in massive amounts of cool air at a high rate. Your original factory stock air intake doesn't allow enough room for this to happen and instead restricts the flow of air to the filter. Banks designed this system to fix that issue by increasing the size of the tubing and filter housing with this Super-Scoop air inlet and ducting. They also replace the disposable filter system with a reusable lifetime filter made up of several layers of filtration media that keep harmful contaminants and particles out of your engine. You'll never have to pay for another disposable filter at regular maintenance intervals again, saving you money down the road. This larger volume of charge air comes in at cooler temperatures and higher velocities which means a 31% performance improvement over your factory stock intake system. (CARB EO ID#: D-161-84).

Banks Torque Tubes Manifold System

Banks Power's Torque Tubes Manifold System is truly the highlight of the Power Pack System as they replaces your restrictive factory manifolds with high-flow headers that allow for a much more free outflow of exhaust gasses. The RV Torque Tubes come in a set of (2) and each uses 5 free-flowing long tubes that meet at their patented PowerPickle collector system, which creates a rotational firing order to maximize the way exhaust is extracted. This method was designed to overcome the restrictions found in factory stock systems and extracts massive amounts of exhaust at a higher rate. Your Torque Tubes work to create a much greater amount of torque which equals increased hill-climbing speed, fuel economy, acceleration and rear wheel horsepower. Due to Banks' process of CNC-milling for perfect OEM-fitment, there is no need for gaskets which eliminates any possibility of blowing a gasket at high-performance levels and they are guaranteed to never crack or leak under pressure. CARB Approved (CARB EO ID #: D-161-78).

Incredibly Powerful Handheld SCT X4 Programmer

The foundation for all of this increased power is the SCT X4 tuner which is a complete PCM tuning device that ties directly into your RV's OBD-II port and gives you the ability to instantly upload its performance tune to your engine's PCM, giving you improved horsepower, excellent torque gains, increased fuel economy, and improved driveability thanks to finely-tuned transmission programming. You'll also have the ability to view/clear DTC codes and datalog running information, making the X4 a handy maintenance tool to keep in your glove box. CARB Approved (CARB EO ID #: D-161-88).

Fitment: 1997-2005 Class-C Motorhome 6.8L V10.

Exhaust System Note: This listing includes an exhaust system that exits at the rear-right side.

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